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One Travel ---- East West Marketing Corp.. Who are we ? Founded in July 1996, we are the FIRST connecting U.S. and China tourism business. An excellent.

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1 One Travel ---- East West Marketing Corp.

2 Who are we ? Founded in July 1996, we are the FIRST connecting U.S. and China tourism business. An excellent tourism industry player with 18 years experience. Offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Taiwan and Los Angeles Established an extensive network with industry partners both in China and overseas. A communication bridge connecting east and west.

3 What we do Provide the creative marketing support for oversea organization to achieve their international marketing objectives in China. A full representative service for oversea tourism organization. An outer professional brain with localized background to help oversea partners develop China outbound tourism market. EWM Client PR& Media Travel Trade GOV

4 Served clients

5 China Market Visa: ten-year visa policyFlight: direct flight between China and U.S.Shopping: Consumption patterns

6 China Tourist Arrivals to the United States 2011 1,150,000 2012 1,470,000 2013 1,800,000 2018 +4,000,000

7 10-year Visa Policy It starts from November 12 th, 2014 U.S. is the only country who issues 10-year visa for Chinese in the top 10 abroad travel destinations The visa application fee keeps the same

8 10-year Visa Policy Longer Easier Cheaper 10 年签证带来的效应:美国签证的时间更长了,更容易获得了,也导致申请签证费用成本降低了。这些必然会带来更多游客, 这些游客包括初次来美国的客人(虽然签证申请流程没有变,但是 10 年长期签证会导致大家觉得值得付出时间和精力去 申请),再次或者多次到访美国的客人。签证一旦在手,意味着 10 年间可以随时前往美国,这样很多 FIT 或者团队游客人会 选择

9 Flights 242 flights/week Departure from China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Wuhan U.S destination: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, NYC, Washington DC Airline: Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Hainan United Airline, American Airline, Hawaii Airways Tier 2 cities: Hangzhou, Wuhan will launch its first direct flight to US in 2015

10 Flights More Flights More Volume 此处主要是强调对于目前已经有中美直飞航线的城市来说,中国游客数量有明显上升,甚至有些城市中国游客数量居于 国际游客的首位,例如旧金山,芝加哥。开通新的直飞航线,通过航空公司与目的地共同的推广,通常会先有旅行社试水 新的团队游产品,逐渐就会开始吸引 FIT 的客人,进而开始产生中国游客的大幅增长。

11 Shopping $5,400 Chinese visitors average paid $5,400 for the US tour and at least 30% cost is on shopping.

12 Shopping Pattern Before Purchase from Chinese owned shop Shopping list includes Souvenirs, Confectionary, Tobacco Purchase with cash Price is the main consideration Now Almost all US packages include the experience of shopping in outlets or local shopping center Luxury goods, US local fashion brands, electronics and cosmetics Credit card Quality and fashion sense is more important

13 Top shopping list for Chinese U.S. brand, such as Coach, Nike, Lewi’s Luxury brand, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Burberry Health products, such as Vitamin, fish oil Electronic products, such as iPhone, iPad, camera NBA products Souvenir

14 New Tourism Law & Quality control New Tourism Law Impact on groups (Valid from October 1 st, 2013) The first 3 month after October 1 st, 2013 To flight against minus profit group, shopping at outlets & mall is not allowed and under strictly implement From the fourth month till now Travel agency signs an agreement with visitors to clarify the shopping destination ahead of departure and make sure there is no cash commission return plan with the shop. Shopping at outlets & mall are reopened.

15 New Tourism Law & Quality control Quality control The National Tourism Administration of China (CNTA) is exerting quality control on overseas service suppliers for China’s outbound travelers with the implementation of the “Qualification and Evaluation Criteria for the China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification” scheme (QSC) that requires overseas suppliers to undergo QSC certification. This certification is based on a strict evaluation system with criteria that covers service capabilities, operational integrity, the availability of Chinese-language service and other facilitating services. Suppliers to be evaluated include overseas travel companies, hotels, retailers, attractions and eateries. So far, 121 suppliers in 20 countries and regions have received QSC certification. The number of Chinese outbound tourists exceeded 100 million trips in 2014 and has been continually increasing in recent years. The introduction of the QSC certification will help outbound travelers identify quality products offered by overseas suppliers and add greater customer safeguards, while enable Chinese tour operators to identify quality overseas providers as service suppliers. 目前来说国家实行了一阵子旅游法之后,发现对于购物的限制不切实际,所以基本现在的做法就是:旅行社可以安排购物, 不限制次数或者哪一家,但是前提是必须写在行程中,产品上线的时候就要写清楚行程中会涉及到哪些购物场所。写了的 地方,那么就可以去,没有写的购物场所,是不可以去得,否则顾客回来可以提告

16 Thank you !

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