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Department of State Transportation and Travel Management Division

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1 Department of State Transportation and Travel Management Division
Charles Olden Branch Chief, Traffic Management Washington, DC 1 1 1

2 What do we do? The Department of State Transportation Division supports customers worldwide. Our clients, both overseas and domestic, are primarily Department of State Foreign and Civil Service employees, but they may also be members of other U.S. Government Agencies involved in foreign affairs and operations. The Department of State (DOS) maintains approximately 262 diplomatic and consular posts. 2 2 2

3 Locations 3 3 E.L.S.O. D.A. Seattle D.A. N.Y. D.A. BALTIMORE DC HQ.
D.A. Miami E.L.S.O. Brownsville D.A. Seattle D.A. BALTIMORE DC HQ. Globally the network looks like this including the two regional procurement support offices that partner with the RLCs. 3 3

4 International Shipping Methods
Transportation Operations utilizes two methods for the shipment of Household Effects: The preferred method is the International Through Bill of Lading Program (ITGBL) The alternate method of shipping is the Direct Procurement Method (DPM) 4 4

5 Why is the ITGBL method preferred?
Cost effective One stop shopping Fiscal responsibility and accountability Visibility Overall best value in today’s economy Reduction of paperwork at Post Insurance Replacement valuation included Maximum liability is $8.50 times the net weight of the shipment; caps at $153K for an 18,000 Lb shipment 5 5

6 Important Quality Elements
The ITGBL program is divided into four critical quality elements Performance of physical services Established Transit Times (RDD) Reporting Requirements Communications TSP is expected to meet all critical elements 6 6

7 Performance Metrics Customer Satisfaction Surveys Missed RDD analysis
Issue Log for recording all service failures and successes Inspection teams in the DC area and abroad Response to service failures and challenges Claims report Anything that can be measured is measured 7 7

8 Best Value All DOS contracts and tenders of services require service providers to meet both low cost and high quality. We are non appropriated funds we must generate our own funding. Best value is best for DOS. Strong believer you get what you paid for. 8 8

9 Destination Agents Throughout the year we receive changes to the list of agents from all Posts. We consolidate this list once a year and provide it to GSA for inclusion in the RFO. Contact the Embassy or Consulate if you are a local, or overseas agent, interested in doing business as an origin or destination agent for DOS door to door shipments. Overseas agents that are not on the GSA RFO under section 9 cannot be utilized for State shipments. Conclusion Destination agents volume increase 300 %. 9 9 9

10 Direct Procurement Local Pack and Crate/Long Term Storage Contract
Out of Town Pack Tender 3 Airfreight Tenders 3 Drayage Tenders Freight\Vehicles Consolidated Receiving Point Contracts at each Despatch Facility 10 10

11 2014 review the numbers 30% volume increase for ITGBL shipments from the previous year. 13,000 Personal Effect (PE) shipments moved under ITGBL method by the end of August, (equal to entire 2013 calendar year) 67% of the time ITGBL shipping method was leveraged to move PE. This number is expected to increase with potential change in approach to UAB shipments. 91% of ITGBL shipments met Required Delivery Date 11 11

12 2014 Challenges Domestic shipments moving in a timely manner (van lines) Normal volume and coverage challenges in the DC area end of June and July 12 12

13 Anything new for 2015? DOS is attempting to initiate a pilot leveraging a combined Surface/Air routing to our landlocked and air designated posts. For additional information or questions you can reach me at 13 13 13

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