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THE VISION AND MISSION OF LANDMARK UNIVERSITY Presented By Dr David O. Oyedepo Chancellor, Landmark University Landmark University Executive Advance 20.

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1 THE VISION AND MISSION OF LANDMARK UNIVERSITY Presented By Dr David O. Oyedepo Chancellor, Landmark University Landmark University Executive Advance 20 th November, 2014

2 INTRODUCTION Johnny Enlow in his book, the Seven Mountain Mantle, copyright 2009, speaking about the New Seven Mountain Universities, said: “New universities will rise up almost overnight. Most of these will be hosted by major church ministries that will have great latitude and freedom in instructing people in the ways of the kingdom of God. 2

3 These will be schools of the Holy Spirit that will connect very strongly with a rising generation of world changers who will burn with passion to see God made famous in all of the earth. 3

4 These universities will recruit, equip, train and mobilize a forthcoming army through the grid and template of the seven mountains. Many of them will be so successful, so large, and so prosperous that the world will flock to them. 4

5 The leaders of many future nations will receive instruction in these universities, and several will garner a worldwide reputation in a very short time. These will be new Harvards, Yales, and Princetons, universities that were initially founded on Christian principles to train ministers – though the Lord will yet offer these institutions a chance to return to the original ideals of their founders. 5

6 As I am writing this, I am overtaken with how wondrous and revolutionary this will be. There is great joy in the heart of God for modelling the instruction of heaven here on earth. As we do that, many will come, many will see, and many will put their trust in Him.” 6

7 The book was published 7 years after Covenant University was established. There was no print nor electronic contact with this author but everything said here is virtually quoting me verbatim on the place Covenant University within the context of university education and by extension Landmark University. 7

8 I could still remember saying that Covenant University is going to emerge new generation Harvard within the shortest time. This was stated on several fora in the pioneering days of Covenant University and within just 12 years of existence, Covenant University has been blazing the trail in fulfillment of the prophetic word. 8

9 We truly serve an awesome God! What a confirmation and what a validation of our ministry’s education mandate. To God be all the glory!! 9

10 THE VISION AND MISSION OF LANDMARK UNIVERSITY Every great accomplishment begins with a clear definition of vision, goals and objectives. Knowing one’s destination is foundational to undertaking any meaningful adventure Because if one does not know where he is going, anywhere may look like it 10

11 Raising A Generation Of Solution Providers Through A Qualitative And Life-applicable Training System That Focuses On Value And Creative Knowledge Raising A New Generation Of Leaders Through A Broad-based Qualitative Education Built On Sound Biblical Principles Culminating In The Birth Of Breadwinners, Job Creators And World Changers 11

12 Raising An Army Of Reformers Who Shall Redeem The Battered Image Of The Black Race And Restore Her Lost Glory As These Well-equipped Graduates Begin To Build The Old Waste, Repair The Wasted Cities And Raise The Desolation Of Many Generations” 12



15 HOW THEN DO WE REALIZE THESE LAUDABLE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES? A sincere analysis of the trend of events in this nation clearly points to the urgent need for a paradigm shift in our education system We must start thinking the unthinkable, daring the undarable and confronting the seemingly immovable if we must surmount these ‘giant’ mountains all around us. 15

16 The vision of Landmark University is to spearhead an agrarian revolution on this continent A renowned USA Senator/Educationist, by name, J. Williams Fulbright once said, “we must dare to think about ‘unthinkable things’, because when things become unthinkable, thinking stops and action becomes mindless”, this underscores the core values of ‘Possibility Mentality’ in Landmark University. 16

17 The way forward We live in a thinkers world not in a title- holders world. Thinkers mould and shape the history of the world Thinkers rule the world. For instance, the world of science is moulded and ruled by thinkers. 17

18 ARCHIMEDES – 287 BC A giant, a scientist and mathematicians of extraordinary greatness One of the biographers said; “Archimedes, one man and one intellect – a host in itself” He discovered and arrived at the idea of specific gravity today called Archimedes’ principle – while in a Bathtub. 18

19 He thought years ago that man could float on water, this thought came along in the bathroom, the law of floatation thereafter came to light. Today, the water ways has become a major means of transportation for man and more especially for goods and services. Again, millions earn their living through the water-way industry. 19

