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Unit Five Romance. Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime. _____ Titanic.

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1 Unit Five Romance

2 Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime. _____ Titanic

3 I. Key Words and Phrases

4 1. Key Words absorb, broaden, correspond, delicate, disgust, fertile, glow, grateful, grip, hesitate, identify, keen, locate, margin, overseas, previous, reflect, response, schedule, sensible, slim, split, straighten, sustain, thoughtful, thrust

5 2. Key Phrases be grateful for, go sb.’s way, in response to, make one’s way, more than a little, take a chance (on sth.)

6 II. Text-related Information

7 1 . About romance Whether it is a mother’s nurturing love for her child, a son’s loyal love for his father, the love between husband and wife, or the love between friends, love is a universal emotion that expresses itself in every culture.

8 To love is to be human. To need love is also to be human. Children, for example, need loving care in order to be emotionally healthy.

9 Love is a deep feeling of fondness, affection and friendship that grows between two people.Romantic love usually begins as passion and evolves with time to a more lasting sense of attachment.

10 Many of the famous romantic love stories in various cultures end in the tragedies of death or betrayal. The loss of love is a favorite musical theme and the subject of countless stories, operas, songs, and ballads.

11 2. Saint Valentine’s Day (情人节)

12 Several different stories are told about the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day. One legend dates as far back as the days of the Roman Empire.

13 According to the story, Claudius, the emperor of Rome, wanted to increase the size of his army. He knew that it would be easier to get young men who were not married to join.

14 Therefore he made a rule that no young man could marry until he had served a certain number of years in the army.

15 A priest named Valentine broke the rule and secretly married a great many young people. Finally, Claudius found out about Valentine and put the priest in prison, where he remained until his death on February 14.

16 After his death, Valentine was made a saint, and the day of his death was named Saint Valentine Day.

17 It became the custom for lovers to send each other messages on this day. Now Saint Valentine’s Day is a time for people to give roses or chocolates and to send greetings.

18 3. Organization of the Text:

19 This is a story set in the Second World War. Through a description of how Blanchard and Maynell met, knew and loved each other, the author wants to tell us that the true nature of a heart is seen in its response to the unattractive.

20 The text can be roughly divided into four parts: Part One para. 1 Blanchard was waiting for someone at Grand Central Station

21 Part Two Paras 2-6 How John Blanchard had fallen in love with Miss Maynell.

22 Part Three Paras 7-15 Miss Maynell put Blanchard to a test.

23 Part Four Paras 16-17 It was wise of Miss Maynell to give such a test.

24 Linguistic Points: A. Words

25 1. absorb vt. (usu. passive) completely hold one’s attention(usu. followed by in) [ 考点 ] 《搭配》 be absorbed in 全神贯注 于 …

26 Examples: I was so absorbed in the detective story that I jumped up when someone patted me on the back.

27 Totally absorbed in writing the computer software,Michael ordered take-out food when he was hungry,slept on the office floor when tired out.

28 They were so absorbed in the discussion of the situation in the Middle East that they did not notice the professor when he came in.

29 2. previous 先前的,以前的 Eg. I regret that a previous engagement prevents me from accepting your kind invitation. 非常遗憾,我因有前约而不能 接受你的盛情邀请了。

30 Have you had any previous experience,or is this kind of work new? 你先前有过这种经 历吗,抑或这对你来说是新工作?

31 [ 同义词 ]:prior, preceding, earlier, former adv. (to ) 在 … 之前 eg. I know nothing about the accident;it happened previous to my arrival here. 我对 那次事故一无所知,它发生在我到达之 前。 She became ill previous to her visit. 出访前 她病了。

32 previously adv. 先前,预先 eg. He is working in London now, but previously he was in New York. 他现在在 伦敦工作,但原先在纽约。 As I said previously, this is a new plan. 正如 我以前所说,这是一项新计划。

33 3. correspond vi. 通信 [ 同 ]exchange letters [ 记忆法 ] 词源记忆,词根为 cor(together)+respond (拉丁文,意为 “ 回 答 ” ),派生词为: correspondence n. 1 ) 对应,相符 2 )通信 correspondent adj. 对 应的,符合的 corresponding adj. 对应的, 相当的 correspondingly adv. 对应地

