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C. J.’s WORLD Inc. Public Relations and Communications Suite 902 Hotel President, Eulchiro 16, Jungku, Seoul, Korea T +82 2 773-6421 F +82 2 773-6442 Seoul,

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1 C. J.’s WORLD Inc. Public Relations and Communications Suite 902 Hotel President, Eulchiro 16, Jungku, Seoul, Korea T +82 2 773-6421 F +82 2 773-6442 Seoul, Korea email May 28, 2013

2 Professionalism is Our Success C. J’ s WORLD is a unique Korean PR firm with networks worldwide. Its services range from Destination Branding to Cultural Exchanges, VIP Relations Marketing and World Bid Campaigns. Founded in 1990 in Korea.

3 As a front liner in Tourism and PR industry since 1990, CJSW is well respected and well known as hard working firm. CJSW is initiative, creative, motivated, rapid adoption of new techniques and self performing all the strategies. Reflecting our firm’s mindset and adeptness at bridging cultural boundaries are client base that circles the globe. To support a client, CJSW reaches into its toolbox of strategies for only the right instruments. Our staffs expertly establish marketing plan and strategy, launches press conferences, workshops and promotional events and implements special coverage on TV, radio specials, and leads media visits in the wide range. In particular, our stable network and strong partnerships in media and travel trades in the market enable us to make our services more effective and competitive than anyone else as unique Korea based consultancy. Our professional experience from local and overseas markets brings global standards to every application and guarantees a professional quality of service. A unique Korean PR firm with worldwide networks. CJSW C.J.’s World is

4 Be with Market and being in the Industry CJSW knows and stays in the market with daily contacts Successful launches of overseas destinations in Korea Strong ties with Korean media nationwide Close working relations with travel agents, airlines & tourism industry Pioneer of consumer marketing PR Applicable Image and brand positioning of the destination in the market Global networks Experienced in PR & Marketing on destinations Skillful and motivated staff with multilingual Creative, initiative, motivated, and passionate with challenge Initiate internet marketing (specially e marketing) campaign to support PR and Sales, conduct various promotions with partners up dated by using trend tools SNS e.g. bloggers, Twiter, Face Book, strengthen  Road shows nationwide as well as at overseas Hong Kong and Malaysia Our Strength are CJSW

5 Destination Marketing & Promotions Travel Trade Performance Sales & Marketing campaign Participation to local & overseas Travel Fairs Public Relations Advertisement Olympic Bid Campaigns Global campaign Crisis Management CJSW Key Activities

6 Highlights for 5 years …. Press Tours Germany, Norway (2012), Austria Participation to overseas travel fairs Tianguis Turistisco 2012 Mexico Travel Mart, GTM Germany, NTW Norway, atb Austria. Participation to local travel fairs KOTFA and Hana Travel Mart On the occasion of Yeosu Expo : Trade promotions thru Norway Day 2012, Mexday Day 1012 and German Pavillion Greece Tourist Board PR & Advertising (2008) Austria National tourist Office e Marketing (- 2010) 2010 Asia Road show Qatar Tourism Authority (HongKong Malaysia, Korea) IOC Evaluation team media inspection PyeongChang 2018 (2011) 2010 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games Bid Global PR Planning and its implementation CJSW Achievement

7 CJSW 2011 Appreciation Plaque by Gangwon Governon 2011 Appreciation Plaque 2018 PC Winter Olympic Bid Committee 2010 Decoration of Merit in Silver of the Republic of Austria Government 2010 Appreciation Plaque 2014 PC Winter Olympic Bid Committee 2005 Gold Medal 15 year of ANTO 2003 Appreciation Plaque 2010 PC Olympic Bid Committee 2001 Citation Ministry of Sports & Tourism 2001 Tourism Person of the Year 2000 Gold medal of 10years service to ANTO 2000 Appreciation Plaque of Gangwon Governor 1998 Appreciation Plaque from Finnish Tourist Board 1999 Tourism Person of the Yea from TTJ 1997 UN IAEWP Ambassador of Peace 1996 Johann Strauss Gold Medal from City of Vienna 1995 Appreciation Plaque from Orlando Tourism Office 1994 Appreciation Plaque from SBS – TV 1991 Appreciation Plaque from Minster of Tourism Recognition

