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Presentation of the French Practice Enterprises Network

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1 Presentation of the French Practice Enterprises Network
Jean-Marc HETSCH President of EUROPEN - PEN International

2 The practice enterprises Network in France – Key facts
21 years existence and engineering on the concept 354 structures created, 119 active today 450 trainers, more than 7000 students per year 65% average job return rate A market of 22 million Euro yearly turnover mainly public funds Some key facts : The French practice enterprise network is known for its specific contribution to the vocational training in France since 21 years, introducing and valorizing the practice enterprises concept. It is also known for its engineering, adapting the concept to specific target groups, specific jobs, environments, social and professional needs. Over the years we created more than 354 simulation structures. 119 are active today. The French Practice Enterprise market is animated by 450 professional trainers educating more than 7000 trainees each year. We’ll see further in the presentation, what kind of persons are trained. In average, 65% of the trainees recover a long-term job, during the training or until 6 month after. The practice Enterprise network represents a 22 million euro Turnover market in France. It is not dependent on a specific Ministry, but in contract with several : Education Ministry, Labor and vocational training Ministry, Justice Ministry, City politics Ministry, etc… Main of the funding is public: Regional governments, local politics, national funding, European funds, but also private (companies paying for their employees’ training, individuals paying for their own training, etc…)

3 1989 introduction of the concept in France
Creation of the first Practice Enterprise : Horus France In a vocational training center Retraining unemployed adults Creation of the central office and its first services So let’s walk a little through our history. History of the creation and network growth, but also history about the engineering we made through the years The first practice Enterprise was set up in 1989, after discovering the concept in Germany. This Practice Enterprise, set up in Roanne, in a vocational training center, was targeting unemployed adults, training them to recover the necessary skills, experience and habits to recover a job. In the same year, the first central services were set up. And as the aim was to create a network, these services were immediately integrated in a private, non profit association, that aims the diffusion of training concepts in France. 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

4 1990 setting up of a network Growing of the network, setting up 10 Practice firms for adults in vocational training center Special focus on retraining employees from army industry, textile industry… coming out from big companies : Giat Industrie, Moulinex, Matra, Myrys, France Telecom… Training also executives In 1990, the network was growing up to 10 Practice Enterprises, all in vocational training center. The labor Ministry gave some financial helps for these setting up. A special focus was put on retraining people coming out from big companies. These big Enterprises started to reduce their staff, and these persons had to be retrained, to recover a new job. Special programs were built for Army industry and textile industry who started to have some important market reductions. The Practice Enterprise was also a good answer for retraining executives, giving them the opportunity of another management experience. 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

5 Since 1993 PF for Handworkers
Adaptation of the concept for coaching handworkers and small company creators in partnership with Guild Chambers and Commerce Chambers Training of handworkers’ spouses Since 1993, the concept was adapted to handworkers and small company creators, through a partnership with Guild Chambers and Commerce Chambers. The idea is to train self established handworkers to enhance the way they’re organized in the office and commercial part of their activities. But mainly, handworker’s spouses were interested in training. They’re willing to support and help their husband’s activity in dealing with all the office and commercial part. They get valorized through a real business role allowing the economical activity of the couple to be really independent. Training like that creates jobs (handworkers create their own job in that way) 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

6 Since 1995 PF for prisoners 2 kind of trainees
Charged waiting for judgment Inmates near the end of their custody starting a reinsertion process The practice enterprise is a time of social reinsertion project construction allowing sometimes a reduction of sentence or a conditional freedom Since 1995, we set up practice enterprises in Prisons Located directly within the prisons, these practice enterprises contribute to the social and professional inmates’ return to normal life, helping them recover a job immediately after detention outcome, and sometimes getting a sentence reduction (for good behavior and because of their working possibilities outside). The practice Enterprise pulls the inmate out of his social isolation, necessary incubator for recovering the needed social skills and behavior for their new life after detention. The training gives them working habits and teaches them back to team working. We’ve 2 kinds of trainees in prisons : - Charged waiting for judgment. The Practice Enterprise is a good occupation for them while waiting for sentence, and if finally the sentence leaves them free, they avoided loosing their time in prison. Long term inmates who are near the end of their detention period and begin to build re-insertion projects. Motivation is very high for these trainees. The unique link between these Practice Enterprises in prison and the other Practice Enterprises is the trainer, who is in charge of all the communication. In the facts, we observed that these Practice Enterprise are often commercially more active than the others (trainees have time  ) These practice Enterprises are financed by the ministry of justice, through public contracts given to private companies who are managing all the life in detention (food, laundry, work, training, etc…). 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

