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Regulatory Administrative Institutions MPA 517 Lecture-28 1.

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1 Regulatory Administrative Institutions MPA 517 Lecture-28 1

2 Recap OGDCL is the national oil & gas company of Pakistan and the flagship of the country’s E&P sector. The Company is the local market leader in terms of reserves, production and acreage, and is listed on all three stock exchanges in Pakistan and also on the London Stock Exchange since December 2006. The Company is all set to ride the wave of E&P activity, equipped with its Vision & Mission, Business and Strategic Plan, a debt-free and robust balance sheet and healthy cash reserves. The Company is ready to take on the challenges of a volatile E&P industry. 2

3 Goals Financial 1.Build strategic reserves for future growth/expansion Growth and superior returns to all stakeholders 2.Double the value of the company in the next five years. 3.Make investment decisions by ranking projects on the basis of best economic indicators 4.Maximize profits by investing surplus funds in profitable avenues 5.Reduce cost and time overruns to improve performance results. 3

4 Business Strategy Maintain Low Cost Operations: OGDCL’s operating environment, namely the geographic concentration of its reserves base within Pakistan, will be a major factor in allowing it to control its low cost structure. Within Pakistan, the Company’s leading position also enables it to access economies of scale across its significant reserves base and operations. Pursue Selective International Expansion: while domestic expansion remains OGDCL’s core focus, the Company intends to grow and diversify its portfolio through selective international expansion in the medium to long-term. Implementing International Best Practice: by ensuring an efficient organizational structure and business processes that are focused on core production 4

5 Today’s Lecture Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development – Overseas Pakistanis Welfare – OPF education system – OPF Housing 5

6 Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Pakistan has remarkable and laudable human resource which is characterized by hard work, dedication and distinction. Our human resource is classified into the categories of professional, non- professional, skilled, semi skilled and un-skilled. Due to rapid increase in population and developing economy, it is not possible to provide jobs to all. The Ministry, therefore, focuses on availing all the overseas opportunities. 6

7 Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD To ensure meaningful employment to our workforce and its export we have Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), Workers Welfare Fund(WWF), Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment(BE&OE), Overseas Employment Corporation(OEC), Employees Old-age Benefits Institution(EOBI) and National Industrial Relation Commission(NIRC) who are also looking after the welfare of local workers and overseas Pakistanis and their families through dedicated performance. Our Community Welfare Attaches (CWAs) are also working in more than 17 foreign countries and are devoting their efforts to the welfare of overseas Pakistanis and safeguarding their interest. 7

8 Vision Formulation of progressive manpower policy Promotion of welfare of Industrial and commercial workers. Strengthening of labor management relations. Coordination with the provincial Government, International. Labour organizations and other International Agencies. 8

9 Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment BUREAU OF EMIGRATION AND OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT was set up in October, 1971 under the directive of the then President by amalgamating the three different agencies viz. National Manpower Council, Protector of Emigrants and Directorate of Seamen’s Welfare. Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment is a centralized agency of the Federal Government for processing recruitment demands of the Pakistani manpower through Licensed Overseas Employment Promoters, etc. for the different manpower importing countries in the world especially in the Middle East. 9

10 Objectives The main objectives and functions of the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment are:- 1. To control and regulate emigration. 2. To look after the interests and welfare of such emigrants. 3. To look after the welfare of seamen. To achieve these objectives, the Bureau has evolved a systematic policy under the Emigration Ordinance 1979 and Rules made there under. This policy is implemented through different field offices of the Bureau within and outside the country. 10

11 Directorate of Administration This Directorate is mainly responsible for overall administration of the Bureau and its field offices within and outside Pakistan. Main Roles: 1. Budget & Accounts 2. Establishment Affairs 3. Store/Vehicle & other administrative Matters 11

12 Directorate of Coordination Main Roles: 1. Deal Community Welfare Attache 2. Death & Disability claims 3. Insurance Funds 4. Deal with Protector of Emigrants 5. Issuance of new Licenses 12

13 Directorate of Operations This Directorate is mainly responsible for implementation of the Government policies regarding manpower export as per provisions of the Emigration Ordinance, 1979 and Rules made there under. Main Roles: 1.All matters relating with Overseas Employment Promoters 2.Complaints against OEP 3.Permissions 4.Renewal of Licenses 5.Emigration Policies 6.To control regulate facilitate and monitor the Emigration Process. 7.To feed back the Labour & Manpower Division on Emigration Polices and related matters about Overseas Employment. 13

