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MIDTERM REVIEW. Major Events # 1... ======================================================= ___1) CrusadesA)1st instrument of self govt. in America. ___2)

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2 Major Events # 1... ======================================================= ___1) CrusadesA)1st instrument of self govt. in America. ___2) EnlightenmentB) Settlers on Roanoke Island disappear. ___3) French & Indian WarC)Soldiers & citizens clash = violence. ___4) Enclosure MovementD)200 year holy war over Jerusalem. ___5) Bacon’s RebellionE)The Age of Reason, scientific discovery. ___6) Mayflower CompactF)France & England fight for Ohio Valley ___7) Boston MassacreG)Land owners raise sheep for wool trade. ___8) The Lost ColonyH)East/West tension = Jamestown burned. D E F G H A C B

3 Major Events # 2... ========================================================= ___1) Great AwakeningA)Survivors demand better living cond. ___2) American Rev.B)European transition to trade economy. ___3) Commercial Rev.C)Religious Revival, 1st national event. ___4) FeudalismD)Colonies fight for independence ___5) Black DeathE)Government by land owning Nobles. ___6) Shays RebellionF)Pope divided world Spain / Portugal ___7)Asiento LawG)Charles V license legalized slave trade ___8)Treaty of H)State tax crisis that led to Constitution Tordesillas C D B E A H G F

4 Acts & Taxes... ========================================================= ___1) SugarA)Regulated trade through enumerated articles. ___2) StampB)Closed Ohio Valley due to post war problems. ___3) NavigationC)Opened Maryland to people of all faiths. ___4) DeclaratoryD)Statement of power, “Do what you are told”! ___5) CoerciveE)Tax on all printed items, boycott & repealed. ___6) TownshendF)Intolerable Acts, punished citizens of Boston. ___7) TolerationG)Made tea cheaper but led to Boston Tea Party. ___8) Proclamation H)Grenville’s first post war tax in the colonies. Line of 1763 H E A D F G C B

5 Government Terms # 1 ========================================================= ___1) ParliamentA)When the government cancels a law or tax. ___2) RepealB)Hamilton, those who supported Constitution ___3) CommonwealthC)House of lords + House of Commons = ? ___4) FederalistsD)A society created for the welfare of everyone. ___5) AllianceE)Collecting govt. information from the enemy. ___6) EspionageF)Countries form a partnership during conflict. C A D B F E

6 People # 1... ========================================================= ___1)T. JeffersonA)Hero at Saratoga but became a hated traitor. ___2)F. Von SteubenB)Naval hero, “I have not yet begun to fight!” ___3)J. P. JonesC)Eluded the British army as the “Swamp Fox”! ___4)F. MarionD)Gov. of Virginia, Declaration of Independence. ___5)B. ArnoldE)Prussian drill sergeant at Valley Forge camp. D E B C A

7 People # 2... ========================================================= ___1)B. FranklinA)Celebrated author of everyday life in Europe. ___2)J. EdwardsB)Albany Plan of Union, ambassador to France ___3)J. AdamsC)Post war problem after French & Indian War. ___4)C. PontiacD)“Sinners in the hands of an Angry God” ___5)C. DickensE)Defended the soldiers of the Boston Massacre. B D E C A

8 Religious Groups in America... ========================================================= ___1)CatholicsA)Winthrop : City Upon a Hill (N. England) ___2)QuakersB)Penn : The Inner Light (Pennsylvania) ___3)PilgrimsC)Calvert : Competition for Protestants ___4)PuritansD)Bradford : Mayflower Compact (Plymouth) C B D A

9 Key Battles. of American Revolution... ========================================================= ___1)Dorchester H.A)Surprise Christmas attack on Hessians in N.J. ___2)Bunker HillB)Cornwallis surrounded by siege = surrender ___3)TrentonC)Americans lost but proved they could fight. ___4)CharlestonD)American victory led to French Alliance. ___5)SaratogaE)Worst defeat for America during Revolution. ___6)YorktownF)Washington’s 1st victory (bluff) takes Boston. F C A E D B

10 Settlement Types... ========================================================= ___1)UrbanA)The country, farming areas... ___2)RuralB)Unsettled land in the west... ___3)SuburbanC)Seaport cities, Philadelphia... ___4)FrontierD)Housing developments outside a city… C A D B

11 Government Terms # 2 ========================================================= ___1)VetoA)Presidential power, bill goes back to Congress ___2)RatifyB)A group of people who share political views. ___3)QuorumC)A league of friendship, a weak central govt. ___4)ConfederationD)To pass legislation into law, to approve. ___5)Political PartyE)Number present required to vote on laws. A D E C B

