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TheGenealogist: break down your brickwalls Rosemary Kopittke.

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1 TheGenealogist: break down your brickwalls Rosemary Kopittke

2 Great Britain & Ireland Civil registrations & Parish records Official Non-Conformist Registers Census (1911 being added progressively) Directories Military records Land records Electoral Rolls and Poll Books PCC Wills and images Peerage & heritage records Newspapers & magazines Occupational lists

3 BMDs Award winning BMD service YFT Magazine site of the year Includes entries missing from the microfiche and film Overseas BMDs Now completely searchable marriages back to 1837, births from 1960 and deaths from 1984



6 GRO Overseas BMDs Marine Births & Deaths 1837-1965 Army Births, Marriages & Deaths 1747-1980 Air Births, Deaths & Missing 1949-1966 Informal certificates of births at sea 1839-1867 Consular records ▫Births 1849-1885 ▫Marriages 1916-1935 ▫Deaths 1849-1940


8 TNA Overseas Birth Records RG33 Overseas BMD and burials of British subjects including those on board ships ▫Covers 1627 to 1960 ▫Contains original registers, notebooks and copies of entries RG32 POWs and Civilian deaths RG34 Foreign marriages including WWI Lots more...

9 Non-Conformist & Non-Parochial Records Largest collection of non-conformist records online – over 8 million individuals Invaluable for non-conformist families Produce trees Includes early birth certificates Many records contain extensive information

10 Non-Conformist Records RG4 Series ▫Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths and Burials 1567-1858 ▫Includes Baptist, Independent Presbyterian, Wesleyans, Roman Catholics and Protestant Refugees RG8 Series ▫British Lying-in Hospital, Holborn 1749-1868 ▫Very detailed records of births & baptisms

11 Non-Conformist Records RG6 Series – Quakers (Society of Friends) ▫1.3 million individuals complete with images and family tree RG7 Series – Fleet marriages ▫1667 to 1777 ▫800,000 people listed ▫Over half of London marriages were here


13 Primitive Methodist Connexion at Ebenezer Chapel in St Peter’s Place, Stockport

14 Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Passengers at Sea from 1856 to 1865

15 Parish Records Millions of records from 1540 onwards Transcript books Original register images Transcript databases Continually expanding... Many Catholic registers just released in October


17 Census Complete census for England and Wales Full transcripts Images 1911 census project underway – over 8 million records so far (19 counties) Save records to log or TreeView

18 Census – Name Maps

19 Census – Marriage Finder


21 PCC Wills 1384 to 1858 Over 840,000 Wills Over 200 years complete All mariners had to make a will before going to sea


23 Military Records Largest set of Army and Navy Lists available online WWI deaths WW2 Deaths Rolls of Honour and more...


25 Poll Books and Directories Directories – Post Office, Commercial and Telephone Poll Books – useful as early voters lists Electoral registers Electoral Roll London 2005


27 Diamond Content – priority access A greater range of electoral records including new transcripts International records Newspapers and magazines Telephone directories Occupational lists Peerage and heritage records Regimental records

28 International records Australia Electoral rolls (can only see Qld 1900) Transportation records Census & muster rolls Directories from 1834-1937 New South Wales Landholders Telephone directories Regional Cyclopaedias & Dictionaries of Biography

29 International records New Zealand Post Office Directories Early Settler’s Lists & Biographies Military Records ▫Rolls of Honour ▫Regimental records ▫Biographies and histories

30 International records America Wills – Delaware, Maryland, New York Elector lists

31 Search methods Keyword Classic Master Name Street and House Family Forename Search Advanced Search specific databases


33 Keyword Master Search Use ANY information to search for a person ▫Name ▫Occupation ▫Address ▫Number (for example, street number / age) Entries will be returned which match




37 Family Forename Search Ideal for the Smiths, Browns, Joneses and other common surnames Good for finding names resulting from poor handwriting Can enter multiple forenames Can use County / Surname / Birth decade to refine the search



40 Classic Master Name Search Just enter the surname and/or forename Returns matches across all databases Select one of interest


42 Street & House Search Select the year and county of interest Enter at least 3 letters from the address Can use wildcards Select from the matching streets Select the house in the street

43 Street & House Search


45 Allows you to store and optionally share your tree Upload and attach pictures to family Attach records from your research View all relatives in one go with the “Full Tree” view Search across millions of records from other users family trees


47 Research Log


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