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University College Dublin Disability Support Service

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1 University College Dublin Disability Support Service
John Bennett, Disability Officer Deborah Walsh, Educational Psychologist Yvonne McDermott, T&L Support Officer 15 January 2004

2 Overview Overview of DSS Policy & Legislative Framework Disability?
What does it include? Verification Dyslexia Services to Students, Faculty, Administration Staff Admissions Inclusion Shaping the Future

3 Overview of DSS Set up in 1988 Mainstreaming QA/QI Review
Re-establishment of service New Offices Increased Staff Increased range of services Substantial increase in students registering with service

4 Structure

5 UCD Policy (Handouts in pack)
Equal Opportunities Policy Dignity & Respect Policy DSS policy Statement

6 National & International Legislation
United Nations Standards Rules for the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (1993) [COM (96) 406 'Equality of Opportunity for People with Disabilities - a New Community Disability Strategy']. Article 13 of the Treaty of Amsterdam (1997) Employment Equality Act (1998) University Act (1997) Equal Status Act (2000)* *Handout in pack

7 Disability – What is it? *Handout in pack Equal Status Act 2000*
Models of Disability – Social Vs Medical* Direct and Substantial Effect on achieving academic potential. Catagories Verification of Disability *Handout in pack Check out handouts

8 275 As of 30/04/03 320 As of 30/11/03 Physical 14 % 12 % Hearing 7 %
2002/03 275 As of 30/04/03 2003/04 320 As of 30/11/03 Physical 14 % 12 % Hearing 7 % 6 % Visual 4 % 5 % Learning 40 % 45 % SIG 23 % 16 % Misc. Analysis by Disability Group of Students registered with DSS Note: It is estimated that for each student who registers with DSS, there are approximately approximately 18 students with a disability who do not register with DSS.

9 Dyslexia Positive Aspects
“…a continuum of specific learning disabilities manifested by problems in acquiring one or more basic skills (reading, spelling, writing, number) (Task Force On Dyslexia 2002) Inefficient information processing Poor phonological processing Poor short term memory Difficulties in organisation, sequencing and automaticity Poor metacognition Positive Aspects Holistic learning Divergent Thinker Innovative thinkers Good Problem solvers

10 How to recognise Dyslexia
Discrepancy between overall ability & verbal skills Excessive misspelling Difficulty taking down telephone numbers/messages (working memory) Problems organising work Poor proof-reading High levels of stress Aversion to written work Sequencing difficulties in tasks that are usually automatic Forgetting instructions Persistent literacy difficulties Tendency to talk rather than listen

11 Research in UCD 2003 Recommendations Staff
Raise awareness of learning disabilities & inclusive teaching practice CPD for academics Interactive learning environments Greater approachability of academic staff Recognition of Dyslexia as a disability Recognition of learning styles Staff Good awareness of DSS (82%) Use of multi-sensory techniques (35%) Poor awareness of student support (6%) Handout provision (82%) Students Most supportive level of education Poor awareness of Dyslexia Note taking difficulties Good exam support

12 Seminar Dispelling the myths of Learning Disability
Feb 5th Student Centre, Belfield, 4:00pm. Exploration of two disabilities: Dyslexia & Dyspraxia Identification Assessment Support Inclusion RSVP:

13 Services to Students Advice and Guidance with Admission Process, in conjunction with Admissions Department. Evaluation of Students Needs on Entering University. Assistive Technology. Learning Support Service Note - Taker Service Library Assistance. Material in alternate format. Short form assessments of students who may have dyslexia

14 Services to Students One-to-One Reader Service.
Speedtext Notetaking Service Alternate Examination Arrangements in conjunction with Examinations Department. Information & Advice for Students Funding of Supports for Students with a Disability. Advocacy

15 Services to University Faculty Staff
Liasing with Faculty Staff on; Supports for Students with a Disability. Information & Advice on Alternate Assessment Strategies. Increasing Awareness of Needs of Students with a Disability. Supporting the move towards inclusion

16 Services to University Administrative Departments
Admissions Department. Examinations Department. Buildings & Services Department. Other Academic and Administrative Services. Other Student Support Services.

17 Admissions Standard CAO Non – Standard Admissions process*
Adult Education RTL/Access Mature Student Entry

18 Non Standard Admissions Process
Why have a NSAP for Students with a Disability? Procedure Criteria Overall academic achievement to date, as shown by the Leaving Certificate results; Academic achievement in key subject areas, as shown by the Leaving Certificate results and any other academic qualifications; The impact of the disability on academic achievement to date, as shown in the personal statement, the consultant’s report and the letter from the school principal and key teachers. Inadequate service in second level grossly inadequate funding structures No designated DSS for primary or second level Little aspirations instilled in swd in 2nd level

19 Total Applications to CAO 65,756 66,222
Academic Year 2002/03 2003/04 Total Applications to CAO 65,756 66,222 Applicant who stated they had a disability 961 1,269 Applicants with a disability offered place in a HEI in Ireland 697 663 Completed & Valid Applications to UCD, from applicants with a disability 128 189 Declared Applicants with a disability offered a place on a UG Course in UCD September. 76 81 Non-completion of First Year 3 2 2.5% non-completion rate 2003/04 Reduced flexibility in transfer btw HEI – support network Worked hard to get here, nothing is going to jepordise things

20 Inclusion “Rather than learners trying to change who they are so that they all ‘fit in’, adult educators must create learning environments in which all learners will thrive”, (Imel, 1995).

21 Inclusion Diverse student population Variety of learning styles
Diversity Challenge of providing equal educational opportunities for all students Inclusive teaching practice Assessment issues Inclusive Teaching Practice/Reasonable Accomodation* Developing Faculty Strategy *Handout in pack

22 Developing Faculty Strategy
What academic skills must be mastered? What knowledge, concepts, principles, must be mastered? What methods of instruction cannot be modified? What elements are core? What auxillary aids could be employed to assist teaching? SLI, TR, etc. (Teachability UK, Alan Hurst)

23 DSS & Centre for Teaching & Learning
Design of Module on Inclusive Teaching & Learning for new staff & existing staff. Publication of Guidelines for Inclusive Teaching & Learning Publication on Dyslexia in University College Dublin Assist in devevloping Faculty specific Inclusive Teaching & Learning policy & procedures Research on Inclusive Teaching & Learning

24 Shaping the future DSS Steering Committee – all Faculty representation. Development of Faculty resource teams Collaborative Process of developing Inclusive education environment Faculty training seminars – DSS, CTL Positive mental health strategy – Welfare services Technology and Innovation Information exchange Increasing access for Mature students with a disability Promotion of UCD as an inclusive learning institution.

25 Summary Overview of DSS Policy & Legislative Framework Disability?
What does it include? Verification Dyslexia Services to Students, Faculty, Administration Staff Admissions Inclusion Shaping the Future

26 DSS Staff John Bennett - Disability Officer
Aiveen McPartlin – Administration Jean Keating - Projects Officer Yvonne McDermott - Teaching & Learning Support Officer Deborah Walsh - Educational Psychologist Ted Harvey - Assistive Technology Advisor Aoife O’Brien - Access Librarian Finbar Byrne - Braille Officer

27 Disability Support Service
Further Information Disability Support Service Level 1 Library Building University College Dublin Belfield Dublin 4. Telephone: Web:

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