12 Government Terms # 2 ========================================================= ___6)AmendmentF)A guide for later action, an example to follow. ___7)PrecedentG)House brings charge, senate acts as judge. ___8)ImpeachmentH)Give up to get. Finding common ground. ___9)CompromiseI )Allows the Constitution to evolve over time. ___ 10)PreambleJ)Introduction to a document, states purpose. I F G H J

13 Branches of Government... ========================================================= ___1)JudicialA)Congress: Write and vote on proposed laws. ___2)LegislativeB)President: Administers the laws. ___3)ExecutiveC)Supreme Court: Interprets the laws. C A B

14 Government Terms # 3 ========================================================= ___1)ParliamentA)When the government cancels a law or tax. ___2)RepealB)House of Representatives + Senate = ? ___3)CongressC)A leader who abuses power, King George III? ___4)UnalienableD)House of Lords + House of Commons = ? ___5)Tyrant E)Rights that cannot be taken away by the govt. D A B E C

15 Government Terms # 3 ========================================================= ___6)Anti-FederalistA)Refusing to support a side in a conflict or war __7)FederalismB)Checks & Balances: Cancels Presidential veto ___8)RevolutionC)The overthrow of an established government ___9)OverrideD)Power shared on levels (Federal, State, Local) ___ 10)NeutralE)Against Constitution, led by T. Jefferson. E D C B A

16 Government Types... ========================================================= ___1)MonarchyA)Every citizen gets to vote on all decisions. ___2)DemocracyB)The absence of any government institution. ___3)RepublicC)Government controlled by one person. ___4)DictatorshipD)System where leaders are chosen by election. ___5)AnarchyE)Government controlled by a ruling family. E A D C B

17 Constitution... ========================================================= ___1)PreambleA)Traditional, Pro Gun, Pro Life, Religious ___2)J. MadisonB)Open to Change, Gun Control, Pro Choice ___3)3/5 Comp.C)Counting slaves for both taxes and pop. ___4)G. WashingtonD)Known as Father of the Constitution ___5)Great Comp.E)Oath of office that swears in a public official ___6)InaugurationF)Opinion free President of Constitutional Conv. ___7)Liberal G)Document’s introductory paragraph, purpose ___8)ConservativeH)Decision to adopt a two house system to vote G D C F H E B A


19 Word Scrambler ========================================================= 1)AES SODG _______________ _______________ These pirates for the crown helped make Elizabeth I and England wealthy 2)SENRETSID ______________________________ A person, in the eyes of the Puritans, who did not follow their church. 3)LITSAOLY ______________________________ Nickname for a person loyal to the crown living in America. 4)TTOCYBO ______________________________ When you refuse to purchase something to make a political point. 5)STEWTHRON SSAAGEP ______________________________ The waterway through the North American continent to the Pacific. SEA DOGS DISSENTER LOYALIST BOYCOTT NORTHWEST PASSAGE

20 Word Scrambler ========================================================= 6)CKEADOLB ______________________________ When ships surround an area and refuse to let ships enter or exit 7)CULEPRIA TIONTUITSIN ______________________________ Phrase used to describe the unfair but necessary use of slave labor. 8)VOLIE CHANRB TONIIEP ______________________________ Sent to King George III asking for protection from Parliament. 9)HINSSEUN TOTSRIAP ______________________________ Thomas Paine’s description of people who switched sides during the war. 10)LOPYNOMO ______________________________ One producer who controlled all the means of production of a product. BLOCKADE PECULIAR INSTITUTION OLIVE BRANCH PETITION SUNSHINE PATRIOTS MONOPOLY

21 Word Scrambler ========================================================= 11)TERAUQST ______________________________ A person who moves into the frontier and lives on land they don’t own. 12)HASC PROCS ______________________________ Goods produced in America that could not be produced in Europe. 13)AROPPGAAND ______________________________ Material created to sway opinion to support a specific side of an issue. 14)SETUID ______________________________ Describes taxes on goods imported to make domestic goods cheaper. 15)TONXINGLE ______________________________ The “shot heard round the world” was fired on a green near this Mass. town. SQUATTER CASH CROPS PROPAGANDA DUTIES / TAXES LEXINGTON

