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SERVIÇOS DE COMUTAÇÃO BIBLIOGRÁFICA NA INTERNET Antonio Miranda Universidade de Brasília 21 CBBD 21 JULHO 2005 Curitiba, PR.

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1 SERVIÇOS DE COMUTAÇÃO BIBLIOGRÁFICA NA INTERNET Antonio Miranda Universidade de Brasília 21 CBBD 21 JULHO 2005 Curitiba, PR

2 Resultados 21 - 30 de aproximadamente 4.690.000 para interlibrary LOAN (0,08 segundos)

3 We receive a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland The collection includes 150 million items, in most known languages 3 million new items are incorporated every year We house manuscripts, maps, newspapers, magazines, prints and drawings, music scores, and patents The Sound Archive keeps sound recordings from 19th-century cylinders to the latest CD, DVD and minidisc recordings We house 8 million stamps and other philatelic items These require over 625 km of shelves, and grow 12km every year If you see 5 items today, it would take you 80,000 years to see the whole of the collection The earliest dated printed book, the Diamond Sutra, can be seen in our exhibition galleries alongside many other national treasures We have on-site space for over 1,200 readers Over 16,000 people use the collections each day Online catalogues, information and exhibitions can be found on this website We operate the world's largest document delivery service providing some 4 million items a year to customers all over the world

4 Each year: Six million searches are generated by the British Library online catalogue Nearly 400,000 visit our reading rooms Over 100 million items have been supplied to readers all over the world

5 A single source for all your document needs Services available from British Library Document Supply Ordering Copies We can deliver copies of journal articles, conference papers or book chapters by mail, fax or as encrypted PDF files in as little as 2 hours.encrypted PDF files o If you have an account with the British Library: More information | OrderMore information Order o If you do not have an account with the British Library: More Information & OrderMore Information & Order Borrowing items If you are an organisation with a British Library account, you can borrow original items from our collection through our loan service. If you do not have an account with us, you may still be able to borrow items using the Interlibrary Loan system; ask at your local library to find out more. More information | Order More informationOrder Ordering theses / dissertations If you want to buy a copy of a thesis from a British university, either as a paper copy or on microfilm, you can order online through our British Thesis Service. Customers with a British Library account can also borrow copies of theses on loan.

6 Other services o British Library Inside: combined search and order facility More information More information o Research service: let our experts do the work and help with both business and academic research More information More information o Imaging services: our unrivalled collection of manuscripts and early printed material More information More information o Images Online: access a unique selection of heritage images for commercial and personal use

7 Digital Interlibrary Loan Small items that are too fragile to circulate on interlibrary loan are usually supplied through a photocopy. But photocopying often shortens the life of the original. The Library of Congress Collections Access, Loan and Management Division now scans this type of material and delivers the images via the Web. This makes public domain items widely accessible for current and future requests and contributes to the preservation of the original. Items protected by copyright are not scanned in this program. If you received a message in response to an interlibrary loan request directing you to check this website for a digital copy of the item you requested, please examine the list of scanned titles by clicking on the appropriate link on the right. Scanned items in this list are linked to PDF files that can be viewed on your web browser, printed, or downloaded. Should you wish more information about the item, a link to its catalog record is also provided. A scanned item will be accessible from this page for at least six months from the time it was scanned. It will then be permanently accessible electronically from the Library of Congress catalog entry for the item, and an 856 tag will also be added for the DLC holdings record in OCLC.

8 The pilot for the Digital ILL Project started in 2000, for the purpose of exploring the practicality of scanning, storing, and delivering materials that have actually been requested by patrons. This operation has since become known as "Scan-on-demand." For the purposes of the pilot, the titles selected were to be in the public domain, non-circulating because of physical condition, able to be captured in a relatively small file, and have a cataloging record in the Library of Congress catalog in which to place a link. During the Summer of 2002, the pilot went into production. There have now been over 150 items scanned for Interlibrary Loan requests. 0

9 Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services at NLM

10 The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has one of the largest collections of biomedical literature in the world. NLM's interlibrary loan (ILL) and document delivery services make these resources available to U.S. and international libraries as part of NLM's mission to collect, preserve and disseminate biomedical information. Annually, the Library responds to more than 350,000 requests, averaging over 1,600 requests daily for articles, books, audiovisuals and microform materials. NLM is the library of last resort for biomedical materials that are not available from local or regional libraries. See more information on the National Network of Libraries of Medicine® (NN/LM).National Network of Libraries of Medicine® (NN/LM)

11 Submitting Interlibrary Loan Requests to NLM Libraries are encouraged to submit interlibrary loan (ILL) requests through DOCLINE, NLM’s request routing and referral system. To report a problem with ILL requests filled by NLM, please use our ILL Customer Service form.DOCLINEILL Customer Service form Individuals who need access to medical literature should make a request through a local library or register with a Loansome Doc library that agrees to provide articles to them. Use our search engine to find a Loansome Doc document delivery provider.Loansome Docfind a Loansome Doc document delivery provider

12 Interlibrary Loan Billing NLM offers two billing services. ILL Customers may choose to be billed through either the Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) or the National Technical Information System (NTIS). Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS) Information NTIS Deposit Account Information Preferred Delivery Methods NLM's Preferred Delivery Methods are email and post-to-web. For more information about the delivery methods available from NLM, please see our NLM Preferred Delivery flyer (This document requires the use of the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, which can be downloaded from Adobe's Web site at no charge.)NLM Preferred Delivery flyerAdobe's Web site

13 4. Document delivery The National Library uses a variety of surface and air delivery services to provide loans and photocopies from its collection in response to ILL requests.

