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1 DailyFresh goes Europe Presentation

2 DailyFresh Logistics started in May 1998 as
a joint venture between: Visbeen Post-Kogeko Norfolkline DailyFresh is your all-round logistics partner for transport & distribution of vegetables, fruit and flowers to the UK and Ireland operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The group uses its own trucks and includes a ferry-operator.

3 Present operations: Consolidation Centre for Dutch Produce in Poeldijk
Concept Combining collections, reducing deliveries 1 – 5 collections into 1 trip with 1 – 5 drops, PCC’s, RDC’s, other customers 3 waves daily Multiple products/suppliers Short lead time DailyFresh 24 hrs / 7days 7000 sq mt 21 loading docks Close to the ferries Value added services Quality control Track & Trace Haccp / BRC Advantages Improved efficiency Improved stock control Less administration Improved response time Improved distribution planning 1 2 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 Poeldijk DailyFresh 1 2 3 3

4 Vision : Becoming The European Network Integrator of F & V
Spain and the Netherlands are the number one and two in exporting fresh produce Germany and UK are the number one and two in importing fresh produce A tendency to year round availability changes the focus from export to consumption areas Focus DailyFresh is distribution to the consumption areas Strategy is creating Fresh Consolidation Centres

5 DailyFresh wants to support retailers’ logistic needs
Category Management Economies of Scale / Efficiency Responsiveness Transparancy rtnership and chain reduction Requirements Development retail logistics for fresh produce Partnership and chain compression Consolidation & Vendor managed inventory Responsivesness of chain X-docking & Rolling Stock complexity Stock reduction DF Dunkirk Reliability Keeping stock Availability time

6 Future: European Operations : Supply chain management
Dunkirk Consolidation Centre for UK and NW-Europe will become key in network approach From consolidator of Dutch Product to full logistics service provider for a wide range of Fruit and Vegetables, year round from Europe and Overseas A new consolidation centre in Dunkirk will merge flows from Spain, Benelux, rest of Europe and Overseas, rendering tailor made services for customers in the UK and NW-Europe. From groupage loads to large scale FTL’s, mainly single drops, feeding RDC’s Poeldijk Dunkirk Overseas

7 DailyFresh Logistics European Operations : Opening 3-5-2006

8 Example Spain: Present inbound network from Spain is not very efficient
Multiple collection stops and multiple distribution stops do not add value to the supply chain (Primary) Consolidation centres in UK are often required before RDC’s and other clients can be fed Consignments on pallet-level prohibitively expensive Seasonal business, no year round supply and unpredictable transport pricing Road transport will become increasingly unreliable and expensive Traffic jams, toll, strikes 48 hour working week + 12 hour rest period; longer lead time and higher rates Driver shortage Dunkirk

9 Step 1: Consolidation Centre in Dunkirk will improve control, flexibility, responsiveness and costs in the supply chain Spain: FTL’s directly from large sources and high density- collection from smaller sources saves on collection costs Collection for groupage loads becomes easier, faster and more efficient Dunkirk: FTL’s are broken down to RDC requirements Allocation of product can be done with 12 hrs lead time Flows from Poeldijk, other Benelux sources and France / Italy be merged Overseas supply: Merge flows of deepsea & reefer containers into European network The need for a PCC could be eliminated if Dunkirk can feed directly into RDC’s Vehicles can do store deliveries on their way back to Dover/Felixstowe

10 Step 2: Consolidation in Dunkirk for UK and NW-Europe is further facilitated by RoRo connection Santander - Dunkirk Spain: Shuttle Santander – South Spain decreases dependency on international road haulage Better control over inbound network Ferry: 200 reefer trailers can be re-composed, consolidated and sequenced in Dunkirk Dunkirk: Dunkirk will become major consolidation point for Spanish produce flows Dunkirk will become important roundabout for all international produce flows Dunkirk can become a centre for rolling stock of citrus and overseas product Dunkirk can consolidate a very large part of total Fruit & Vegetable supplies, year round

11 Not just superb logistic solutions, but also better economics
Saves 1100 kms driving to the UK (less for Benelux and Northern Germany) No toll (€200,-) and disruptions in France Extra payload (up to 4 tonnes) for the UK can be added in Dunkirk Reliable: national collection and haulage in Spain, ferry and distribution all under control of DailyFresh Logistics Europe Total lead time approx. 54 hours (collection Monday 20.00, arrives in RDC Thursday 02.00; road is not faster under new EU-regulations (2006) Via road: 2000 km Via ferry: 900 km

12 Contact More information? P.O. Box 84 2685 ZH Poeldijk The Netherlands

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