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2 Internationalization of IITGN Broad-Based Globalization Strategy STUDY ABROAD FOR IITGN STUDENTS One-third of IITGN undergraduate students receive study abroad opportunities during their tenure at IITGN. INTERNATIONAL VISITING FACULTY Between 10% to 20% of IITGN faculty in any given semester is visiting faculty from abroad. Furthermore, almost 80 percent of IITGN career faculty have overseas graduate degrees or post graduate experiences. COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOMS Joint courses and projects with the California Institute of Technology, USA, and University of Northampton, UK. EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS Institutional partnerships expand curriculum offerings. STUDENT & FACULTY EXCHANGES, GLOBAL CURRICULUM, PARTNERSHIPS

3 Internationalization of IITGN STUDY ABROAD GLOBALIZATION INTEGRAL TO MISSION IIT Gandhinagar promotes international educational opportunities for its students as an integral component of its educational mission. It has established partnerships and exchanges with international universities, research centers and corporations to expand study abroad, internships and other overseas opportunities for its students. Nearly a third of all IIT Gandhinagar undergraduate students from its 2012 and 2013 graduating batches had some overseas experience, including internships, lab projects, conference/workshop participation, etc. IIT Gandhinagar undergraduate students undertake internships and project works at leading institutions and industries in the USA, France, Germany, Israel, Canada, Singapore, Portugal, Malaysia, Scotland… A THIRD OF IIT GANDHINAGAR STUDENTS HAVE OVERSEAS EXPERIENCE

4 Internationalization of IITGN STUDY ABROAD ORGANIZATIONS HOSTING IITGN STUDENTS ABROAD National University of Singapore Purdue University, USA Ricoh Innovations, Singapore SUTD, Singapore Syracuse University, USA Technion, Israel Texas A&M University, USA University of California, Merced, USA Underwriters Laboratories, Chicago, USA Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia University of Houston, USA University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA University of Rhode Island, USA University of Saskatchewan, Canada University of Southern California, USA University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA Universitat Tubingen, Germany A* Star Singapore Annex Power Arcelor Mittal Poland California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA State University of New York, Albany, New York, USA Cisco, USA Citrix Systems Inc., San Francisco, California, USA Clemson University, South Carolina, USA Columbia University, New York, USA Tech University, Munich, Germany Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany Duke University, North Carolina, USA Ecole Nationale Supérieure of Architecture de Montpellier École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, France EPIR Technologies, Inc., Bolingbrook, IL, USA ICES, Singapore ISCTE, Lisbon University, Lisbon, Portugal John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

5 Internationalization of IITGN VISITING FACULTY & SCHOLARS VIBRANT VISITING FACULTY PROGRAM The Institute has targeted from 10-20% faculty from overseas in any given semester and averaged more than 15% of its overall faculty strength in recent semesters. In recent years, the Institute has hosted faculty and researchers from all over India, as well as Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal, United States, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore, among others. The Institute has established programs for Visiting Faculty, Scholars in Residence and Industry Academic Associate. Furthermore, almost 80 percent of IITGN career faculty have overseas graduate degrees or international post graduate experiences. One-year leave for new faculty for international post- doctoral research opportunities. NEARLY 15% OF FACULTY ARE VISITING FACULTY FROM ABROAD

6 Internationalization of IITGN COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOMS DISRUPTIVE DESIGN IITGN offered a joint course on “Disruptive Design: Design for the Developing World” with the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) last semester. The course, which was offered simultaneously at IITGN and Caltech, aimed to develop frugal solutions for occupational health issues in India. A team of 14 students from Caltech and Art Center College of Design in California led by Prof Ken Pickar, spent two weeks in India in December 2013 to identify, understand and experience the issues first hand. They visited the Polio Foundation, salt pan workers at the Little Rann of Kutch, Spine Research Centre at Civil Hospital, agricultural workers in Viramgam & Vasava, kite and incense makers, as well as women construction workers, etc. INTEGRATING GLOBAL EXPERIENCES INTO THE CLASSROOM

7 Internationalization of IITGN COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOMS DISRUPTIVE DESIGN 50 students from Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design & Cognitive Sciences from three universities — IIT Gandhinagar, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena & California Institute of Technology — registered for the courses. This project involves collaboration across two continents with joint lectures and projects. At the conclusion of the field visits, talks and discussions, the students decided their project topics. The teams, each composed of students from the contributing institutes, engaged with each other over emails and online platforms to conceive their final design under faculty guidance and submitted their projects in May 2014. The exhibitions of the designs will be held later this year. IITGN & CALTECH COURSE ON DISRUPTIVE DESIGN STUDENT PROJECTS Skin protectors for salt pan workers Recyclable homes for migrant workers Personal emergency device for paraplegics Diabetes monitoring and management kit Chair for cerebral palsy affected children At home medical care telehealth program Material transport in construction sites

8 Internationalization of IITGN COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOMS WHERE TECHNOLOGY MEETS THE ARTS IIT Gandhinagar is teaming up with the The School of the Arts at the University of Northampton on a British Council supported joint project “Where Technology Meets the Arts.” Students and faculty at IIT Gandhinagar and the University of Northampton are collaborating on a project that integrates the design and manufacturing heritages of Northampton and Gujarat. As part of the project, teams from the two institutions will visit cultural sites and industries in the two countries and participate in symposiums held in Ahmedabad and Northampton. The projects will be shared on a website, which will enable students in both countries to share their experiences. The final projects will be available online and displayed at the Northampton Museum. IITGN AND UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON PROJECT

9 Internationalization of IITGN INTERNATIONAL WORSHOPS WORKSHOP ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY Syracuse University’s Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) and IIT Gandhinagar organized a joint workshop on energy efficiency on the methods and protocols to identify and improve energy efficiency for existing electricity users. Fifteen IITGN students and three Syracuse University students participated in the workshop, which was led by Prof Suresh Santaram, Director, Syracuse University Industrial Assessment Center and coordinated by Prof Naran Pindoriya, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at IITGN. COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMS WITH GLOBAL PARTNERS

10 Internationalization of IITGN INTERNATIONAL WORSHOPS WORKSHOP ON FIRE SAFETY IIT Gandhinagar organized a Workshop on Fire Safety on March 2-3, 2013, for nearly 75 professionals, led by prominent international professionals, such as Prof. Venkatesh Kodur, Director of SAFE-D Center, Michigan State University; Dr. Pravin Gandhi, Director, Corporate Research, Underwriters Laboratories, USA, and Mr. G.B. Menon, Fire Advisor GOI (Retd.) SYMPOSIUM ON PROCESS SAFETY The Institute conducted a two-day symposium on Process Safety in December 2013 for national and international process safety experts, led by Prof M Sam Mannan, Director, Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center, Texas A&M University; Mr Hirak Dutta, executive director, Oil Industry Safety Directorate; Dr Mimi Haryani Hassim, senior lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Prof Raj Srinivasan, IITGN. COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMS WITH GLOBAL PARTNERS

11 Internationalization of IITGN INDIA KI KHOJ INDIA IMMERSION FOR CALTECH STUDENTS India-Ki-Khoj is an intensive module focusing upon the understanding and appreciation of India through diverse lectures and field visits. The program brings 15 CalTech and 15 IITGN students together every year to help overseas students relate with the many layers that form identity in India. It communicates the many imaginations about India, and provides a flavor of its multiplicity as well as some overarching generalities. Through a combination of academic lectures and field-visits, the module takes students through India of the past, present and future making them relate India’s ancient traditions of philosophy, science and technology to a present-day India and help identify continuities as well as shifts that India has made through centuries. SOCIETY, CULTURE, ECONOMY, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

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