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2 Assignment: Medical Epidemiologist with President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in Guyana and Mozambique (2005- 2011) Agency: CDC Division of Global HIV/AIDS, Office of the Director Tour: 2 years renewable up to 6 years in one country/8 years overseas CDR Amy DuBois, MD, MPH, FACS

3 Manage and provide technical leadership to USG inter-agency global HIV/AIDS programming Cultivate collegial relationships with the Host Nation government, Universities, non-governmental organizations, US Embassy officials, and offices of international organizations (UNAIDS, WHO, World Bank, Global Fund for AIDS/TB/Malaria et al.) Provide technical assistance on a range of multi-disciplinary issues: clinical guidelines, national strategy development, monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, operational research, quality assurance, health information systems, coordination of programs and donors Serve as project officer for grants to local and international partners Serve as a diplomatic representative of the United States Government and advise the Ambassador on health issues Job Duties & Description

4 Global health is a priority for HHS health-strategy/index.html Global health threats impact the US population in today’s inter- connected world and global economy Global Health programs are specifically targeted at underserved populations Health diplomacy builds positive relationships for USG around the world Serving in the US Mission overseas provides opportunities to work directly with DOD and demonstrate who we are and what we do as PHS Officers and a sibling Uniformed Service Public Health Significance of the Assignment

5 Building health systems, mentoring, supporting public health education, staffing VIP visits, representing USG

6 Officially, but severe limitations to site functionality; your fellow officers are your most valuable resource Contact programs directly: rationsandPolicy/OfficeofInternationalPrograms/ucm240745.htm rationsandPolicy/OfficeofInternationalPrograms/ucm245229.htm Challenges/Opportunities for life overseas with PHS –Language skills –Medical and Security Clearances –Family members: employment, housing, schools, culture shock –Tricare Prime Overseas –Compensation and entitlements –Overseas COA Chapters How Do I Sign Up?

7 Assignments: Director, Environmental Emergencies & Disasters: OASH/Region 8 RHA (5 yr Special Position) Senior Medical Officer & Toxicologist EPA Region 8 (5 yrs, indefinite term) Senior Medical Advisor to the Director NIH/NIEHS (current, indefinite term) Focus: Environmental health emergencies & disasters Experiences: KY & OH flood, Grand Forks flood, Libby, Montana, Typhoon Pongsana, Hurricanes Lili & Katrina, Salt Lake Olympics, World Trade Center, Anthrax Response, H1N1 Response, Oil Spill Response – for CDC, FEMA, EPA, FDA, HHS/OER, & PHS CAPT Aubrey K. Miller, MD, MPH

8 Environmental exposure & health effects research –Rapid surveillance & research, epi investigations, risk assessment & communication Emergency response & management technical assistance & coordination –Strategic, tactical, & operational support –Support for incident command, senior leadership, decision-makers Senior Medical Advisor to the NIEHS Director on various environmental health issues –Issue analysis & policy development –Represent Institute at HHS, federal partners, academia, NGOs, communities –Facilitation & coordination of priority issues (e.g., DWH response) Job Duties & Description

9 Impacts of environmental hazards and disasters continue to affect millions each year and remains a priority of the public and USG Our ability to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from these challenges will save lives & prevent disease/injury & promote public health Challenging & complex assignments ranging from boots on-the-ground responses to operational support to strategic analyses & decision-making If done well we can build resiliency & infrastructure of our communities & simultaneously improve public health and reduce environmental impacts. There are opportunities for serving in various environmental health & disaster response positions across multiple agencies including: HHS/ASPR, NDMS, NIH, CDC, FDA, IHS, Coast Guard, FEMA, DHS, EPA, DOD Public Health Significance of the Assignment


11 CDR Paul Jung, MD, MPH Assignment: Chief of Epidemiology Agency: Peace Corps Tour: renewable 2 year detail through HHS/OGHA (total 3 years) Assignment: Public Health Investigator Agency: U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Energy & Commerce, Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations Tour: renewable 6 month detail through CDC/W (total 3 years)

12 Monitored health of 7,700 Volunteers in >70 countries Supervised international disease surveillance system Conducted special studies on Volunteer health –Fatalities (2009 paper of the year, Journal of Travel Medicine) –Anti-malarial chemoprophylaxis –Tuberculosis risk –Mental Health accommodations Investigated fraud, waste and abuse –Direct-to-Consumer pharmaceutical advertising –Questionable suppression of pharmaceutical clinical trial data –Conflicts of interest on government advisory panels –Human subjects protection in biomedical research –Mismanagement of medical device approvals –Questionable health insurance industry practices –Use of Bisphenol A in infant formula packaging Job Duties & Description

13 DTC Advertising Two misleading DTC television ads removed from air PhRMA revised DTC advertising policy ENHANCE/Vytorin Trials Revealed premature unblinding of trial data in Vytorin Clinical Trials Human Subjects Protection Questionable private, for-profit IRB went out of business Subcommittee hearing on IRB exposed significant flaws in human subjects protections BPA in Infant Formula All major infant formula manufacturers agreed to remove BPA FDA agreed to review safety of BPA in food packaging Public Health Significance of the Assignment


15 CDR Daniel A. Singer, MD, MPH, FACP Assignments: Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer - CDC Luther Terry Fellow – HHS/OPHS HHS liaison to the Department of State – HHS/OS Senior Medical Policy Advisor Associate Director for Global Health – NIH/NICHD Details: White House Medical Unit World Health Organization – Polio Eradication Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID) Iraq - U.S. Physician Partnership Program (HHS/OS) U.S. Global Health Initiative (State Dept.)

16 Use epidemiologic tools to address emerging health threats Use scientific evidence to inform real-world health policies Enhance scientific capacity in low & middle income countries Promote public health to non-health audiences Advance health diplomacy Caveats! (politics and personalities) Public Health Significance of the Assignment


18 Take the initiative The most interesting assignments are never posted! Network nicely Be Helpful Follow developments in your agency, across HHS, and in the news Sign up for listserves of opportunities –LIST.NIH.GOV –CCEPI_LIST –CCVACANCIES –COMMCORPS_MEDOFFCRS –PHSPHYSICIANS How Do I Sign Up?

19 Questions? CDR Amy DuBois CAPT Aubrey K. Miller CDR Paul Jung CDR Daniel A. Singer


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