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Contact +91 9891921969 One stop shop for Retail, Start-up, Expansion and Franchising ——

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1 Contact One stop shop for Retail, Start-up, Expansion and Franchising ——

2 Contact Our Ethos! Passion to exceed expectations and help our client exceed their expectations is what we believe in.

3 Contact Our Mission! To actualize client’s vision with best of our abilities and help guide client multiply their SUCCESS ——

4 Contact Why 360 Franchiise Solutions? 1.Retail & Franchise operations 2.Merchandising 3.Supply Chain Management 4.Logistics 5.Warehousing 6.Brand Management 7.Publicity (Media & Others) 8.Recruitment Services 9.Real Estate & Project Management 10.Information & Technology 11.Corporate Training 12.Legal Services Dedicated team of industry achievers, across corporate spectrum unified to improve business productivity under one roof — One request. Our Team members are specialists from Industry,who provide 100% attention to projects ——

5 Contact How to connect with 360 Franchiise Solutions? 1.Start Business: Promoters want to start new business in retail and expand it through franchise network 2.Expand Business: Promoters want to expand on pan-India / overseas 3.Improve Business: Promoters want to improve their business 4.Corporate Training: Promoters want to train their management and other staff 5.Joint Ventures: International Brands wanting to start business in India

6 Contact What do 360 Franchiise Solutions do? 360 Franchiise Solutions serves Retail & Franchise industry through consulting.

7 Contact Our Service Portfolio  Business Planning & Joint Ventures  Franchising & Retailing  HR & Recruitment Services  Corporate Training  Audits  Merchandising / Warehousing / Logistics  IT Solutions (incl. Ecommerce)  Website Development & Marketing  Legal Services  Brand Management Services  Publicity Services (Media & Others)  Real Estate; identification, selection, tie-ups  Turnkey Interiors

8 Contact Corporate Training  Handholding of team  How to make and read reports?  Customer Handling  Objection Handling  How to push sales in lean season?  How to prevent shrinkage and theft?  Increase customer satisfaction  Increase Employee productivity  Team building and Leadership programmes for middle management  Time Management

9 Contact Corporate Training (contd.)  Personality Development Training  Body Language  Personal Grooming  Dressing  Roadblocks to  Effective Communication  Learning  Success  Growth  Selling Skills  Soft Selling Skills  Cross Selling Skills  Up Selling Skills  Customer Handling Skills  Objection Handling Skills  Dealing with Politics / Groupism / Factions etc.

10 Contact Workflow 1.Meet the client 2.Sign commercial agreement 3.Client briefs us 4.Audit & Analysis 5.Start the work 6.Submit report as per scope of work 7.Submit complete project report 8.Complete project and handover

11 Contact Brands Served  Web on Retail  Crazy Pricing  Office1 Superstore  Valaya FNP & Ferns Petals  Galaxy Exports International  Home Store

12 Contact How to hire our services? Client can retain all services of 360 Franchiise Solutions either in Full or in parts.

13 Contact Thank you 360 Franchiise Solutions L-1/15, Rear Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Enclave New Delhi Website: “For detailed discussion about your business and scope of work, allow us to meet in person — ”

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