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Diversity in the Community Presented by: Angela Cook.

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1 Diversity in the Community Presented by: Angela Cook

2 2 Let’s set the context for our discussion Can we stick to: What diversity in the community means for CFA in relation to engaging with the community and how we can better meet their needs? Cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD) Anything else?

3 3 Do you know the most common Language Other Than English (LOTE)? Victoria’s Diverse Communities Activity

4 4 2011 Census The total Victorian population was 5,354,039 persons, increasing by 8.5% (or 421,617) from the 2006 Census Of the total Victorian population in 2011: – 26.2% (1,405,337) were born overseas in more than 200 countries (23.8% in 2006); – 46.8% (2,503,127) were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas (43.6% in 2006); – 74.6% (1,048,068) of those born overseas were from non- main English-speaking countries (72.8% in 2006); – 23.1% (1,235,435) spoke 260 languages other than English at home (20.4% in 2006); and – 67.7% (3,623,792) followed 135 faiths (68.4% in 2006)

5 5 Engaging CALD communities Where to start? Understand your community profile – who is in your community Demographics? Cultural diversity?

6 6 Then where to? Engaging CALD Communities Build relationships with CALD communities – How? Understand your Brigade’s level of cultural awareness Booklet has been developed to help – Engaging Multicultural Communities

7 7 What do you need to consider when delivering community education or engaging with CALD groups? Engaging CALD Communities Level of English proficiency Resources available Social or cultural factors What they really need to know – not everything you know – keep it simple Your own assumptions and opinions What else?

8 8 What have you been doing? CFA is already active in this space What has worked well? What have you learnt?

9 9 Some final practical tips Engaging CALD Communities Call your local migrant resource centre or your local AMES – a great resource Invite your local migrant groups to the brigade for a tour Interested in continuing the conversation about diversity – talk to Deb and Josh as we want to set up a group to share ideas etc.

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