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Psychographics: Values, Personality, & Lifestyles

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1 Psychographics: Values, Personality, & Lifestyles
Chapter 14 Psychographics: Values, Personality, & Lifestyles

2 Learning Objectives~ Ch. 14
To understand: Values & the value system Western cultural values & factors that influence them, measuring values Personality characteristics & behavior patterns Lifestyles include activities, interests, & opinions & are used for psychographic applications in marketing

3 Psychographics -“A description of consumers on the basis of their psychological & behavioral characteristics.” -Which are more powerful, demographics or psychographics and why?

4 Psychographics: Values, Personality, & Lifestyles

5 Values “. . . enduring beliefs [that] a given behavior or outcome is desirable or good.” Value system Values Global Terminal Instrumental Domain-specific Think: what are your values & how do they reflect in the marketplace?

6 Values of Western Culture
Materialism Home Work & play Individualism Family & children Health Hedonism Youth Authenticity The environment Technology Any others you see?

7 Authenticity of the Beer Market

8 Changing Values Why values change: how are your generation’s values different from your grandparents? Influences on values Culture Ethnic identification Social class Age


10 Environmental preservation has become an important value to U. S
Environmental preservation has become an important value to U.S. consumers. This Sun Chips ad shows the brand as environmentally responsible because it uses solar energy in one of its plants. Courtesy Frito-Lay, Inc.

11 Culture & Values Individualism & collectivism Uncertainty avoidance
Masculinity versus femininity Power distance

12 Value Measurement Inferring values from cultural milieu
Means-end chain analysis: Attributes of product are important. Value questionnaires Rokeach Value Survey List of values

13 Means-End Chain Analysis

14 Personality “. . . distinctive patterns of behaviors, tendencies, qualities or personal dispositions that make one . . . different from another & lead to a consistent response to environmental stimuli.” -Not always an ample indicator of cb

15 Research Approaches to Personality
Psychoanalytic—stages: Oral Anal Phallic Trait theories Phenomenological—Locus of control Social-psychological theories—Compliant aggressive versus detached Behavioral

16 Personality Traits

17 Personality Characteristics & CB
Optimal stimulation level Dogmatism Need for uniqueness Creativity Susceptibility to influence Frugality Self-monitoring National character Competitiveness

18 Lifestyles “. . . manifestations or actual patterns of behavior.”
Activities, interests, & opinions Market segmentation (e.g., golfers) Communication (e.g., blogs for wine enthusiasts) New product ideas; (e.g., toe shoes)

19 Activities, Interests, & Opinions

20 Values, Personality & Lifestyles
Values & Lifestyle Survey (VALS) Responses to a proprietary survey place a consumer in one of 8 categories (innovator, thinker, believer, achiever, striver, experiencer, survivor, maker) The survey is available at: Other applied psychographic research NOP World’s LifeMatrix Yankelovich MindBase

21 Which VALS type are you?

22 LifeMatrix Segments

23 Questions?

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