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Sam Eiring. Outsourcing Software Development  “Outsourcing Software Development involves shifting of software development activities by a company to.

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1 Sam Eiring

2 Outsourcing Software Development  “Outsourcing Software Development involves shifting of software development activities by a company to third party service vendors or software firms that may be located in offshore destinations.” (  Outsourcing began in the late 1990’s when the cost of IT development skyrocketed because of the hype of the internet.

3 Outsourcing  Advantages/Disadvantages  Uses for Outsourcing  Outsourcing at Thomson Reuters  Steps to Begin Outsourcing  Cost Savings  Hidden Costs

4 Advantages  Can save money and time  Get access to specialized labor at low costs  Cut Human resource costs  Software research at lower rates  Reduce training costs  Allows ability to provide product support 24 hours

5 Disadvantages  Must have very specific requirements  Loss of managerial control  Many hidden costs  Threat to security and confidentiality  Possible loss of flexibility  Language barriers  Difference in time  Initial Cost

6 Uses for Outsourcing  Specialized Development Teams  Specialized Testing Teams  Support services Call Center Desktop Support Helpdesk  Expanding workforces

7 Multi-Source Outsourcing  Multiple teams with specialized tasks Can gain access the best developers of each task Lowers Risk of Failure Can use trained testing experts Allows the company to use smaller outsourcing markets ○ Lowers cost Not a single contract Creates independence between testing and development

8 Outsourcing at Thomson Reuters  Location: Bangalore, India  This is an in house form of outsourcing The facility was set up as a sister company At the beginning there were 10 developers and one manager overseas and a Team Liaison in the office The employees have been an expansion to the company  Overseas Employees Divided assigned to a specific team in the office

9 Training at Thomson Reuters  There are Cultural Differences classes held for both employees overseas and in house. Teach the differences between different cultures  Brought overseas employees to the US to have face-to-face meetings and training  Ratings of Overseas teams for each project Survey covering different aspects of the project


11 Culture Calculator

12 Overseas Employee Rating Form Work RequestWR12345 Assigned To:Name Feedback Given By:Name Datemm/dd/ccyy Areas of ObservationRatingCommentsAreas for Improvement Analytical skill Coding skill Testing skill Process compliance / follow BDSG standards Communication skill On time escalation of issues Quality of deliverable Time management skill Task management skill Productivity Responsibility / commitment Rating scale: 1=Low, 5=High

13 Overseas Employee at Thomson Reuters  Since they are in house they are treated the same Time reporting They do not have any technical differences  Some Issues they have Specific Instructions Language Barrier Time Difference

14 Steps to Begin Outsourcing  Imagine a Software development Partner Draw up what your ideal partnership  Selecting your International Outsourcing Partner Request referrals Contact each potential Partner Pick a partner who uses the same Development Process  Ask for Code Samples Helps determine the skill level

15 Steps to Begin Outsourcing  Protect your rights Use a Lawyer Security Deadlines  Good Communication Face to Face communication Email Phone

16 Signing a Contract  Identify security requirements  Require your partner to provide a 3 rd party security audit  Allow the right to perform process audits.  Set turn around times  Require Documentation for all steps of development

17 Cost Savings with Outsourcing  Overseas help does not need: Healthcare Social security Pension Paid Time off Bonuses Office Space Computer and Software Licensing

18 Cost Savings with Outsourcing BenefitMedian Amount% of Total Base Salary$80,76571.2% Bonuses$1,9991.8% Social Security$6,3315.6% 401k/403b$3,1452.8% Disability$8280.7% Healthcare$6,1035.4% Pension$4,1383.6% Time Off$10,1869.0% Total$113,496100.0% Overseas Developer = $20/hr x 40hr wks = $40,000

19 Hidden Costs  Initial Costs: Research to find a partner Training Setting up a process to manage and send work to your outsourcing partner  Contact Liaison  Errors from Overseas Developers

20 Conclusion  Advantages/Disadvantages  Uses for Outsourcing  Cost Savings  Hidden Costs  Outsourcing is Different for each company  It is a long term investment  It is a constant improvement process

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