14 4.1 Purolator, Canada Post, etc. The National Library now sends materials to all provinces except Quebec and Ontario by a combination of Purolator and Canada Post services thus providing a more equitable document delivery service to outside provinces. Delivery is guaranteed within two days and the cost is assumed by the National Library. However the requesting library pays for returning the material to the National Library. 4.2 Mail Regular mail service is used to send library material to requesting libraries in Ontario and Quebec who are not members of any of the other delivery services. 4.3 Library rate Libraries which are not members of any of the other services, and which do not specify delivery by courier, fax or ARIEL, will have books they request sent out by Library rate from the National Library. A label indicating that postage is paid is enclosed; it can be used when returning the books to the National Library. Library rate only applies to books and not to other materials such as microforms and audio recordings.

15 It should be affixed to the outside of the parcel when returning books and periodicals to the National Library. It should not be used for returning other types of materials, e.g. microforms, tapes.

16 4.4 Fax The National Library will send photocopies by telefacsimile to libraries requesting this service on specific interlibrary loan requests. A daily limit of 4 requests for telefacsimile document delivery per institution as well as a limit of 20 pages per request applies to this service. 4.5 ARIEL ARIEL is a micro-computer based software package developed and marketed by the Research Library Group (RLG). ARIEL is designed to send and receive document images over the Internet network. It is necessary for both the sender and the receiver to have the ARIEL software and appropriate equipment. The National Library will send items by ARIEL to libraries requesting delivery by ARIEL on specific interlibrary loan requests. A daily limit of 4 requests for ARIEL document delivery per institution as well as a limit of 20 pages per request applies to this service.

17 4.6 Courier services The National Library of Canada will send documents by a commercial courier when this option, which is not included in our regular service, is asked for by a requesting library. Arrangements and charges for these couriers must be borne by the requester. 4.7 NCR Express The NCR Express is a document delivery service administered by the National Capital Region Library Consortium to pick up and deliver interlibrary loans, parliamentary papers and other items among the member stations in the National Capital Region daily. Any library in the National Capital Region may become a member of NCR Express. The participating libraries cost is based on the volume of material shipped.

18 INTERLIBRARY LOAN from US, China, and Japan From Libraries in North AmericaFrom Libraries in North America | From Libraries in China | From Libraries in JapanFrom Libraries in ChinaFrom Libraries in Japan ILL FROM LIBRARIES IN NORTH AMERICA  ILL Request at Macalester ILL Request at Macalester  ILL Request at St Olaf ILL Request at St Olaf  ILL Request at Carleton ILL Request at Carleton

19 [top]top ILL FROM LIBRARIES IN CHINA  Gateway Service Center of Chinese Academic Journal Publications -- This is a free documentary delivery system administered by the East Asian Library of University of Pittsburgh. It delivers full-text Chinese academic publications to any user who cannot find the needed item in any U.S. libraries. Gateway Service Center of Chinese Academic Journal Publications  National Library of China -- National Library of China in Beijing offers ILS and Document Delivery Services to the international users. National Library of China  The cost:  US$ 10 for a copy of paper (under 10 pages) from journals, US$ 22.5 for a book lent through Interlibrary Loan,the postage for returning the book would be paid by the borrow side. Many of its holdings are in OCLC Worldcat with the symbol "bnj".

20 Interlibrary Loan Service As the only deposit library of Japan, the NDL has a mission of storing and preserving deposited materials as national cultural properties for present and future generations. Accordingly, the collections of the NDL are in principle to be read within the NDL building and not to be lent out to any individuals.

21 However, it is possible for overseas users to read the NDL materials at their university libraries or other community libraries by taking advantage of the interlibrary loan service, provided that the following conditions are met: Registration needed A library wishing to borrow items from the NDL must register for the User Registration system for Interlibrary Loan Services.

22  You can only have the materials held by the NDL copied for the purpose of study or research.  Only one copy of a portion of the material (in principle, up to half of the copyrighted work) by only one copying method. Request via the Internet If you apply for our user registration system, you will be able to send your applications for photocopies via the Internet.user registration system * With the user ID number and the password given to the registered users, you can access to the retrieval screens and then to the application screens in the Japanese version of the NDL-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)NDL-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

23 WorldCat Resource Sharing Borrow and lend in a global network. Join an established sharing network of more than 7,000 libraries with the WorldCat database at its core. Your collection gets greater visibility and use, and you have convenient access to materials you don't own. ILLiad Interlibrary loan management software. Reduce resource- sharing paperwork and let

24 Union List Holdings for serials and more. Greatly improve your users' access to serials and similar materials while lowering your borrowing costs. Union List gives you access to shared holdings information via more than 200 groups and other online resources.




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