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Queensland Specific Requirements.

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19 Queensland Specific Requirements

20 Key Definitions Key terms used in the fact sheet as defined in the IR Act as amended: File means to file a document with the registrar (section 409); Management Office means an office of the organisation mentioned in section 412(a) or (b) (section 530C); Officer of an organisation, branch or applicant for registration means a person who holds an office in the organisation or branch or in the applicant association or corporation (section 409); Office, for an organisation, branch or applicant for registration, see section 412 (section 409);

21 Key Definitions Meaning of ‘office’ (section 412): a)the office of president, vice president, secretary or assistant secretary of the industrial association; b)the office of a member of the management committee of the industrial association; c)the office of a voting member of any other collective body that has power to do any of the following— i.manage the affairs of the industrial association; ii.decide the policy of the industrial association; iii.make, amend or repeal the rules of the industrial association; iv.enforce the rules of the industrial association;

22 Key Definitions d)an office for which the holder may under the rules of the industrial association manage the association’s affairs and enforce its rules, other than a holder only participating under directions of a collective body or other person to implement— (i) the association’s existing policy; or (ii) decisions concerning the association; e)an office for which the holder may under the industrial association’s rules decide the association’s policy and make, amend or repeal its rules; f)the office of a person holding, whether as trustee or otherwise, the property of the industrial association or property the association has a beneficial interest in.

23 Key Definitions Organisation means a body registered under this chapter as an organisation or an association of employers or employees, the continuity of whose registration as an industrial organisation or union under an Act is continued or preserved by the Act (section 409); Published, on a website means, made accessible in full to the public on the website (section 655A). If an organisation does not have a website, the information needs to be provided to the registrar who will publish the information on the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) website.

24 Definition of Remuneration Remuneration, of a person, includes: superannuation contributions made for the person; and an amount payable, or non-cash benefit made available, to the person under the terms and conditions of the person’s appointment or employment.

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