20 Joseph Priestly –1733-1854 Became an orphan at age 7 A minister and only a part-time scientist Attended some chemistry lectures; began to experiment on his own and eventually became well known among the local scientists An Inventor of Soda water who became a giant of science through his discovery of the gas of life – Carbon Dioxide 20

21 Antoine Laurent Lavoisier - 1743 - 1794 He was a lawyer but while in college attended chemistry lectures due to his interest in science At age 22 he was awarded a gold medal by the French Academy of Sciences for his competition - winning plan for lighting the street of Paris He pioneered in chemistry, physiology, scientific agriculture, finance, economics, government and public education!!! 21

22 Edward Jenner -1749 - 1823 He was a medical doctor Between 1700 – 1800, it was estimated that 60 million Europeans died of smallpox. This once dread disease was wiped out by the principle of vaccination that Jenner advanced. Was called “the father of immunology” and his work is said to have “saved more lives than the work of any other man” 22

23 Albert Einstein - 1879-1955 He was a theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity effecting a revolution in Physics He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect Einstein applied the general theory of relativity to model the structure of the universe as a whole 23

24 When he was invited to become President of Israel he declined saying, “Scientific problems are familiar to me, but I have neither the natural capacity nor the necessary experience to handle human beings” It was this same Einstein that invented electric lighting bulb Someday some fellows called The Wright Brothers, thought that man could fly in the air, it was a thought that sprang up in the kitchen. 24

25 Today, millions enjoy air travels around the world, while millions of other earn their livelihood in the aviation industry directly or indirectly. 25

26 A young man by name Isaac Newton, while still an undergraduate was taking a rest under an apple tree and one of the apple fruits fell on him and then he began to think why was it not suspended in the air, and what kind of force was pushing it down, to cut the long story short, this young student founded the law of gravity and subsequently the 3 laws of mechanics, which are very fundamental to most engineering feats today. 26

27 At another time some ‘wild’ thinkers thought that man could explore other planets. Today, man has become a regular visitor to the moon, plans are on the way to commercialize flights for tourists to the moon in an effort to satisfy man’s crave and affection for nature and its splendor. 27

28 The most recent of my illustration in this regard is the living legend by name Bill Gates. The findings of Bill Gates has redefined the face of education globally and accelerated the speed of learning, particularly through the internet. Bill Gates the thinker has suddenly as it were become Bill Gates the ruler of the scientific world. 28

29 Today, we have Lots of educated folks, but few thinkers. Too many Workers, very few thinkers Too many teachers, like they say ‘talk is cheap’ but obviously few thinkers Countless Dreamers, but very very few thinkers I believe that Self esteem is essentially a product of self discovery and self awareness. 29

30 For instance, all human beings are made up of same number of organs. That is, all organs of the human body, the lungs, the heart, the liver, the kidney, and of course the brain; all the organs that make up human beings are all the same in size and content. That is the reason why all transplantable organs are transplantable from one to another irrespective of race or colour such as the kidney. 30

31 Most importantly of course is the human brain, which defines the limits of a man’s worth in any field of human endeavour. It is absolutely the same in all ramification and that for all men. 31

32 It is interesting to note that the human brain for all human is:  Same size  Same content  Same number of cells  Same number of nerves running through  Same colour  Same weight  Same potential, which implies  Same capacity 32

33 Where then is the Difference? It is in the robustness of the engagement of the brain. It is the active engagement of this ‘principal gift’ of nature that defines the limits of anyone’s worth. First, we must recognize that we share same capacity of brain with all other humans and that consciousness should arouse the confidence in us to engage this precious gift most pragmatically. 33

34 The story was told of one Albert Einstein; how that he was a very poor boy in school and that one day the teacher had to invite the mother. And in the course of speaking with her on his poor performance, the teacher made a sharp remark ‘your son has got no brain’ his mother reacted violently ‘my son has got more brain than you’ve got.’ This was the first time it dawned on Albert that he’s got some brain. 34

35 Today, Albert Einstein occupies a prestigious place in the history of scientific development with the invention of the electric bulb among others. As Dennis Waitley once said “the empires of the future will not be built of concrete stone walls, turrets, armies and gates. The empires of the future will be empires of the mind.” We have to think our way out or we sink all the way through 35

