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Compare the process profiled here with how you went about responding to the prompt on U.S. expansionism. DBQ POWERPOINT II.

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1 Compare the process profiled here with how you went about responding to the prompt on U.S. expansionism. DBQ POWERPOINT II

2  Developing a clear, concise thesis that addresses the whole prompt (and gives a purpose to comparing the perspectives)  Appropriately incorporating document and background evidence with commentary  Developing a conclusion that extends the thesis THREE AREAS TO WORK ON

3  Compare and contrast views of United States overseas expansion in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Evaluate how understandings of national identity, at the time, shaped these views.  Compare & Contrast [develop topics to compare & contrast]  Effects on Americans/America, Effects on those being colonized  OR anti-imperialist, imperialist  OR consistent with national identity, inconsistent w/identity, established new identity  Address “national identity”—American exceptionalism, “City on a hill”, benevolent imperials READ & UNDERSTAND THE PROMPT

4  Consider terms and concepts from readings and term sheets  For this DBQ: Reasons for imperialism -spread democracy, foreign markets, spread Christianity, protect formerly colonized peoples  Reasons against  Oppression of indigenous people  Lack of self-determination for native people  Resources going to other places rather than America (Progressives)  Counter to American ideals  Other possibly relevant material:  Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, China, Mexico  Moral Diplomacy, Dollar Diplomacy  Boxer Rebellion, sphere of Influence, Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt Corollary, Manifest Destiny  Push-pull factors like markets, resources, military necessity  People…Aguinaldo, Pancho Villa, etc. BRAINSTORM BACKGROUND INFO

5  Relevant thesis develops ALL parts of the question in an original way.  Samples…  U.S. overseas expansion was seen as imperialistic by some yet other Americans viewed the practice as a necessary evolution of the American identity from an insular self-sufficient nation to one taking a leading role in the world.  Whether Americans supported or opposed overseas expansion, they used American exceptionalism to justify the policy.  **Be sure you define the “national identity” you are referring to. DEVELOP THESIS

6  Option I:1) for imperialism2) against imperialism  Option 2: 1) argument based on founding principles 2) argument based on economic necessity  Option 3: 1) Perspective: expansion would enhance national identity 2) Perspective: expansion is consistent with national identity 3) Perspective: expansion compromises national identity OUTLINE TOPIC AREAS

7  Be sure you address elements such as perspective, context, bias, audience and/or purpose with each document.  Use connecting sentences to show the relationship among documents.  Each paragraph should have a comprehensive topic sentence and evidence should be tied to the central topic  Read sample incorporation of evidence DISCUSSING AND ANALYZING DOCUMENT EVIDENCE

8  Perspective: African-American editor of newspaper  Audience: probably African-American (Colored American)  Context: During Spanish-American War (1898)  Inference—African-Americans were motivated to participate in Spanish American war and other imperialistic acts because they believed that their efforts would further their cause toward realizing equal rights.  Connection to thesis? DOCUMENT 1: [FOR]

9  Relevant Background Info: Progressivism, settlement houses, Yellow Journalism, Roosevelt’s Rough Riders  Perspective: social reformer, advocates particularly for women & children  Audience: voters, politicians, Americans  Context: 1899, after the conclusion of the Spanish American War  Inferences: 1) Beware of the glorification of war as it clouds our moral compass 2) We compromise our democratic ideals when we choose military means DOCUMENT 4 [AGAINST]

10  Rubric: -“Thoughtfully modifies or extends thesis” -”insightfully connects topic to other historical trends or circumstances” -Don’t just repeat your thesis and/or argument -Connect the focus of your essay to other historical trends or to events more recent than the context of the essay prompt  Possible Connections: 1) Manifest Destiny; 2) coming of WWI; 3) evolving national identity YOU MUST CONCLUDE YOUR ESSAY

11  Using your essay and feedback, choose one of the following areas to revise and re-submit:  Background Info and Thesis: Revise the introduction and thesis, then list topics of the body paragraphs which should align with the thesis  Synthesis of Document & Background Evidence: Choose one paragraph to revise and demonstrate clear understanding of developing an argument point with evidence from both 1-2 documents and background info.  Conclusion: Re-write your conclusion with a clear transition from the focus of your essay to a future event or another historical trend. YOUR ASSIGNMENT

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