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Military Packaging… An Australian Owned Company Proudly Protecting Australia’s Local & Overseas Military services.

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1 Military Packaging… An Australian Owned Company Proudly Protecting Australia’s Local & Overseas Military services

2 About Australian Inhibitor

3 Our products protect on the ground, sea & air

4 What are VCI’s ? 1Are temperature sensitive 2Vapourise 3 Attracted to surface 4Passivate metal surface 5Creates a barrier 6Prevents oxidation 7Keeps working VCI packaging

5 Barrier Materials def 1000 MIL-B-121 Type 1 Grade C Class 2 Applications ship valves,submarine valves gas pipes sprinkler systems gun parts Conforming wrap –follows irregular shaped products Grease proof,waxed both sides Lab checks –brass valves

6 Barrier Materials – milspec b-131 k class 1 Foil-o-wrap –heat sealable excellent barrier properties wrap sensitive items moisture resistant valve insertion MVTR rates to astm F 1249 Applications machinery, rocket bags, crate linings.

7 VCI emitters VCI emitters for control panels and sensitive electronic equipment Product saturates the internal free space of cabinet and protects vital components from corrosion.

8 Barrier materials – mil spec b-81705b Heat sealable electrostatic free barrier material. Prevents build up or retention of electrostatic charge. Excellent moisture barrier properties. Applications missiles, explosives, electronic components.

9 Barrier Materials mil prf 81705-d –We make bags to any size or specification Humidity indicator plugs with humidity indicator cards are inserted for accurate moisture control of the most sensitive items Application Nukla active missile decoy.

10 Ferro Foil ™ Barrier Materials Ferro Foil gun bags made to any size Combines VCI technology with excellent Barrier properties

11 Packaging Materials –silica gel chemically pure preferred for electronics strong particle less dust remains dry even when saturated versatile 2gm,10gm,100gm, 500gm, 1kg and 25kg loose. Applications moisture control management storage and export.

12 Rust preventatives –Aerosol & Liquids 400 gram aerosol & 20litre/200 litre liquid. Thermally stable Thixotropic Non stain -40ºC to + 260º C Sunlight resistant L ubricates and penetrates

13 VCI packaging –VCI mono film heavy duty VCI film bags 200 um base sheet sealed to bag air evacuated for final seal machine is ready for local storage or export overseas

14 VCI Packaging –VCI triple layer- co ex Machine bolted to pallet base sheet is sealed to bag Machine is ready for export layer LDPE. blue/print low slip /U.V. inhibitor anti stats ----------------------------- middle layer HD -------------------------------- Inside layer VCI active L L.DPE.

15 Ferrro Foil ™ for storage or export Base sheet is heat sealed to bag Air evacuated Final seal

16 VCI film applications –Gun Turrets Gun turrets prepared for export overseas

17 VCI packaging F-11 & F-18 fighter planes hanger L-82 Crate prepared Wing struts in place wings being packed for (4) year moisture control management

18 VCI packaging – Moisture Management Control Hanger L82 R.A.A.F Williams Base Prepared crates no 1- 42 (4) year Moisture Management Control Mono VCI Film

19 VCI packaging –moisture management control Hanger L-82 crates 1-42 (4) years 2002-2006 Parts packed inside timber pallet free space taken up with styrofoam Marine hatch cemented to crate silica gel located in plastic perforated cages Indicator plugs 20-40-60 cards data logger measures rh,interfaced with wdt av hum. chart Computer module now in place barometric pressure reading taken monthly.

20 “NEW”- VCI Packaging – Moisture Management Control (4-15 years) Triple Layer VCI film VCI triple layer co- extruded film protecting all parts (exceeds Mil spec requirements ) Milspec prf 131k Lining of crate Printed Top layer UV inhibitors,Low slip Anti statics --------------------------------------- middle layer HD. ---------------------------------------- Inside layer VCI LLDPE.

21 Ferro Foil™- Hamel Field Gun 12 year project Stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 I vacuum sealing of container if required

22 VCI co- ex films for Boeing 707 transporter External storage and protection for transporter engines

23 Research & Development Corrosion testing Our laboratories provide the very latest testing equipment To ensure both quality standard and research into VCI and all alternative Materials employed in packaging processes are of the highest standard. Type of Tests Kreig TEMPERATURE TEST 24HR Accelerated corrosion LONG TERM Humidity chamber Co eff of friction Test Dart impact Heat seal seam test Spectro densitometer colour test Gas chromatography MVTR (moisture vapour test)

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