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The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

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1 The Thinker by Auguste Rodin
6th Grade Art Masterpiece

2 Auguste Rodin, 1840 - 1917 Born in Paris Loved to draw as a child
He applied three times a famous art school in France, but was never admitted. He is regarded as one of the most famous sculptors in the world. In 1875, he studied the work of Michelangelo

3 The Thinker – Rodin’s famous work
Created a small version in 1880 and then cast a large version in 1902. Based on the poem “The Divine Comedy”. Rodin pictured the poet (Dante) sitting and thinking about his poem before he put it on paper. It was going to be part of a larger piece called “Poet”, but as time progressed and he realized that man is the only creature on earth that can contemplate, he re-titled the artwork, “The Thinker”.

4 Different Ways to Sculpt: Modeling
Modeling: Sculpting with a pliable material such as clay, wax or play dough. Paul Lucchesi, Master Sculptor

5 Different Ways to Sculpt: Casting
Casting in metal a work of art created by sculpture – “The Thinker”

6 Different Ways to Sculpt: Carving
Carving – taking and extracting materials from a block of stone or wood to create a sculpture.

7 Different Ways to Sculpt: Constructive
Sculpting with a found object and then gluing or welding together.

8 Your turn!  Use water to mold your clay and shape your sculpture.
Add detail with plastic knife and/or toothpicks Sign your sculpture before it dries (carve your name).

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