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Positive Proactive Thinkers Team DiSC Results Jonathan Robert Team Leader Carla Victoria PowerPoint Lead MHA 647.

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2 Positive Proactive Thinkers Team DiSC Results Jonathan Robert Team Leader Carla Victoria PowerPoint Lead MHA 647

3 Robert My name is Robert, but everyone calls me Bob I live in Santa Rosa, CA (about 1 hour north of San Francisco) I earned a Masters of Business Administration in May 2008 I am now pursuing my MHA

4 Personal Info I like to spend time with my family and friends on the weekends To relieve stress, I enjoy the following: −Lifting weights and running −Rock Climbing −Hiking To relax, I like to watch movies or read a book

5 Professional Info My current role is Pathology Supervisor I spend a lot of time on “other stuff” such as: −Laboratory contracts −Marketing & publications −Financial analysis/ROI calculations

6 DiSC Score 4137 D = Dominance Self-assured i = Influence Retiring S = Steadiness Eager C = Conscientiousness Accurate

7 Classical Pattern “Objective Thinker” −Great ability to think logically −Facts and data support ideas −Work holds up well to scrutiny −Mild-mannered and calm demeanor −Meticulous planning and actions −Define and clarify projects at the onset

8 Conclusion (of Bob) I thrive on new challenges and responsibilities I am motivated and dedicated to my work I have been described by my manager and peers as a “natural leader” As I focus on my career, I must remember to maintain a work/life balance! And now, I am pleased to introduce…Vicki

9 Victoria My name is Victoria, but you can call me Vicki I live in Lincoln, Nebraska Go Huskers!

10 Personal Info To relieve stress, I enjoy the following: And of course, playing the Wii with friends and family! Scooter riding Home remodeling – with my own hands! Before After

11 Professional Info My current role is Benefits Coordinator BryanLGH Medical Center/Health System I LOVE MY CAREER!

12 DiSC Score 4535 D = Dominance Self Reliant i = Influence Sociable S = Steadiness Critical C = Conscientiousness Analytical

13 Classical Pattern “Appraiser” I have a strong drive to be successful I am considerate of others I am a critical thinker I employ direct methods to get desired results I focus on methods and procedures for tasks Teamwork is of very high value to me

14 Conclusion (of Vicki) I have been described by my manager and peers as confident and compassionate I am the winner of the Champion of Diversity Award at BryanLGH Someday I see myself as the Benefits Manager at BryanLGH or quite possibly HR Director in another healthcare setting And now, I am pleased to introduce… Jonathan!

15 Jonathan Hi! My name is Jonathan I live in Los Angeles, CA I earned my Bachelors in Physical Therapy in 1995. I am a Mechanic of Human Joints!

16 I Am A Car Enthusiast! I enjoy modifying my car to enhance its appeal and appearance!

17 Senior Physical Therapist I work for Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center

18 DiSC Score 7116 D = Dominance Direct i = Influence Self-conscious S = Steadiness Active C = Conscientiousness Courteous

19 Classical Pattern “Creative” Desires to achieve tangible and immediate results Thinks and reacts analytically Views people and situations with optimism Exhibits foresight Initiates or designs changes Diplomatic, patient, loyal, and helpful to others

20 Conclusion (of Jonathan) As a physical therapist, I enjoy helping people recover from an illness or injury And now, I am pleased to introduce… Carla! Being a supervisor, I find fulfillment in leading our department towards Kaiser Permanente’s mission and vision

21 Carla My name is Carla Earning a graduate degree has been a dream of mine for 15 years and now I am pursuing my MHA I have a Bachelors degree in Medical Technology and nearly 20 years of healthcare management experience I live in Yutan, NE (about 20 minutes west of Omaha)

22 Personal Info I’ve been happily married for nearly 30 years to a wonderful man, Bob, who soon will be getting his ministerial license I have two college age kids, Caleb & Hannah I enjoy our house which was built in 1907 and sits on nearly two acres of land To relax, I read, sew, knit, or watch a good movie and in the summertime go for a swim in the backyard

23 Professional Info My current role is Operations Director – Allied Health Which means I have responsibility for six departments in the hospital: -Laboratory -Radiology -Respiratory Therapy-Infection Control -Pharmacy-Therapy Services I enjoy learning new things, problem solving, and coaching/teaching my staff

24 DiSC Score 5533 D = Dominance Decisive i = Influence Confident S = Steadiness Outgoing C = Conscientiousness Persistent

25 Classical Pattern “Inspirational” – It’s true even though there are a couple of traits that have a downside! Able to motivate people and initiate projects Impressive verbal skills Persuasive, charismatic, and charming Can be forceful and competitive to the point of being intimidating

26 Conclusion (of Carla) Church + Family & Friends + Work + Classes = A Rewarding and Very Busy Life And now, I am pleased to introduce… Albert! I recognize that I am an influential and articulate person at my job I want my employer to succeed as much as I want to succeed My family and friends are more important to me than any job could ever be

27 Albert Einstein My name is Albert I am currently resting peacefully and am with my team in spirit Born March 14, 1879 Ulm, Württemberg, Germany Died April 18, 1955 (age 76) Princeton, New Jersey, USA

28 Personal Info I was married to Mileva Marić We had three children, Hans Albert Einstein, Eduard Einstein and Lieserl Einstein After my divorce from Mileva, I married Elsa Lowenthal… who just so happened to be a first maternal/second paternal cousin!

29 Professional Info Albert Einstein Memorial located on the public grounds of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C. My occupation was theoretical physicist I was best known for the theory of relativity and mass–energy equivalence, E = mc 2 I received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his services to Theoretical Physics, and for discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect

30 DiSC Score 4277 D = Dominance Self-Reliant i = Influence Controlled S = Steadiness Patient C = Conscientiousness Fact-Finder

31 Classical Pattern “Perfectionist” −P−Performs in a consistent and predictable manner −D−Demonstrates patience −A−A good listener −C−Creates a stable, harmonious work environment −L−Loyal

32 Conclusion (of Albert) I made great contributions to math and science I was exceptionally creative, loved music and played the violin I was Jewish but viewed my “Jewishness” as a culture of shared historical pasts and common ethical values instead of a mainline religious group I was very politically active with a strong humanistic point of view where peace, freedom, and social justice were of high value

33 Together, We Are The Team Of…

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