14 Directorate of Information Technology The vision of DoIT is to enhance delivery of public services to citizens in an efficient and cost effective manner, improve the quality of government service and management, enhance the collaboration of the internal departments and the interactions between the government and the public, optimize the government business process, and finally to construct an honest, diligent, transparent and efficient government using information and communication technology as a means to the end. 14

15 Seamen Welfare To promote co-ordination among the voluntary organizations engaged in the welfare work of Merchant Navy seamen; To plan & implement or to give advice on schemes for the welfare and improvement of working conditions of the merchant navy seamen and, in particular, for their training, and for the exercise of the said function, the Committee shall be competent to collect contributions to enhance the amount of the fund and to sanction expenditure from that fund without reference to the Ministry of Finance. 15

16 INSURANCE SCHEME Bureau introduced a life insurance scheme in collaboration with State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan for the intending emigrants in May 1982. Each emigrant is required to deposit an amount of Rs. 2,000/- as insurance premium to cover life risk for a sum of Rs. 1,000,000/-. Insurance coverage is valid for two years. Government has provided re-insurance facility since July 2001 for all those workers who wish to get the insurance policy renewed. This scheme has also been extended to those Pakistanis who proceeded abroad without registration with Protector of Emigrants but have now been allowed registration with respective Embassies. 16

17 Overseas Employment Corporation Overseas Employment Corporation is a company limited by shares incorporated under the Companies Act 1913 as a private limited concern. Its equity is owed entirely by the Government of Pakistan. Policy guidelines are provided by a Board of Directors, which are executed by the Managing Director as Chief Executive of the Corporation. In the discharge of his functions and duties, the Managing Director is assisted by a team of professionals. The Head Office of the Corporation is located at PMI Auditorium Building, Zero Point Islamabad. Its regional offices are located at Karachi & Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta. Administrative and financial control is exercised by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of Pakistan. 17

18 Services Provided Apart from meeting the specific and exacting standards of foreign employers, the Corporation also acts as a protector of emigrants to ensure the welfare of emigrant personnel and to promote harmonious working relationship between the employers and the employees. The Corporation assists the employers in conducting tests and interviews of candidates. Those selected for employment abroad are assisted with their travel arrangements. If desired by the candidate, ticketing is undertaken by the OEC Travels a travel agency operating as the General Sales Agent of the Pakistan International Airlines in Islamabad. 18

19 Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Established under Emigration Ordinance, 1979. Registered under Companies Ordinance on 8th July, 1979 as Company Limited by Guarantee of Government of Pakistan. OPF is controlled by a Board of Governors headed by the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development as its Chairman. 19

20 OPF Objectives Following are the objectives of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation. To advance the social welfare of the Pakistanis working or settled abroad and their families in Pakistan by identifying their problems and by contributing to their solutions. To grant scholarships and stipends for studies to deserving Overseas Pakistani children. To give grant to community centers, mosques and libraries established Overseas and for organizing of seminars and national day events. 20

21 Welfare & Special Initiative Division Welfare & Special Initiative Division is committed to render better and improved services by providing relief to Overseas Pakistanis and their dependants in the redressal of their grievances, early settlement of death and disability dues/compensation, to facilitate incoming & outgoing Overseas Pakistanis at all international airports, financial assistance to the families of destitute Overseas Pakistanis and rehabilitation of disabled returnee Overseas Pakistanis. 21

22 OPF education system “The Mission of the OPF education system is to ensure excellence in teaching and learning so that each student will participate responsibility in a diverse and changing world” Ensure that each student meets or exceeds rigorous performance and achievement standards. Ensure that highest level of performance for all staff. Develop and implement Curriculum and assessments which are relevant and challenging. Provide a safe, nourishing and academically stimulating Learning Environment. Create an environment in which students, staff, families and community members participate and contribute. Ensure that diversity and commonality an valued. Ensure that policies, Structure, services and resources Support the vision, belief mission and goal. 22

23 Housing & Works Division To cater for the housing need of Overseas Pakistanis and to provide them residential facilities, OPF has planned and established a number of housing schemes in different cities of the country. Thousand of plots created in these schemes were allotted to Overseas Pakistanis. These schemes are located at the prime locations in the cities of Islamabad, Lahore, Gujrat, Peshawar, Dadu, Larkana and Mirpur (AJK). 23

24 Summary Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development – Overseas Pakistanis Welfare – OPF education system – OPF Housing 24

25 Next Lecture Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) 25

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