8 CJSW C.J’s World Clients 2009- German National Tourist Office 2009- Norway Tourist Board 2009- Mexico Tourism Board 2006-2011 Magic Cities Germany and Munich Tourist Board 2010– 2011 PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee 1990-2010 Austrian National Tourist Office 2010 Qatar Tourism Authority 2010 Turkish Airlines 2009 2012 Yeosu Expo Bid Committee 2006-2009 Munich Tourist Office Representative 2002-2009 Gangwon International Sports Council 1996-2009 Finnish Tourist Board 2007-2008 Greece National Tourist Office Global Refund Financial Group 2005-2007 PyeongChang 2014 Olympic Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee Vienna International Airport “Open for New Horizons” 1996-2006 Scandinavian Tourist Board 2002-2004 PyeongChang 2010 Olympic Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee 2001-2003 SK ENRON 2001-2002 2001 Visit Korea Year Organizing Committee 2002 Seoul Metropolitan Government-City Marketing 1994-2001 Vienna Tourist Board 1995-2000 Austrian Airlines 1997-1999 Humber Ltd. Liechtenstein 1996-1997 Hungarian National Tourist Office 1994-1997 Portugal Travel & Trade Office 1990-1997 Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (United States) 1990-1996 Orlando, Florida Tourism Office (United States) Representative 1990-1996 Philippines Department of Tourism

9 Goal Overall ambitions are : To increase awareness of destination and its brand values in Korea To increase high-end Korean travel to destination To increase awareness and knowledge of destination products in Korea market Objects The objectives are : To position as the preferred travel destinations To increase understanding of the importance of destinations in Korea To implement marketing promotions for destination branding in Korea CJSW C.J’s World has

10 Intensive Networks Daily contacts right in the market with nationwide printed and electronic media, travel industry, government, local foreign missions, and business partners Advisory board of Korea PR Association Founding member of KPRCA Board member of Korea Finland Business Council CJSW C.J’s World Networks Worldwide Networks Founding member of PR Boutique International http://prboutique.com Member of IPRA Partner of Sunny Side Up - Japan

11 Activity Highlight Public Relations Media Relations, Press Release, Conference, Press Trips, Features Brand Marketing Promotion & Communication Global Campaign Worldwide Campaign Consulting Strategic Development

12 Norway Day 2012 _ June CJSW Mr. Halvard Ingebrigsten, State Secretary of Ministry of Trade & Industry visited Seoul & Yeosu. Introduced Norway with live connection with Yeosu Norway Pavilion and folk dancers. MexDay 2012 _ Aug C.J.’s World highlights in 2012 Ms. Gloria Guevara Manzo, Minister of Tourism made a presentation to actively promote Mexico in front of 200 VIP & business executives. Reception was followed by a Mexican traditional dance performance.

13 Branding of Foreign Destinations Cover Stories on Top leading Media both on Printed & TVs Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, Portugal Press Conference for foreign destinations & … Norway Norway Day 2012 Mexico MexDay 2012 Germany Luther 500 Mozart 250th Anniversary Johan Strauss 100th Anniversary Schubert 100th Anniversary Austria 1,000 years celebration Interviews Governors, city major, Ministers, and VIPS Global Summit of Woman Seoul Conference Woman dignitaries from all over the world participated and it brought lots of coverage Fam trips both for the press and agents Various world premier destinations with successful and wide publicities CJSW Public Relations

