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International Association Programs – A Good Strategy for developing Thang Long University Nguyen Thi Lan Huong.

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1 International Association Programs – A Good Strategy for developing Thang Long University Nguyen Thi Lan Huong

2 Mile stones of TLU when having international association programs:

3 1990 ISG Paris – France : 1 st Cooperation with Thang Long University: With over 200 Vietnamese students studying in France within 10 years, most returned to Vietnam and work very well in different areas.

4 1990 Marseille – TLU Speech for fundraising establishment of TLU and for international association programs with TLU in Vietnam Financial Aid for TLU, the 1 st non-public and non-profit university in Vietnam to survive during their 5 first years. And this activity helped to attract many universities/their professors over the world knew about TLU. They did support by many methods, for example, for sharing experiences of university management, student exchanges programs, giving technical supports or updating programs for mutual interesting topics…

5 1994 French Economic Programs for sharing their programs and delivering speeches for TLU’s students TLU students had many chances to interchange or work/study with international students/professors from different universities of France.

6 1996 – Signing Co-operation Agreement with Japan – For exchange programs and students TLU students can have a chance to learn new language by qualified teachers of Japanese

7 2009-present: Nice – Sophia Antipolis University (France) – Cooperation Program for MBA 4 year co-operation programs and 2 intake students graduated internationally and accredited by the 2 nd university in Europe ranking for MBA.

8 2010 – present: Japanese Teachers for programs in Japanese in co-operation with Japan organizations (Keieikai Medical – Meric Japanese Language) All nursing students who have an intention to study Japanese might have a chance to study “training on job” by Japanese service providers.

9 2010 – present: Finland Co-operation for supporting TLU’s teachers, in respect of teaching methodology and teaching qualities Teachers of Thang Long University have a very good chance to learn new teaching methodology and the measurement for teaching quality, exchanging teachers and studying in class in overseas.

10 TLU’s experiences from strategic development to action: International Association Programs and University, from starting strategic development: TLU commits to operate its university on non-profit base, for developing healthy education, honest respect, faithful and teamwork relations; ….. Giving all efforts to students, in line with globalization of education, obtaining fundamental knowledge and skills at TLU, have the chance to work with high – advanced universities over the world to further study, or take internship or researching, through the co-operation agreements and students exchange programs or researching programs, etc…; Execute the research programs at TLU … Heading to educate the youth leading capable researchers and scientists to TLU and for community, who can apply their study into social life, who can co- operate and work effectively with domestic and overseas institutes;

11 Strategic thinking from leaders: Get their sharing for education methodology; university module and management; exchange of students and teachers; and one of the most important to her university is how to communicate foreign language with partners; Give all opportunities to students to interface with international students to leverage them up to international benchmarking;

12 Strategic Commitment for non-profit and high quality teaching development TLU is non-profit university: TLU strictly follow the “high teaching quality development” for good students:

13 Advances for TLU’s international association programs when they are the 1 st non-profit and non-public university in Vietnam They are well supported by relevant authorities and related people from scientists of Vietnam and overseas; As they are non-profit university, more support from different international universities and professors around the world to TLU; TLU is the trial test for non-public university, even it is good or not, experiences for the 1 st trial non-public university obviously help them stronger to achieve their missions to become good university in Vietnam; As the TLU is the pioneer in the higher education service providers in Vietnam, they must try the best efforts to keep their 1 st flag for non-public university in the competitive global market for education through international association programs, supporting for TLU to improve their quality of teaching and internationalization of students.

14 To action: Keep commitment for teaching quality and good students by association programs with overseas universities Flexibility to overcome all difficulties for enhancing international association programs Clear plan and target for developing the sustainable international association programs which can help TLU add “real values” to Vietnam students

15 What factors can influence the International Association Programs for Non-Public Universities like TLU and how to make it better? Right Strategy and Legislation Framework Open-minded for internationalization/globalization of programs by internet students Values for students, employers and society – from different perspectives

16 How to make the International Association Programs better in Vietnam?

17 Questions and Answers

18 Thank you for listening

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