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1 & #noiOnDemand If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please visit to read frequently asked webinar tech questions. Welcome! We will be starting the training session shortly.

2 & #noiOnDemand BEST PRACTICES IN VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING Presented by: Nancy Leeds, Democratic Consultant & Blogger Facilitated by: Hope Wood, NOI

3 & #noiOnDemand INTRODUCTIONS NOI On Demand Me & You Norms



6 & #noiOnDemand Presenter: & #noiOnDemand Nancy Leeds Operative/Consultant/Blogger CampaignSick

7 & #noiOnDemand OBJECTIVE To learn and master the attitudes and practices that lead to a successful volunteer field operation.

8 & #noiOnDemand AGENDA Introduction Volunteer Recruitment Preparing For Your Volunteers Volunteer Training Upkeep and Recommitment

9 & #noiOnDemand The What And Why of Volunteer Recruitment… It’s about empowering people It can help us multiply our capacity It is an art and a science Invest in your volunteers early INTRODUCTION

10 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand “Everyone is a potential volunteer.” Everywhere Community Events Your “Ones” Lists in VoteBuilder Other Volunteers and Activists WHERE SHOULD I LOOK?

11 & #noiOnDemand Have a plan Be specific Know your audience Create a sense of urgency Be Persistent WHAT SHOULD I SAY?

12 & #noiOnDemand ANATOMY OF AN ASK We really need you to come in because you’re so good at talking to people. How is Weds morning instead? “As you know, election day is less than 80 days away. Next week marks the anniversary of our city’s successful recycling system-the very system that Prop. A would repeal. We’re talking to San Franciscans who have lived with this system all their lives to make sure they know about Prop A and how important it is to preserve our city’s green future. Can you join us for a senior to senior phone bank in our office this Monday at 10 am?”

13 & #noiOnDemand THE 4 C’S OF RECRUITMENT Connection Context Commitment Catapult

14 & #noiOnDemand Always Recruit 30% more vols than you need Getting in an extra touch Should be attempted 3x, starting the night before Leave message on last attempt Include relevant details CONFIRMATION CALLS

15 & #noiOnDemand BE PREPARED!!! Always have more than enough walk/call packets on hand Your office should be like a kindergarten classroom Know who you’re expecting

16 & #noiOnDemand e.g. PREPARING FOR A PHONE BANK List of vols expected Sign-In Sheets Scripts Talking Points Copy of the Codes Call Sheets Tally Sheets Do’s and Don’ts Snacks/Water Confirmation Forms

17 & #noiOnDemand TRAINING IS AN INVESTMENT Do not rush your trainings Schedule vols for shifts People will take on more responsibility if they feel supported Empower experienced vols to train and support others You’re setting an example for your future team leaders

18 & #noiOnDemand A GOOD TRAINING… Begins and ends with “Thank You” Explains the purpose of the activity Sets Goals and Expectations Goes through the relevant materials Gives the volunteer and opportunity to role play and ask questions

19 & #noiOnDemand UPKEEP AND CHECK OUT Check In with your vols Create team cohesion Praise in public, correct in private Debrief Look It Over Reschedule Thank

20 & #noiOnDemand Recruitment Cycle

21 & #noiOnDemand Organizing Teams

22 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand Interdependent Leadership (aka the Snowflake Model) Interdependent Leadership Interdependent Leadership (aka the Snowflake Model)

23 & #noiOnDemand & #noiOnDemand QUESTIONS?

24 & #noiOnDemand Nancy Leeds Email: Blogs: &


26 & #noiOnDemand Evaluation & Wrap Up

27 & #noiOnDemand WHAT’S NEXT: THIS WEEK Using New Media to Tell the Story - Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT How to use New Media to construct a narrative and history for your campaign. Email Campaigning - Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT The use of email in campaigns, review strategies and best practices for writing effective emails, and tips and a checklist for making your email program a success.

28 & #noiOnDemand WHAT’S NEXT: NEXT WEEK Voter Contact Week - August 20-24 Voter Contact - Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT - The advantages of running a direct voter contact program, and the basics of how to get started on voter contact. Vote Goals and Targeting - Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT - We'll discuss how to use historical data to set vote or program goals, and cover the basics of voter targeting for persuasion or GOTV. Phonebanking and Canvassing - Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT - We'll do a deeper dive into the specifics of running a phonebank or canvassing program. Online to Offline - Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT - Review strategies for integrating your online program with your field program. Online Ads - Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT - Discuss how to strategically use Facebook and Google ads effectively and inexpensively for your campaign.


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