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Growth Initiatives LLC Growth Initiatives LLC Revenue-Generating Solutions Marty Gilbert 847.732.7400

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1 Growth Initiatives LLC Growth Initiatives LLC Revenue-Generating Solutions Marty Gilbert 847.732.7400

2 Who is Growth Initiatives? We analyze, prioritize, plan and execute programs that drive incremental revenue for B2B clients Portfolio of four solutions: 1.Target marketing & lead generation 2.New product, service & market launches 3.Channel partner identification & development 4.International expansion Large and small company leadership background Strong sales, marketing and general management background 847.732.7400

3 1. Facts About Lead Generation 88% of business are using email marketing for lead generation today. US workers spend 28% of their day in their email inbox. Email campaign volumes rose 20% in 2012. Email brings in $40 for every $1 spent on it (Direct Marketing Assoc) – SEO = $22; Internet display ads = $19; Social Networks = $13; Dir Mail = $10 Some email advantages vs alternatives. – Less expensive: no postage cost, no printing cost, minimizes call centers – It’s viral: easily shared at no additional cost – Faster to market – Creates “inspirational” sales – Feeds the sales funnel – Drives web traffic – Easy to measure its effectiveness 847.732.7400

4 Lead Generation The Growth Initiatives Solution Vertical market exploration Customer needs analysis Value proposition & website messaging Database development (industry, title, company size) Direct marketing campaign strategy and development Campaign analytics and leads Sales lead follow-up process 847.732.7400

5 2. New Product Launch Facts 40% and 90% of all new products have failed over the past 25 years… … despite that fact, 70% of executives today have cited product innovation as one of the top three drivers for business growth (Frost & Sullivan). 75% of "unique benefits" touted by firms are not perceived as having enough impact to create a product preference. “If we build it, they will buy it” assumptions kill most new product introductions. Market assessments, customer pain points, value proposition and product positioning are keys to new product success. 847.732.7400

6 6 A process that increases chances for success Process is adaptable to products or services Aligns customer needs with product value Interactive business model with variable assumptions Can be utilized for entry into new vertical mkts with existing products New Product & Service Launches The Growth Initiatives Solution

7 3. Channel Partner Facts In 2012, 43% of IT firms received 50-75% of their revenue from channel partners (COMPTIA). Over 50% of all high-tech sales are sold through a distributor, VAR or dealer (Maritz Motivation Solutions). Keys to selecting the right channel partner Channel partners are driven by revenue upside vs time commitment - Vertical market focus - Technical expertise - Business model - Track record for growth - Financial stability - Level of contacts - Who else do they sell for? - Margins partners make – yours vs others 847.732.7400

8 Vertical market penetration through partner selection Increasing your value proposition to gain greater partner mindshare Channel partner management strategies, sales tools and incentives Channel partner and direct sales team integration 847.732.7400 Our channel partner efforts include any and all of the following activities: Channel Partner Development The Growth Initiatives Solution

9 4. International Market Expansion Facts Only 1% of US’ 30M companies export to customers overseas where 95% of the world’s population lives. More than 70% of the world’s purchasing power is outside the US. US economic growth is projected to be 2-3% in 2013 while Asia Pacific’s forecast is 8%. 40% of the S&P 500’s profits come from overseas markets. US exports likely to double from 2012 to 2015 (Obama study). – Increasing disposable income in emerging markets – Rising labor rates in foreign markets 847.732.7400

10 Market size/segmentation estimates and entry strategies Risk-reward assessments Local partner selection: distributors, VARs, dealers, agents Sales and marketing plans for overseas revenue growth 847.732.7400 International Market Expansion The Growth Initiatives Solution

11 Industry Expertise 847.732.7400 Our experience spans a breadth of industries and products.

12 Target Marketing Samples Target Marketing Samples Revenue-Generating Solutions 847.732.7400




16 Contact Us Marty Gilbert Growth Initiatives LLC 847.732.7400 847.732.7400 We can help you win the race to revenue growth!

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