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Toward Independence Chapter 5 Vocabulary. repeal.

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1 Toward Independence Chapter 5 Vocabulary

2 repeal


4 to take back if a government repeals a law, it officially ends that law

5 militia



8 a small army of ordinary citizens

9 boycott



12 refuse to buy something, use something, or take part in something as a way of protesting

13 tyranny

14 cruel or unfair control over other people cruel and unfair government something in your life that limits your freedom to do things the way you want to

15 ally (allies)

16 a country that agrees to help or support another country in a war someone who helps and supports you when other people are trying to oppose you

17 Patriots (Whigs)


19 colonists who wanted to separate from England colonists who want a self-government colonists that violently rebelled against British control during the American Revolution

20 Loyalists (Tories)


22 colonists who remained loyal to the kingdom of Great Britain and the King colonists who wanted to remain part of England

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