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Why did Chinese immigrants come to the United States?

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1 Why did Chinese immigrants come to the United States?
Asian Immigration Why did Chinese immigrants come to the United States?

2 I. Mid-1800s Chinese population Reached about 430 million Suffering
Unemployment Poverty Famine Taiping Rebellion Erupted in 1850 Insurrection caused so much more suffering 1860s construction on the Central Pacific Railroad began Railroad work caused a demand for further Chinese immigration

3 II. Settling of Asian Immigrants
Chinese Settled mainly in western cities Employment Laborers Servants Skilled trades Merchants Japanese Immigration soars between 1900 and 1910 Causes Industrialization Economic problems

4 III. Angel Island Prior to 1910
Asian immigrants entered through California through San Francisco Mukuk (wooden house) A 2-story shed located at the wharf Held as many as 500 people at a time January 1910 California opened a barracks for Asian immigrants Most were young men in their teens or twenties They could wait for months Several immigrants recorded their journey anonymously on the walls

5 There are tens of thousands of poems on these walls They are all cries of suffering and sadness The day I am rid of this prison and become successful I must remember that this chapter once existed I must be frugal in my dailyneeds Needless extravagance usually leads to ruin All my compatriots should remember China Once you have made some small gains, you should return home early. Written by one from Heungshan

6 IV. Restrictions on Asian Immigration
Anti-Chinese sentiment Lead to racial violence Denis Kearney, an Irish immigrant Organized the Workingman’s Party of California to fight Chinese immigration Party won seats in the California legislature and pushed to cut off Chinese immigration

7 Chinese Exclusion Act 1882, Congress passed this into law Barred Chinese immigration for 10 years Prevented the Chinese already in the country from becoming citizens Chinese reaction Letter writing campaigns to President File suit in federal court All efforts fail to repeal the law Congressional action Renewed in 1892 Permanent in 1902 Repealed in 1943

8 Response to Japanese immigration
San Francisco Board of Education Ordered “all Chinese and Korean” children to attend the racially segregated “Oriental School” in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood. The directive caused an international incident Japan saw this as an insult to the treatment of its people. Theodore Roosevelt “Gentleman’s Agreement” He would limit Japanese immigration School board had to rescind its segregation order T.R. negotiated a decrease in Japanese immigration with Japan Board revoked its segregation order Leaders of both countries had to uphold the agreement

9 Review Questions Why did Chinese immigrants come to the United States?
Why did Japanese immigrants come to the United States? Why did the federal government pass the Chinese Exclusion Act? What government actions limited Asian immigration? Explain the significance of Angel Island. Explain the significance of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Explain the significance of the “Gentleman’s Agreement.” 1.5

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