14 CJSW Public Relations Cover Stories Press Conference

15 CJSW C.J.’s World covers… Interviews celebrities & press tours

16 CJSW Marketing & Sales Promotions e-Marketing with portal site, bloggers, car and rail companies, mobile Radio Quiz Consumer promotions on SBS Power FM, KBS Radio inviting winners to each destination Workshops, seminars, dinner functions Conduct workshops, seminars, press conference, and participate travel fairs local and overseas. Asia Road Shows Consumer Promotion with Lotte Department Store Greece photo exhibition and I park shopping malls plus Credit Cards companies Travel Fair & Travel Mart participate local travel fair, invite Korean delegates to overseas travel mart Sales & Marketing Sales Caravan, individual sales calls

17 CJSW Marketing Promotions e-Marketing & Bloggers Online Promotions

18 CJSW Workshops, Seminars & Receptions Seminars Workshops Dinner Reception Austria Waltz Contest

19 International Media Campaign for Bid for 2018/2014/2010. PyeongChang Winter Olympic Bid KBS Open Concert in Vienna, Austria Bring whole orchestra and singers to Vienna to stage and broadcast on KBS TV regular program and in flight entertainment on Korean Air year round SBC TV 1 st Anniversary RTW special quiz Invite finalists of 20 members from 30,000 crowd, each to Finland, Orlando USA, Austria, Sweden and arranged scholarship for one year Wife Carrying Championship participation send MBS TV together with candidate to participate as runner Launching of Global Refund Korea New Tax Refund system introduced to Korea CJSW Global Campaign

20 CJSW Global Campaign Int’l Media Campaign for 2018/2014/2010 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Bid KBS Open Concert in Vienna, Austria SBS TV 1 st Anniversary RTW special quiz Wife Carrying Championship, Finland

21 10Reasons Creative and innovative ideas Proven experience with world premier destinations Specialized in marketing promotions on destination Intimate media relations Close relationships with professional executives in tourism market and travel trade World class service and global standard mentality Adoption of new techniques from overseas market leaders Simple and quick decisions from final goals Faithful, reliable and responsible performance on global standard Bilingual professional staff to reach international market CJSW CJSW is good with…..

22 President & CKO Nancy C. J. Choi Contact Suite 902 Hotel President, 16 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Zip Code 100-191) ☎ +82 2-773-6422 Fax. +82 2-773-6442 Global Partners PR Boutique International Sunny Side Up Japan CJSW C.J.’s World Co., Ltd. Since 1990

23 CJSW CJSW Rolling stones Nancy C. J. Choi President & CKO As a front liner in the tourism and PR industry, Nancy Choi is well known and respected in her field as a hard- working career woman, from EWHA Womans University. Her innovative ideas and creative marketing promotions have brought CJSW widespread recognition as an international PR consultancy in Korea as well as in other parts of the world. Her confidence and pride in profession is fueled by her nearly limitless energy and passion and has built her a strong reputation in the travel and sporting media, with background of Airlines. She holds influential roles in trade groups as the Chairwoman of the Association of Nation Tourism Office Representative- Korea (ANTOR), and as Chairperson of International Public Relations Association 9IPRA) for 2007 and EWHA A& P the first Chairperson in 2003. For her accomplishments, in March 2010 Nancy bestowed “Decoration of Merit in Silver” by Republic of Austrian Government besides Johann Strauss Gold Medal in 1996 from the city of Vienna. Nancy is the author of two books, one is travel essay entitled “What a Wonderful World’ in 1999 And again January 2010 her 2 nd book is Business essay regarding World PR Stories She was engaged with PyeongChang Winter Olympic Bid 2018,2014 and 2010 for 10 years to position the name of PyeongChang thru global PR and media campaign. She was also standing as Director Korea for Austrian National Tourist Office/Scandianvian Toursit Bnaord/Finnish Tourist Board. For three years until 2000 as an Ambassador of UNIAEWP.

24 CJSW Bridging the World Copyright © 2012 CJSWORLD Ltd. Market Communications All Rights Reserved.

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