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Chapter 2 Section 1: Our Political Beginnings

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1 Chapter 2 Section 1: Our Political Beginnings
Big Idea: The English Tradition of ordered, limited, and representative government served as the basis of colonial governments.

2 Vocabulary Limited government Representative government Magna Carta
Petition of Right English Bill of Rights Charter Proprietary Bicameral unicameral

3 Notes Identify and describe the 3 basic concepts of government:
Ordered government: Limited government: Representative government:

4 notes Identify and explain how each of the following English documents influenced American Government: Magna Carta: The Petition of Right: English Bill of Rights:

5 notes Describe each type of British Colony in America: Royal:
Proprietary: Charter:

6 Chapter 2 section 2: The Coming of Independence
Big Idea: As British policies led them toward independence, the colonies developed new forms of government.

7 Vocabulary Confederation Albany Plan of Union Delegates Boycott Repeal
Popular sovereignty

8 Notes How did self government grow in the colonies?
Identify 3 steps that led to colonial unity: What was the outcome of the 1st Continental Congress? What was the outcome of the 2nd Continental Congress? Analyze the 3 quotes from the Declaration of Independence on page 38: Summarize the 4 common features of state constitutions:

9 Chapter 2 section 3: The Critical Period
Big Idea: The Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation led to demands for a stronger central government.

10 vocabulary Ratified Articles of Confederation Presiding officer

11 Notes Structure of government under the Articles of Confederation:
List the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation: Why was this a critical period for the government in the 1780’s? How did this lead to plans for a Constitutional Convention?

12 Chapter 2 Section 4: Creating the Constitution
Big Idea: The delegates to the Constitutional Convention created a new form of government for a new nation.

13 Vocabulary Framers Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan
Connecticut Compromise Three-fifths Compromise Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise

14 Notes How many framers were there? Where were they from?
What kind of backgrounds did they have? What controversy did the Virginia and New Jersey Plans try to solve? What were the sources of the framers’ inspiration?

15 Chapter 2 section 5: Ratifying the Constitution
Big Idea: After great debate, the Constitution was ratified by nine States and became the supreme law of the nation.

16 vocabulary Federalists Anti-federalists quorum

17 notes Contrast the views of the federalists and antifederalists:
Describe the inauguration of the new Government:

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