7 Since 1999 PF in schools In initial education to discover the Enterprise In technical schools to practice the acquired skills in situation and to create a link between school and real economy for technicians qualifying for university entrance Since 1999, we’ve set up practice enterprises in schools. In initial education, the Practice Enterprise is a place of discovery, of curiosity, for students who often don’t have any personal projects. The PE is focused on the student, making him responsible of his work in an enlarged education field (the training is not only located in the school, but interacts outside…), making theoretical acquired notions more significant. In technical schools, the Practice Enterprise is a place of application, where all the professional teaching is getting concrete. The relationships between students of several Practice Enterprises is motivating them. The international level is also a good motivation factor, not only while taking part in trade fairs, but also in the day to day commercial work and activities, especially when clear fixed objectives are set up for the students. 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

8 Economy award The PF concept gets Economy award “Enjeux - Les Echos” for the retraining of employees of France Telecom The Practice Enterprise concept got the economical Award « Enjeux les Echos » distinguishing the most efficient retraining activities for the employees of France Telecom. Those were former employed in constructing telephone lines. But, as the need of new lines was decreasing, there was an urgent need to retrain them to commercial activities (like selling mobile phones for example). 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

9 2003 PE in universities First universitity Practice Enterprise : Valupack in the university of Valencienne Idea: make the masters’ curriculum more practical and near to business realities 2003 the first Practice Enterprise in the university of Valencienne, simulation the activity of selling packaging. The PE in university makes the masters’ curriculum more practical, nearer to business activities, and more attractive to gain new students. Students are used to do a lonely work. The Practice Enterprise is giving them another approach, more social, with team working, team objectives. They can experience all kind of jobs, from basic to executive and management activities. 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

10 2005-2006 youngsters and urban priority zones
Severe trouble in many suburbs and urban zones leading to special politic in favor of youngsters’ professional insertion The Practice Enterprise becomes a “meeting point” with strong social interaction and help for Job research In 2005 French suburbs experience very hard troubles (you can maybe remember information speaking about many cars burning, shops windows destroyed…) One of the government reaction was to enforce training programs in these areas. The practice Enterprises were proposed as a tool, especially because of their strong social interaction and insertion objectives. The Practice Enterprise becomes there a real “meeting point” for youngsters, getting a new (constructive) occupation, helping them to get rid of their too closed life scheme. The Practice Enterprise becomes also a job-research training place, were these youngster discover all the expectations of their future employers, gain awareness of their own shortages and train to improve themselves. The Practice Enterprise is often for them the only friendly helping face they meet, especially when the employment agencies actions failed… 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

11 PF in hospital Experiencing the Practice Enterprise concept for young teenagers staying long periods in hospital This experience has been sponsored by Hewlett-Packard In , we experienced to adapt the practice enterprise concept in hospital, targeting youngsters who are staying there for long period (sometimes until 3 years). The aim was to try to keep these youngsters (a majority of them were there because of deep anorexia) in touch with outside life and studies. This successful experience was sponsored by Hewlett-Packard. 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

12 Training military for the second part of their career coaching them to civil reconversion Officers -> executives NCO -> technicians Training school teachers experiencing a dropout helping them to find a new job From 2006 to 2008 (and up to today), we setup special contracts with the army ministry who was seeking for a retraining solution for the military who arrived at the end of their active contract, or who were facing a basement closing with staff reduction. Officers were retrained to be executives in private companies NCO : Non commissioned officers were trained to technician jobs, in relation with their military activities. The most problematic for them is to get back to business reality when coming out of a strong organized institution like a military basement. We also setup, in partnership with the Human Resource Management of the National Education, a special experience Practice Enterprise to retrain former teacher who experienced a career drop-out. These teachers stopped teaching (some because of depression) and were take in charge by this human resource office, during a period of 3 years maximum. We try to train them to find a new job, creating a new life project for the second part of their career. We try to expand this successful experience to all the other academies, hoping that the 21 regional Human resource offices of the National Education will adopt the same concept. (We trained more than 60 teachers in one year, just for one academy…) 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

