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Jean-Marc HETSCH President of EUROPEN - PEN International

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1 Jean-Marc HETSCH President of EUROPEN - PEN International

2 The practice enterprises Network in France – Key facts  21 years existence and engineering on the concept  354 structures created, 119 active today  450 trainers, more than 7000 students per year  65% average job return rate  A market of 22 million Euro yearly turnover mainly public funds

3 1989 introduction of the concept in France Creation of the first Practice Enterprise : Horus France In a vocational training center Retraining unemployed adults Creation of the central office and its first services

4 1990 setting up of a network  Growing of the network, setting up 10 Practice firms for adults in vocational training center  Special focus on retraining employees from army industry, textile industry… coming out from big companies : Giat Industrie, Moulinex, Matra, Myrys, France Telecom…  Training also executives

5 Since 1993 PF for Handworkers  Adaptation of the concept for coaching handworkers and small company creators in partnership with Guild Chambers and Commerce Chambers  Training of handworkers’ spouses

6 Since 1995 PF for prisoners  2 kind of trainees Charged waiting for judgment Inmates near the end of their custody starting a reinsertion process social reinsertion project construction  The practice enterprise is a time of social reinsertion project construction allowing sometimes a reduction of sentence or a conditional freedom

7 Since 1999 PF in schools  In initial education to discover the Enterprise  In technical schools to practice the acquired skills in situation and to create a link between school and real economy for technicians qualifying for university entrance

8 Economy award  The PF concept gets Economy award “Enjeux - Les Echos” for the retraining of employees of France Telecom

9 2003 PE in universities  First universitity Practice Enterprise : Valupack in the university of Valencienne  Idea: make the masters’ curriculum more practical and near to business realities

10 youngsters and urban priority zones  Severe trouble in many suburbs and urban zones leading to special politic in favor of youngsters’ professional insertion  The Practice Enterprise becomes a “meeting point” with strong social interaction and help for Job research

11 PF in hospital  Experiencing the Practice Enterprise concept for young teenagers staying long periods in hospital  This experience has been sponsored by Hewlett-Packard

12  Training military for the second part of their career coaching them to civil reconversion Officers -> executives NCO -> technicians  Training school teachers experiencing a dropout helping them to find a new job

13 Since 2009 PF for self-entrepreuneur  Enterprise creator coaching and training, especially for self businessmen  Development of a new Enterprise model: Online Company

14 Typology of the network : Target groups  Unemployed youngsters and adults  Employees in further education  People in retraining process  Independent workers  Company creators and on-job executives  Handworkers spouses  Students (all level)  Youngsters out of school system  Disabled people  Prisoners  Migrant populations

15 Most of the necessary economical actors are simulated by practice enterprises Packaging Transport Insurance Office Furniture Copy machines Water provider Electricity provider Real estate Bookkeeping Phone provider Pension funds collecting Training of employees Working clothes and material Security Cleaning & maintenance Interim personal Car sales & rental

16 Overseas Territories  The practice firms in Reunion Island, Antilles and French Guyana have been set up to maintain the socio-economical link between these territories and the metropolitan market

17 Practice enterprise typology  Working full time 35 hours a week  Individualized and modularized learning path  Permanent entries  Permanent office architecture

18 Trade fairs  To make more fairs in a year, trade faire are often regional  Over 1 or 2 days  Financially easier for each institution  Open to any practice enterprise who wants to take part

19 Central office

20 Central Office – 4 full time employee Pierre TROTON Agathe ZAKI Jean-Marc HETSCH Estelle BAEHR

21 15 Services Bookkeeping Direction Work healthcare service Online & telecom services Software developments Job research techniques Correspondence Firms Service Contentieux Social insurance service Post office Bank Customs Tax Office Quality audits Accountant service (financial bookkeeping legal and social aspects) Secretariat Documentation Information Pedagogical Trade Fairs Legal department

22 ISO Certification Training to  Quality awareness,  Quality processes,  Quality Management The central office is ISO 9001 v2008 certified

23 Trainers training  Discovery of the concept  Practice Enterprise Methodology  Pedagogical tools and methods  Technical trainings ing Web site creation Programming…

24 Technological developments  Software developments for practice enterprises  Software developments for central offices  Web Applications & Webservices developments  International software architecture engineering and advising

25 Passed mentorships  Switzerland  Belgium  Italy  Portugal  Bulgaria  Canada

26 European funded engineering programs  Production Practice Firms  Online Virtual market place  Practice firms in prisons  Online Practice firms for self-entrepreneurs  Practice firms with international learning path (learning place alternation)  International mobility projects  Europen Minimum Quality Criteria  E-Tutors training

27 A special demand  Each French Practice firm has to make 20% turnover with international partners  Can French practice enterprises increase trade with polish practice enterprises ??

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