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2 Types of English British English American English Canadian English
Australian English

3 British English is a language of English literature and of studying at school.

4 American English In XVII—XVIII centaury settlers arrived in North America. Since then, American English has been influenced by the languages of the Native American population. That is a beginning of history of English language

5 Differences in lexis There are some differences in lexis between British and American English. American variant Перевод на русский British variant Administration правительство government Apartment квартира flat Billion миллиард milliard Blue грустный sad Fall осень autumn Game матч match Last name фамилия surname Mail почта post Metro/subway метро tube/underground Movies кинотеатр cinema Quiz контрольная, тест test, exam Shop магазин store Soccer футбол football Vacation каникулы holiday Zee буква Z zed

6 Differences in a pronunciation
There are some differences in pronunciation between British and American English. British English American English schedule   [∫] [sk] Either, neither [ai] [i] Mafia, Natasha,  [æ]  [а]

7 Differences in grammer
British English American English army  Sg, Pl band committee Sg team government British English American English Irregular verbs Smell – smelt-smelt Spell – spelt-spelt Smell – smelled-smelled Spell – spelled-spelled

8 Differences in grammer
The British use Present perfect (I have just arrived home). The American use past Simple (I just arrived home).

9 Canadian English The first English speaking people in Canada were fishmen and businessmen, who came to Canada to sell their goods. But after 1780 a large number of American people moved to Canada

10 Australian English In 1970, Britain has ceased to rule over the colonies overseas. Australia gained independence. The country began to take their own individual characteristics. Language of the British, who came from all parts of the world, reflected in the culture of the indigenous population. It was a unique phenomenon, which was not shown anywhere else so clearly as here.

11 The and


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