13 Since 2009 PF for self-entrepreuneur
Enterprise creator coaching and training, especially for self businessmen Development of a new Enterprise model: Online Company Since 2009 with the economical crisis, a special focus has been placed on self entrepreneur. The government created a special legal status for the persons willing to create their own activity, simplifying the registrations and legal aspects of creation. We’re adapting the practice enterprise concept to these specific persons, trying to help them to test themselves in a simulated environment where they’ve the right to make mistakes before it touches their own money  We’re also involved in a Leonardo partnership who aims to make this training online. 1989 1990 1993 1995 1999 2003 2005 2008 2010

14 Typology of the network : Target groups
Unemployed youngsters and adults Employees in further education People in retraining process Independent workers Company creators and on-job executives Handworkers spouses Students (all level) Youngsters out of school system Disabled people Prisoners Migrant populations The typology of our network today : here are our main target groups : - Unemployed youngsters and adults - Employees in further education - People in retraining process - Independent workers - Company creators and on-job executives - Handworkers spouses - Students (all level) - Youngsters out of school system - Disabled people - Prisoners - Migrant populations

15 Most of the necessary economical actors are simulated by practice enterprises
Packaging Pension funds collecting Transport Training of employees Insurance Working clothes and material Office Furniture Copy machines Security Water provider Cleaning & maintenance Electricity provider Real estate Interim personal Bookkeeping Car sales & rental Phone provider We insist, in France, on the fact that all the necessary economical activity for the network life are simulated, the most as possible, by running Practice Enterprises. This gives endless commercial pedagogical activities for those Practice Enterprises and gives them a kind of Monopolistic position on the market, giving the trainees right to time and mistakes without too huge concurrence stress. Here you see all the activities covered by practice enterprises. The central office assumes these activities only in case of temporary weakness from one of them.

16 Overseas Territories The practice firms in Reunion Island, Antilles and French Guyana have been set up to maintain the socio-economical link between these territories and the metropolitan market The French Practice Enterprise Network extends to overseas departments and territories (which are part of France), constituting a bridge between training overseas and the metropolitan training. Student feel less isolated in their training while using a concept that is running as a network.

17 Practice enterprise typology
Working full time 35 hours a week Individualized and modularized learning path Permanent entries Permanent office architecture Main of the Practice Enterprises in France are working full time (35hours a week). The training is individualized and modularized for each participant who signs a contract including a personal learning path. They are running on the principle of permanent entries and out, each time a place is free, a new participant gets in. This allows in place trainees to introduce the new one, explaining them their perception of their role in the Enterprise. The training become interactive since the beginning. As a result, our Practice Enterprises have a permanent office architecture (room, equipment) which has of course a higher cost than other “more traditional” training and obliges each training institution to a huge financment research work.

18 Trade fairs To make more fairs in a year, trade faire are often regional Over 1 or 2 days Financially easier for each institution Open to any practice enterprise who wants to take part Trade fairs in France are regional for several reasons : Financial reasons : setting up a trade fair costs a lot of money for the organizing institution Practical reasons : it is easier for the practice enterprises to travel to a nearer city, for 1 or 2 days, instead of going more far, booking and paying a hotel for the students… So more practice enterprises can take part to these fairs, the one day travel finds often more volunteers (especially wen the PE trains women who have a family and cannot travel too long far from them) These training fairs are smaller, but are organized more often.

19 Central office Our Central office is located in Roanne (a small city in the middle of France, between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand). We baught our offices in 2003. Here you can see some small pictures of our offices.

