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Political Parties 3 rd Parties. Who is this guy?

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1 Political Parties 3 rd Parties

2 Who is this guy?

3 Ross Perot Ran for president as an independent in 1992. And again in 1996 as a third party candidate for the Reform Party. Texas billionaire/businessman willing to use his own money to run his campaign.

4 How many popular votes did Bill Clinton get? How many popular votes did George H.W. Bush get? How many popular votes did H. Ross Perot get? Perot and the issues he felt were important could not be ignored because so many Americans felt they were important too.

5 Why do we have two parties? There is a long history of two major parties in the United States. Why has political competition consistently been dominated by two major parties? -the winner-take-all structure of our Presidential elections (Electoral College) -the narrow focus of minor 3 rd parties (whose issues often are absorbed by the major parties)

6 Role of 3 rd Parties To provide another choice To force the major parties to address certain issues Free-Soil Party 1848-1852 Goal: Stop the extension of slavery Why did the party disappear? The Republicans adopted their stance on anti-slavery

7 Libertarian Party 3 rd Largest political party Founded in 1971 Full freedom of expression No government censorship

8 Green Party End nuclear power. Renewable resources. Electric vehicles & Car pooling. Ethical treatment of animals. End corporate welfare, no bailouts for banks

9 Working Families Raise the minimum wage Repeal Stand Your Ground laws (protecting your property) Ex. Florida & Trayvon Martin Progressive tax that is more fair to the middle class.

10 Right to Life Party Repeal Roe v Wade No taxpayer money for abortions No euthanasia (mercy killing)

11 Different Categories of 3 rd Parties Ideological: based on ideology (rather than current issues) & advocate far-reaching plans for change Ex: Communist Party Economic Protest: desire for economic change Ex: Greenback Party (1876-1884) increase the money supply

12 Different Categories of 3 rd Parties Single Issue: focus on one social or moral issue Ex: Prohibition Party (1872-present) Factional Party: “splinter party”-split from existing party due to a disagreement over a set of issues Ex: Progressive Bull Moose Party (1912-1916) led to election of Woodrow Wilson

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