34 [ 考点 ]in correspondence with 与 … 通信; 与 … 相符 e.g. They have been in correspondence with each other for years before they met. 他们见面之前写了很多年 的信。

35 What you just said is in perfect correspondence with what I have read from the books. 你刚才告诉我的和我从书里看 来的完全吻合。

36 4. schedule:n. a list or statement of things to be done,dealt with,etc. 工作日程表,进 度表 [ 同 ] timetable [ 考点 ] on schedule 按时,准时 ahead of schedule 提前 behind schedule 落后于预定计划(或时间)

37 eg. The school’s schedule is made up of 12 weeks of classroom instruction and 12 weeks of paid work experience. Secretaries are supposed to set up schedules for their bosses.

38 5. sustain vt. 支撑,撑住 n. sustenance 营 养,饮食 adj. sustainable 可持续的 eg. Arches sustain the weight of the roof. 弓 形结构支撑着房顶。 The branches could hardly sustain the weight of the fruit. 树枝几乎撑不住水果的 重量。 [ 同义词 ]maintain, preserve, support

39 [ 派生词 ]sustainable adj. 可持续的 eg. sustainable development 可持续发展 AIDS’s effects on the structure of societies and the productivity of their members undermine efforts to promote sustainable development aroung the globe. 艾滋病对社会结构和其成员的生产能力 的影响削弱了全球为可持续发展所做的 努力。

40 6. keen a. 1) 锋利的 eg. as keen as razors 像剃刀一样锋利 Careful with that knife;it’s got a keen edge! 小心那把刀子,它有锋利的刀口。 [ 同义词 ]fine,sharp 2) 敏锐的 a keen observer 敏锐的观察者

41 3) 敏捷的 a keen intelligence 敏捷的智力 4)(on) 热心的,渴望的 eg. I am keen on collecting stamps. 我热衷 于集邮。 He is keen on football. 他热衷于足球。 [ 同义词 ]impatience, excited, eager, enthusiastic

42 7. sensible[sense( 觉察 )+-ible ( 能 …)]adj. having or showing good sense(s);reasonable; practical 有判断力的;明智的;明理的; 切实的 e.g.a sensible woman 明理的女子 sensible shoes for mountain climbing 适合 爬山的鞋子 sensible ideas 明智的观念 clothing 实用的衣服 That was sensible of you. 你那样做很明智。

43 [ 考点 ] sensible, sensitive [ 考点 ] be sensible of 可觉察出 … be sensitive to 对 … 敏感

44 8. hesitate ( hesi 黏着 +tate 地方)(在同 一地方踌躇不前) signs of uncertainty or unwillingness in speech or action 犹豫,迟疑不决 [ 记忆法 ] 名词形式为 hesitation 犹豫,形容 词为 hesitant 犹豫的,踌躇的( tending or inclined to hesitate )

45 [ 考点 ] 习惯用法: hesitate about doing sth. , 对 …… 犹豫不决 hesitate to do sth. 犹豫 不决做 …… e.g.He is still hesitating over whether to attend the meeting. 他仍在犹豫是否出席这 次会议。

46 B. Phrases grateful to sb. for sth.:feeling or showing thanks :感激的;感谢的 eg.We are grateful to you for your help. I am heartily grateful to him for what he has done to me. People in the flood-striken areas were grateful to the PLA soldiers for their timely help.

47 2. go sb.’s way:go in sb.’s direction 朝某人 走去 eg.You go your way,and I’ll go mine.

48 3. in response to: in answer to 作为对。。。的回 应 eg. In response to your inquiry, … In response to the Party’s call, thousands of university graduates volunteered to work in the remote areas. eg. Clearly, they did it in response to external pressures. 显然,他们是迫于外部压力才干此事 的。 She went to open the door in response to the knock. 她听到敲门声前去开门。

49 4.make one’s way(to/towards): go (朝 … ) 走去 eg. With a heavy heart, he made his way to the railway station. Hungry and thirsty, the explorers made their way towards the camp 10 miles away.