36 Africa must wake up to the fact that we have got enough brain to match our seemingly insurmountable mountains. This implies that how actively and productively we engage our minds in seeking solution to the challenges of our time will determine how soon we overcome them whether as individuals or as nations. 36

37 The only empire that will survive in the 21 st century will be the empires we build with our own minds. Today, the whole world is being threatened by a global economic collapse! And what we need in my view is ‘Intellectual Bail out’. In the word Ayn Rand “wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think”. 37

38 A Need for Radical Curriculum Review It is interesting to note that most scientific inventors were only committed and resourceful thinkers. All technical facts that characterized scientific inventions are by products of focused and resourceful thinking. 38

39 Michael Faraday, who had little or no formal education as it were but a committed reader and an unusual thinker, became a world acclaimed scientist. Benjamin Franklin, a ‘bookworm’ who virtually taught himself to read because he had only a two-year formal education, grew to become one of America’s foremost philosopher, a Diplomat and a Research Scientist. 39

40 He also founded the University of Pennsylvania, which is still currently ranked number 15 in the league of world leading Universities. It is clear that most outstanding scientists of all ages are only – committed and addicted thinkers. 40

41 Show me a committed thinker and I will show you another inventor/solution-provider in the making. I therefore, believe that the existing regimented training programme of our University system is long overdue for a review, this is the role that Landmark University is out to play. 41

42 Our mission is to promote the relevance of University education to the society. Our mission is to promote the mental dignity of the human race particularly the Africans who have largely lost their intellectual bravery to colonial entanglements. 42

43 As Delayo Adadevoh put it “Africa today is n eagle that is yet to soar. She needs to tell herself she is an eagle which belongs to the sky. Every imagination that places Africa in a lower category in relation to other people shall be replaced with new thoughts that see Africa in the centre stage in global development.” 43

44 The greatest challenge to Africa’s development is the underdeveloped mind of Africans. African minds should be transformed into new minds that can dream a new Africa into existence. The time to rethink is now. The time for new resolve is now. The time for action is now. 44

45 Our Core Values The platform of the implementation of our Vision and Mission is our core values. Our Core Values are the nuggets of the creed that define us as a University. They are: 45

46 Spirituality Here at Landmark University we consider spirituality as an asset of inestimable value. And according to scriptures; Spirituality is profitable to all things, having the promise of life that now is and of that which is to come. Furthermore, the bible says, to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (1Tim 4:7-8/ Rom 8:6) 46

47 And As I have often said, it is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful. Here at Landmark University, we show our students the way to the saving knowledge of Christ, teach them to know God, love God and serve God; and what a transformational experience it has been for most of them. 47

48 Possibility Mentality Possibility mentality is all about the confidence to create solutions to our unwanted situations. Here at Landmark University, we are committed to raising ‘possibiliterians’ - people who can see a future in their future because we live in a world of unlimited opportunities 48

49 Capacity Building Capacity here connotes skill development. It is a known fact that, skill is a vital factor for success. But this is a most elastic endeavour as there can be no end to development of skill in the pursuit of any given task. Our mission is to inculcate an untiring quest for capacity building, enhancement of professional capabilities and personal development into our students. 49

50 Integrity Corruption has become a cankerworm in the world today. Integrity here connotes a lifestyle of faithfulness, accountability and probity. We believe that impactful leadership is built on two pillars of Integrity and Capacity. 50

51 Whatever feat capacity may accomplish, it takes integrity to preserve it. For instance, here at Landmark University, examination malpractice is a capital offence and every victim automatically looses his/her place in the university. 51

52 Responsibility We inculcate a sense of responsibility to our students. We expect them to respond to issues as demanded not as convenient. We believe in the place of discipline for effective leadership. Our students are not permitted to do what they like but what is right at all times, as enumerated in the students’ handbook. 52

53 Diligence Nothing enhances worth like work. Every high flyer is known to be a hard worker. You cannot eat your cake and have it. You cannot make omelette without breaking eggs. This is why hard work is one of our celebrated core values. A man that is diligent in his business he shall stand before kings, shall not stand before mean men. 53

