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Stephen F. Austin Arrested

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1 Stephen F. Austin Arrested
Chapter 9.2

2 Enforcing the Law of April 6, 1830
The Mexican government sent soldiers to Texas to enforce the Law of April 6, Their job was to prevent Anglos & slaves from coming into Texas & to collect customs duties on all U.S. goods.

3 President Bustamante Mexican President Anastasio Bustamante ignored the Constitution of 1824 & created a strong national government instead of allowing states to have local control. This created an unstable environment in the Mexican government.

4 Santa Anna Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna took advantage of this unstable situation in order to become Mexico’s leader. In 1832, he posed as an opponent of the centralists & began a revolution against President Bustamante.

5 Texans Support Santa Anna
Stephen F. Austin met with Santa Anna’s Colonel & convinced him that Texans supported Santa Anna’s effort to defend the states’ rights constitution. However, Texans would find out that he was actually a centralist who wanted all power centered in himself.

6 Battle of Velasco John Austin was sent to Brazoria, TX to bring back a cannon to Anahuac, TX. However, when they reached the city of Velasco, Mexican Colonel Ugartechea refused to let them pass & fighting broke out.

7 Battle of Velasco For the 1st time, Texans & Mexican soldiers shot at one another. 10 Texans & 5 Mexicans were killed. Mexican forces ran out of ammunition & were forced to surrender and return to Mexico.

8 Convention of 1832 In 1832, 56 delegates drafted several resolutions to present to the Mexican government: Pledge support for the Constitution of 1824 Repeal the Law of April 6, 1830 Divide Tejas y Coahuila & give each territory its own government

9 Convention of 1833 In 1833, Texan delegates met again & drafted the same proposals as before, but added a Constitution for the Mexican state of Texas. Mexicans saw this as defiance of the government.

10 Stephen F. Austin in Mexico
Stephen F. Austin went to Mexico City to present the resolutions, but was ignored by Santa Anna’s representative. He then wrote a letter to Texans suggesting they form a state government separate from Coahuila, but still part of Mexico. The next month, Austin met with Santa Anna, who agreed to most of the Texans’ requests except for a separate state for Texas.

11 Stephen F. Austin Arrested
After meeting with Santa Anna, Austin was arrested in Saltillo on his way home. The Mexican government found Austin’s letter to the Texans & felt it was an act of treason. He was arrested & jailed in Mexico City for 1 year. As a result, tensions between Texas & Mexico increased.

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