20 Central Office – 4 full time employee
Agathe ZAKI Jean-Marc HETSCH Our central office is employing 4 persons : Mr. Pierre Troton, who is our director, Ms. Agathe Zaki Mss. Estelle Baehr And myself Pierre TROTON Estelle BAEHR

21 15 Services Work healthcare service Job research techniques
Bookkeeping Direction Work healthcare service Online & telecom services Software developments Job research techniques Correspondence Firms Service Contentieux Social insurance service Post office Bank Customs Tax Office Quality audits Accountant service (financial bookkeeping legal and social aspects) Secretariat Documentation Information Pedagogical Trade Fairs Legal department 15 Services We are animating 16 pedagogical services for all our practice enterprises

22 ISO Certification Training to Quality awareness, Quality processes,
Quality Management The central office is ISO 9001 v2008 certified Our central office is ISO certified and we train our trainers to quality awareness, quality processes and quality management. This ISO certification is renewed every year through an audit made by an external and independent institution who is checking all our internal procedure for all services offered to our members.

23 Trainers training Discovery of the concept
Practice Enterprise Methodology Pedagogical tools and methods Technical trainings ing Web site creation Programming… We are running trainers training every month, in our offices or in our of our members training center wen only trainers of one region are taking part. These trainers trainings are : Discovering the concept (how to create and finance a practice enterprise) (1 day training) The practice enterprise methodology (2 days training) for discovering the pedagogical methods used in practice enterprises, discovering also the numerous pedagogical tools that can be used by a practice enterprise manager in its day-to-day work. As an example, we provide some activity calendars for each department of the practice enterprise, describing what kind of work can be undertaken for each week in the year, to be sure than never a student faces an “activityless” period. Technical trainings : these are often build on demand answering specific needs, like ing, electronic marketing, website creation, programming, …

24 Technological developments
Software developments for practice enterprises Software developments for central offices Web Applications & Webservices developments International software architecture engineering and advising Our central office is also making further technological development, internally for the software and web services provided to the practice enterprises, and externally for other institutions or central offices. We make also technical counseling and advising, especially in the field of software architecture, going sometimes up to coding and programming training. These activities are based on Microsoft certified competencies.

25 Passed mentorships Switzerland Belgium Italy Portugal Bulgaria Canada
During the past, we helped in the mentorship of several countries while the central office was in creation process, and we can mention : Switzerland Belgium (for its French speaking part) Italy Portugal (during a European project) Bulgaria Canada. We also made training of staff for several central offices.

26 European funded engineering programs
Production Practice Firms Online Virtual market place Practice firms in prisons Online Practice firms for self-entrepreneurs Practice firms with international learning path (learning place alternation) International mobility projects Europen Minimum Quality Criteria E-Tutors training We took part in several European funded engineering programs, let me list just the most relevant : Setting up production practice Firms : The French central office was leader of this project aiming to enhance the training in practice enterprise to production management jobs (all kind of production studies but also production planning, methods, processes, warehousing and up to production training itself. Online Virtual Market was a project aiming to create an online virtual market place for practice enterprises. This market place is located in Hungary. Practice Firms in prisons : several Leonardo mobility projects allowed foreign central offices or partners or ministries to discover and visit our practice firms in prison (we always brought them back out of jail, I promise) the lasts visitors came from Bulgaria. Online Practice firms for self-entrepreneurs is an still running project aiming to transpose the practice enterprise methodology to an online simulation-training for company creators…. Practice firms with international learning path : in this ESF funded project named Faciendi, the students were training a period in France and a period in Spain. International mobility projects : the last one allowed us to send many students for practical applications in Ireland, Great-Britain, Spain, Portugal and Italy. We took part in the Europen Minimum quality Criteria project for creating the EUROPEN Certificate We took part also in 2 projects aiming to develop a training curriculum for online tutors, as there wasn’t any existing for these new activities emerging with new training technologies

27 A special demand Each French Practice firm has to make 20% turnover with international partners Can French practice enterprises increase trade with polish practice enterprises ?? Finally, I hope that you’re still all awake. As each French practice enterprise has to make 20% of its turnover with international partners, our Enterprises are searching for new business partners… Our demand: are there Polish Practice Enterprise willing to increase their pedagogical business with French practice enterprises ??? I stay at your disposal if you’ve any question relative to all I presented to you. Thank you for your attention.

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