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2 Amendment 14 :

3 Amendment 14 : Equal Rights under the Law: If you are born or naturalized in the U.S. then you are a citizen of the U.S. and have equal rights-All citizens have the same rights.

4 Amendment 2:

5 Amendment 2: Right to bear arms and for states to have a militia

6 Amendment 26: 18

7 Amendment 26: 18 year olds get to vote. 18

8 Amendment 4:

9 Amendment 4: No unreasonable search or seizure.

10 Amendment 10 :

11 Amendment 10 : Any rights not given to federal government are given to the states and people.

12 Amendment 15 :

13 Amendment 15 : You cannot prevent a person from voting because of race, color, or creed.

14 Amendment 7: $20

15 Amendment 7: Rights to trial by jury in cases involving more than $20 $20

16 Amendment 22: 2x

17 Amendment 22: President can only serve two terms. 2x

18 Amendment 9:

19 Amendment 9: People get rights not listed in Constitution.

20 Amendment 18 & 21 :

21 Amendment 18 & 21 : Prohibition- alcohol is illegal Repeal Prohibition- alcohol is legal again.

22 Amendment 3:

23 Amendment 3: Citizens do not have to house soldiers.

24 Amendment 6:

25 Amendment 6: Rights of accused in criminal cases-speedy and public trial and a jury of your peers. Right to an attorney and to know charges against you.

26 Amendment 1:

27 Amendment 1:  Freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition.

28 Amendment 23:

29 Amendment 23: Resident of Washington, DC get to vote for president.

30 Amendment 25:

31 Amendment 25: Vice President becomes President automatically if something happens to the President

32 Amendment 8:

33 Amendment 8: No excessive bail or cruel punishment.

34 Amendment 13 :

35 Amendment 13 : Abolish slavery.

36 Amendment 19:

37 Amendment 19: Women get the right to vote.

38 Amendment 5: 4 items to remember

39 Amendment 5: Due Process of law (legal rights),
No double jeopardy (being tried for the same crime twice) no witness against yourself. (Right to remain silent) Eminent domain-gov’t must pay you when they take your land

40 ROUND TWO Match the Amendment to the situation it covers. 21.______ Bob is excited that he can vote after his next birthday. # _______ You can’t take someone prisoner and force them to work for you for free. # _______ Mark gets into trouble and ends up at the police station. He refuses to say anything until his lawyer gets there. #5

41 ROUND TWO 24. ______ The police can’t raid your home looking for illegal DVDs without a warrant/evidence you were doing something wrong. #4 25. _____ Melody posts a video on YouTube saying her cheerleading squad is the best in the state and should replace the Cheerios on GLEE. #1 26. ______ Bob gets caught shoplifting a candy bar. He is sentenced to life in prison (making candy bars) for his crime. #8

42 ROUND TWO 27. Calvin is accused of writing several bad checks. When he appears before the judge, Calvin asks for help preparing his defense because he is too poor to afford a lawyer. The judge tells Calvin that he is sorry he is poor, but Calvin will just have to prepare his own case, without any help. #6

43 ROUND TWO 28. Brendan is accused of armed robbery and given a trial. The jury finds Brendan innocent. The next day the prosecutor decides that the verdict was not correct, and he orders Brendan arrested and tried for the crime again. #5

44 ROUND TWO 29. The city of Central had two newspapers. The Central News often printed articles in favor of the local mayor. The Central Register, however, was very critical of him. When the Register wrote that the mayor might not have the best interests of the city in mind, the mayor ordered the paper closed, and it went out of business. #1

45 ROUND TWO 30. The government lacked money to support the nation’s military forces. To save money, General Pulp ordered that troops be place in the homes of people living close to military bases. Martha lived next to an army base, and two soldiers moved into her house, even though she did not want them there. #3

46 ROUND TWO 31. When Mary was arrested for shoplifting, she asked the judge to set bail so that she could be free while awaiting trial. The judge agreed, and set bail at one million dollars. Because Mary couldn’t afford that amount, she remained in jail. #8

47 ROUND TWO 32. Juanita lives near a factory that puts foul-smelling smoke in the air. Juanita and her neighbors call a meeting at Juanita’s house to discuss what they can do about the smoke. However, the police block the entrance to the home and tell people that they have no right to hold a meeting. #1

48 ROUND TWO 33. A customer says that Betty cheated her out of $2,000 at Betty’s store. The customer then sues Betty. Because Betty believes the evidence will prove her innocent, she asks the judge for a jury trial. The judge says it would be a waste of time, and that he will settle the matter himself. #7

49 ROUND TWO 34. Driving and texting laws apply to everyone, even if the text was really important. #14

50 ROUND TWO 35. The security officer searches John’s backpack at the mall and John protests. The officer tells him he looks guilty of theft because he has green hair and wears a hoodie. #4

51 ROUND TWO 36. The boys at FJH get to have a football team. The girls organize a football team too and the school now has to buy them uniforms. #14

52 ROUND TWO 37. Hailey’s Hessians get into trouble for using a rocket launcher to defend her farm from illegal hunting. #2

53 ROUND TWO 38. You have the right to the privacy of your personal , even if it’s not mentioned in the constitution. #9

54 ROUND TWO 39. Grant and Julia wear t-shirts advertising their favorite candidate for President. #1

55 ROUND TWO 40. Lauren, Rachel and Caleigh are excited that they can vote. Their great grandmothers couldn’t. #19


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