50 5. more than a little: very 很,非 常 eg.Hearing China finally became a member of WTO, we were more than a little glad. He is more than a little happy to hear that he passed the Band Four English Test.

51 6. take a chance (on sth.):attempt to do sth. in spite of the possibility of failure; take a risk 碰运气;冒 险 eg. She’s too sensible to take a chance when she’s driving. 她在开车时很有判断力而不至于冒险。 To succeed in business one must be prepared to take chances. 一个人想在商业上成功,必须做冒 险的打算。

52 C. Difficult Sentences 1 . Taking a book off the shelf he soon found himself absorbed, not by the words of the book, but by the notes penciled in the margin. [ 译文 ] 他从书架上取下一本书,很快便被 吸引住了,不是被书的内容,而是被铅 笔写的眉批。

53 2.Each letter was a seed falling on a fertile heart.A romance was budding.:Each letter from one would bring forth a warm response from the other,just as a seed falling on fertile soil is likely to grow into a plant.They were falling in love with each other. [ 译文 ] 每一封信都如一颗种子撒入肥沃的心灵 之土。浪漫的爱情之花就要绽开。

54 3.Suppose I’m beautiful. I’d always be haunted by the feeling that you had been taking a chance on just that, and that kind of love would disgust me. [ 译文 ] 设想我美丽动人。我将会一直深感 不安,惟恐你只是因为我的容貌贸然与 我相爱,而这种爱情令我憎恶。

55 4. A young woman was coming toward me, her figure long and slim. [ 译文 ] 一位年轻的姑娘向我走来,她身材 欣长纤细。

56 5. I felt as though I was split in two, so keen was my desire to follow her,and yet so deep was my longing for the woman whose spirit had truly companioned me and upheld my own. [ 译文 ] 我觉得自己好像被分成了两半,一方面 热切地想去追赶她,但另一方面我又渴望那一 位以其次心灵真诚陪伴我并成为我的精神支柱 的女人。

57 6. I squared my shoulders and saluted and held out the book to the woman, even though while I spoke I felt choked by the bitterness of my disappointment. [ 译文 ] 我挺胸站立,敬了个礼,并举起手 中的书好让那位女士看。不过在我开口 说话的时候,失望的痛苦几乎使我哽咽。

58 Check on Linguistic Points: 1 . The soft handwriting ____a thoughtful soul and insightful mind. A.promote B.sustain C.uphold D.reflected

59 2. In the front of the book, he discovered the _____owner’s name. A.prior B.previous C.keen D.fertile

60 3. He wrote her a letter introducing himself and inviting her to_____. A.write B.identify C.correspond D.respond

61 4. In the past 12 months, the girl’s written words had been with him and ___him unfailingly. A.improved B.straightened C.disgusted D.sustained

62 5.The girl’s golden hair lay back in curls from her____ears. A.blonde B.grand C.sensible D.delicate

63 6. I felt as though I was _______ in two. A.gripped B.curved C.split D.broadened

64 7. My fingers gripped the small worn blue leather copy of the book that was to_____her. A.indicate B.identify C.thrust D.tuck

65 8. The woman’s face_____into a smile. A.enlarged B.curved C.broaden D.squared

66 9. The true _____of a heart is seen in its response to the unattractive. A.nature B.quality C.character D.instinct

67 10. I haven’t really had time to ______ everything that my teacher said in class. A.absorb B.locate C.schedule C.grip

68 11. The glass wall_____heat waves. A)mirrors B)imitates C)absorbs D)reflects [ 答案 ]D) 。 reflect 指对光、热、声音及物 体的 “ 反射 ” ; A) mirror 指对物体的 “ 反映 ” , 也指抽象意义上的 “ 反映 ” 。

69 12. We should be __________of the needs of the laid-off workers. A) considering B)considerate C)considerable D) thoughtful

70 13. We’d like to ________a table for five for dinner this evening. A)preserve B)reserve C)retain D)sustain

71 Assignments: 1. Review Unit Five 2. Preview Unit Six 3. Write a composition on “A Memorable Experience”

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