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2 Jeopardy Geography 100 100 100 200 200 200 300 300 300 400 400 400 500 500 500

3 Biological Twin CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Morgan was adopted as a newborn and has always lived with his adoptive family. Now, at age twenty, he discovers that he has an identical twin brother. According to research, Morgan's IQ score will be most similar to his adoptive mother. adoptive brother and sister. biological father. biological mother. biological twin. Back to game board

4 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Tim and Tom Zeke and Zach are identical twins raised in the same house. Peter and Paul are identical twins raised apart. Tim and Tom are brothers (not twins) who are raised together. Laverne and Shirley are nonidentical twins raised together. Which of these pairs are most likely to have the least similar IQ scores? Zeke and Zach Peter and Paul Bert and Ernie. Laverne and Shirley Tim and Tom Back to game board

5 Upper-class and lower-class subjects of the same ethnicity
CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Upper-class and lower-class subjects of the same ethnicity Karloss has administered an IQ test to a large sample of people representative of the general population. If his results are consistent with those discussed in your textbook, he should find the greatest difference between which two groups? Back to game board

6 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER problem-solving Juanita is creating a culture-fair test to measure the intelligence levels of her third graders. Her test will probably consist primarily of items that assess ___________ skills. Back to game board

7 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER fluid If you obtained a high score on a test that measured basic powers of reasoning and problem solving where all the facts were supplied to you during the test, this would indicate that you have high ______________ intelligence. Back to game board

8 psychometric CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Diti studies the structure of intelligence by analyzing test scores. Diti most likely follows the ______________ approach to intelligence. Back to game board

9 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER practical Pauline scored low on the WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale). However, she works as a Girl Scout leader and is capable of finding her way out of the woods whenever her troop gets lost. Sternberg's triarchic theory of intelligence would say that Pauline probably has ______ intelligence. Back to game board

10 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Triarchic . Jack has great difficulty reading, is a terrible speller, and has a really low high school grade-point average. However, Jack possesses great "street smarts," and is able to talk his way out of any problems he encounters. Which theory of intelligence takes Jack's "street smarts" into consideration? Back to game board

11 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER increase; decrease As people over sixty-five years old grow older, their crystallized intelligence will ______________ and their fluid intelligence will ______________. Back to game board

12 divergent CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Desmond is taking a test that contains the following item: "Howard's car is in a ditch. He is alone in a wooded area. How many different strategies can you think of that Howard could use to get his car back on the road?" This question is assessing Desmond's ______________ thinking. Back to game board

13 divergent; convergent
CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER divergent; convergent Darren and Leah are great study partners. When they work together, Darren can always think of many ways to get the answer, and Leah can always systematically figure out which answer the teacher is looking for. Darren is a ______ thinker and Leah is a ______ thinker. Back to game board

14 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER nothing. Malcolm is tired of being called a nerd and wants to prove to his classmates that his giftedness will pay off. He checks out your Psychology textbook and discovers that a high IQ guarantees Back to game board

15 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER mainstreaming At a school board meeting, there is a debate as to whether or not the schools should have children who are developmentally disabled taught in the same classrooms as their peers who do not have cognitive disabilities. The effectiveness of this type of ________ is still highly debated. Back to game board

16 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER dysphasia Jimmy has trouble understanding what his mother is saying when she speaks to him. He also has trouble recalling the appropriate words in order to create sentences. Jimmy is suffering from Back to game board

17 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER dysgraphia Freida has difficulty writing reports in school. She is clear about what she wants to write, but she sometimes leaves letters out of words or switches around the order of words, so that the sentences can become meaningless. Her teacher has requested that she be tested for a learning disability known as Back to game board

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