54 Sacrifice Every great leader of all time has a story rooted in sacrifice. Sacrifice is the ultimate price for all pathfinders. It is quality sacrifice that defines great leadership. As no one can get out of life more than what he is willing to put into it. There are no stars without scars and the scar of every star is sacrifice. 54

55 CHANGE: Our Capital Philosophy Resistance to change is universal; it seizes every generation by the throat and attempts to stop all of its forward movement. Resistance to change is the worst enemy of advancement. Many well-educated people, after being confronted with the Truth, have been unwilling to change their minds. Why? Because they have been trapped by tradition. 55

56 For example, Aristotle said that the heavier an object, the faster it falls to the earth. He was regarded as the greatest thinker of all times and surely, he could not be wrong. However in 1789, Galileo, about 200 years later, with someone landed professors, went to the base of leaning tower of Pisa, ascended to the top and pushed two weights, one ten pounds and the other one pound. 56

57 Both landed at the same time, but the power of belief in the conventional wisdom was so strong that the professors denied what they had seen. They continued to say Aristotle was right. 57

58 Again with his telescope, Galileo proved the theory of Copernicus- that the earth was not the center of the universe and that the universe revolved around the sun. Yet when he tried to change people’s mind or people’s beliefs, he was thrown into prison and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. 58

59 Tradition is the worst enemy of development and advancement. Someone once said, “Until you are willing to lose site of the shore, you cannot discover new islands.” 59

60 OURS IS PHILOSOPHY OF CHANGE Landmark University is built on a strong philosophy of ‘change’; ‘Change’ is the capital philosophy of this University A departure from the traditions of learning into the dynamics of discovery. 60

61 We also recall that in the wake of the charismatic movement, when healing ministry broke out, many were arrested and many were jailed for “practicing medicine without a license”. That is the power of tradition. 61

62 It was this demand that led to the grafting of the founding philosophy of Landmark University, which in the main, emphasizes a needed departure from the tradition of schooling to dynamics of learning and living as stated in our founding ethos – 62

63 A departure from 'Form' to 'Skill’ A departure from 'knowledge' to 'empowerment’ A departure from 'figures' to 'future- building’ A departure from 'legalism' to 'realism’ A departure from 'points' to 'facts’ A departure from 'mathe-matics' to 'life- matics'. 63

64 Think of the following: Black people built the 1 st civilization. We all agree that Black people built the pyramids of Egypt with archaeological discoveries and mammies that dates back over 3000 BC. 64

65 Black people first developed Architecture, Geometry and Astrology. Charles Brooke invented the Street sweeping machine Frederic Jones invented the Refrigeration System Garett Morgan invented the Traffic Light and the gas mask Charles Drew invented the Blood Bank. 65

66 Our untold story is what makes us look like a people without history. No one will tell our stories for us. Just like no company commits itself to selling the goods of a competing company; that will be an anathema. Only men who can think the unthinkable, can dare the undarable and move the immovable. 66

67 Daring the Undarable Only the brave ever become great. It is bravery that begets greatness. It is not just a dreamers’ world anymore it is the darers’ world. It was Hillary Edmond, the first man to conquer Mount Everest who said, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. Bravery is the cure for slavery. 67

68 We need intellectual bravery today in our universities in Africa if we must attain to relevance. The intellectual machine of our nations must begin to respond to the changes demanded or it remains irrelevant. No institution can maintain relevance operating on obsolete curriculum. 68

69 IN CONCLUSSION There is nothing unthinkable until we think so and there is nothing undarable until it is dubbed unthinkable and there is nothing immovable until it is dubbed impossible. I came across the following scientific assertion sometime ago which claims that: “only 10% of humans think,  25% think that they think and  65% would rather die than think 69

70 Until we start to think about the unthinkable we may never dare the impossible and may never be able to move the seemingly immovable. 70

71 This is a wake up call to all of us here at Landmark University - our traditional curriculum in this part of the world is long over is long overdue for massive reviews and we must rise up to the challenge of repackaging our programmes as deemed relevant for the demands of the hour, otherwise this university system will loose its relevance irredeemably. 71

72 According to Scriptures; “Much food is in the tillage of the poor: but there is that is destroyed for want of judgment”- Pro13:23 72

73 Thank you And God bless 73

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