22 Word Scrambler ========================================================= 16)LOTREAIONT CAT ______________________________ New law passed to give Catholic Maryland religious freedom for all. 17)RONOGREVS ______________________________ These 13 men had the toughest job in America, enforcing Parliament's laws. 18)DIRINTEC ______________________________ Taxes placed on producers not people but loss is made up by higher prices. 19)TTARSI ______________________________ Geographic term, a narrow water passage, Magellan had one named for him. 20)DDMMEENIL ______________________________ These people raise the price buying and selling between producer and consumer. TOLERATION ACT GOVERNORS INDIRECT STRAIT MIDDLEMEN

23 Word Scrambler ========================================================= 21)AINRIVIG ______________________________ This was the most populated southern colony because English Colonization started here. 22)GIRTHDEAH ______________________________ London Company incentive to go to New World, 50 free acres of land for each paid passage. 23)DEUTIGOLN ______________________________ Geographic term, imaginary lines that measure points east or west of the equator. 24)PPOORRRIET ______________________________ An individual person who was given a large tract of land in the New World to own and govern as they pleased. VIRGINIA HEADRIGHT LONGITUDE PROPRIETOR

24 Do you Know the 13 Colonies?

25 NORTHERN COLONIES ========================================================= ___1) MassachusettsA) Small shipbuilding colony with coastline… ___2) N. HampshireB) Puritan colony was physically the smallest… ___3) ConnecticutC) Seaport city of Portsmouth built war ships… ___4) Rhode IslandD) The first colony settled in the New England… D C A B D B A C

26 MIDDLE COLONIES ========================================================= ___5) New York A) Battles of Monmouth, Trenton, and Princeton… ___6) DelawareB) Franklin’s Albany Plan of Union meeting took… ___7) New JerseyC) The proprietor of this colony advertised… ___8) Penna.D) This colony had the lowest population of all… B D A C D B A C

27 SOUTHERN COLONIES ========================================================= ___9) VirginiaA) Greene defeated Cornwallis at Guilford Court… ___ 10) MarylandB) American loss at Charleston was the worst defeat… ___ 11) N. CarolinaC) This colony’s shores flank the Chesapeake Bay… ___ 12) S. CarolinaD) Home to P. Henry, T. Jefferson, J. Madison… ___ 13) GeorgiaE) A Penal Colony that gave debtors a fresh start… D C A B E D B A C E

28 Do you Remember the People?

29 CROSSWORD / ACROSS ========================================================= 5 Spanish Catholic Bishop in New Spain who tried to protect Indians = 8 Native American Princess from Virginia who is the subject of legend = 11 Proprietor of Maryland Colony, a Catholic who opened up to all faiths = 13 Man of the Age of Reason who achieved success in business, science, politics = 14 Radical man from Boston who made an engraving that helped start war = CASAS POCAHONTAS PROPAGANDA FRANKLIN REVERE

30 CROSSWORD / ACROSS ========================================================= 15 Most powerful Queen of England, defeated the Spanish Armada 3 times = 17 Religious leader for the Puritans and Governor of Massachusetts = 19 Frenchman who had a fort in Western Pennsylvania named for him = 20 Given credit for the 1st circumnavigation of the world aboard the Victoria = ELIZABETH I WINTHROP PROPAGANDA MAGELLAN

31 CROSSWORD / DOWN ========================================================= 1 This man was proprietor of Georgia giving people in jail a fresh start = 2 Aztec King who committed suicide during the Spanish conquest of Mexico = 3 The unofficial leader of the Son’s of Liberty and political instigator = 4 Member of Parliament had an Act named for him / Indirect Tax = 6 British General who ended the war and his own life on Plains of Abraham = OGLETHORPE MONTEZUMA ADAMS TOWNSHEND REVERE

32 CROSSWORD / DOWN ========================================================= 7 The Great Awakening leader who became America’s first celebrity = 9 French explorer who founded the first permanent settlement at Quebec = 10 Man of rebellion in Virginia, East versus West, an American terrorist = 12 Favorite adviser of Queen Elizabeth in charge of English Colonies = 16 Queen from Spain who agreed to back Columbus voyage west = 18 Proprietor who created a haven for people of all faiths in an experiment = WHITEFIELD CHAMPLAIN BACON RALEIGH ISABELLA PENN

33 PREPARE FOR THE MIDTERM WAYS YOU CAN STUDY FOR THE EXAM * Study the Midterm Review Packet completed in class… * Page through your textbook 1-6 to visually review content * Download and play Review Game on S.S. Department Page * Browse through the previous Chapter Review Packets 1-6 * Read through Chapter Guides found on class web page

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