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Budget and Legislative Update California Consortium for Independent Study (CCIS) Presented by: Barrett Snider, Capitol Advisors Group Arlene Matsuura,

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1 Budget and Legislative Update California Consortium for Independent Study (CCIS) Presented by: Barrett Snider, Capitol Advisors Group Arlene Matsuura, CDE Wendi McCaskill, CDE

2 Topics Covered Legislative Changes in 2014 - Barrett Election outcomes: Impacts - Barrett Preview: K-12 education issues in 2015 - Barrett Independent Study changes: Part 1: Changes to Independent Study - Barrett/Arlene/Wendi Part 2: New “Course-based” Independent Study option (beginning in 2015-16 school year) - Barrett/Arlene/Wendi

3 Legislative Changes in 2014 Expanded Preschool and Child Care for low- income students – increased slots Pushed by out-going Senate leader Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) Changes to Independent Study CalSTRS reform - increases contribution rates for employees, employers, and the state in an attempt to eliminate $75 liability over 32 year period

4 New CalSTRS Rates


6 Teacher Dismissal AB 215 (Buchanan) - makes numerous changes to the teacher dismissal process. Adds “egregious misconduct” as a specific type of immoral conduct that allows for a new separate dismissal process One of the most controversial bills of 2014 - in response to LAUSD molestation case Backed by CTA and EdVoice in political deal with Governor to avoid education “armageddon” on November 2014 ballot Administrators say reforms are cumbersome and more problematic than previous law regarding dismissal for these types of cases Watch Vergara v.State of California litigation to potentially create an opportunity for more conversation on this topic

7 Legislative Changes in 2014 SB 1174 (Lara) - will ask voters in November 2016 to repeal Prop 227 (1998) mandate on English-only instruction AB 1764 (Olsen) - allows schools, if they require more than two-years of mathematics to graduate, to award mathematics credit for any “category C” approved computer science course AB 2160 (Ting) - Requires all schools to electronically submit GPAs for all high school seniors to the California Student Aid Commission AB 420 (Dickinson) - Modifies the instances in which a student may be suspended or expelled for “willful defiance"

8 Legislative Changes in 2014 Student Data/Privacy: AB 1442 (Gatto) creates rules for LEAs that adopt a program to collect information about students from social media – also affects 3 rd party contracts AB 1584 (Buchanan) Requires LEAs, when contracting for digital storage of student data to include specific language in those contracts SB 1177 (Steinberg) Prohibits K-12 Internet operators from using student information for a variety of uses (marketing, selling, etc.)

9 Want a full report of changes in K- 12 education law in 2014? Available on the members only section of the CCIS website

10 Election Outcomes: Impacts Governor Brown wins easily, very popular Clearly in charge Torlakson won with larger margin than anticipated Reformers vs. Teachers Unions Democrats lose 2/3 supermajorities in Senate and Assembly Republicans relevant again for taxes, appointments New legislative leaders, longer term limits Prop 2 (Rainy Day Fund) passed – transparency and school district reserve limitations

11 Preview: K-12 Education Issues in 2015 Budget and Legislative business start in January Governor likely to focus on Special Education reform, Adult Education reform, CTE/ROCP funding issues, and school facilities funding Legislature wants to tinker with LCFF and LCAPs to require more services for EL, low income, and foster youth Proceed with caution: changes to school district budget reserve limitation SBAC assessments go live, probably… Prop 30 revenues approaching cliff’s edge

12 Changes to Independent Study SB 858 (Chapter 32, Statutes of 2014) Education Budget Trailer Bill Signed in June 2014 along with other budget bills Includes changes to Independent Study law and creates new “course-based” Independent Study option SB 876 (Chapter 687, Statutes of 2014) Education Budget Cleanup Bill signed in September 2014 Includes cleanup language that applies a statewide absence rate to the ADA generated by the new “course-based” independent study option

13 Part 1: Changes to Independent Study 1.Provides that the ratio of average daily attendance (ADA) IS pupils to full-time equivalent certificated employees responsible for IS shall be applied by grade span for each of the following grade spans, unless there is a locally bargained alternative : Kindergarten and grades 1 to 3 Grades 4 to 6 Grades 7 to 8 Grades 9 to 12 2.Permits written agreements to be maintained on file electronically

14 Part 1: Changes to Independent Study 3.Provides that LEAs shall not be required to sign and date pupil work products when assessing the time value of pupil work products for apportionment purposes 4.Allows LEAs to enter into year-long master agreements

15 Part 2: New “Course-based” Independent Study Creates a “course-based” Independent Study option, beginning in 2015-16, for pupils in Kindergarten through grade 12 There are lots of issues here CCIS was agnostic about “course-based” option because Governor wanted it as part of the package of reforms

16 Part 2: New “Course-based” Independent Study It is an optional alternative to regular Independent Study May offer it commencing with the 2015-16 school year May be offered to students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 Includes school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools Strongly advise NOT utilizing it – at least for now

17 Part 2: New “Course-based” Independent Study Required elements: Signed learning agreement completed and on file Highly Qualified teachers and employed at the LEA (or MOU) Pupils meet residency, enrollment, and age requirements Teacher and pupil must communicate twice per calendar month to assess satisfactory progress (in person, by telephone, or other live visual or audio connection) A proctor must administer examinations (issues) “Satisfactory educational progress” must be made to stay enrolled

18 Part 2: New “Course-based” Independent Study “Satisfactory educational progress” can include: Statewide tests, completion of assignments, examinations or other indicators that evidence the pupil is working, learning, and making progress toward successful completion of course “As determined by certificated employee providing instruction” If satisfactory progress is not being made 1.Notification to pupil and parents 2.Conduct an evaluation to determine if alternative placement should be made 3.Maintain a written record of the unsatisfactory progress evaluation which is considered a mandatory interim record and must be maintained for 3 years Maintain written or computer-based evidence of satisfactory progress for each pupil and each course. Evidence shall include: A grade book or summary document that lists all assignments, examinations and associated grades.

19 Part 2: New “Course-based” Independent Study Statewide testing results must be disaggregated to compare with pupils enrolled in classroom-based courses Pupil cannot be required to enroll in “course-based” independent study Independent Study Ratio (EC 47612.5) requirements must be met Pupils must be offered the minimum annual total equivalent instructional minutes Pupils must met applicable minimum daily instructional minutes Courses for HS graduation, UC/CSU admission cannot be offered exclusively through IS Pupils enrolled in these courses may not be assessed any prohibited fees Cannot prohibit from participating solely based on not having equipment, or internet

20 CCIS Efforts in 2015 Reverse or revise the grade-span calculation (LCFF grade spans) for pupil/teacher ratios for regular IS Clarify that LEAs may “collect/accept” electronic agreements Add/clarify the ability to collect and store the following electronically: Work samples Assignment sheets Supplemental agreements Attendance sheets

21 Contact Information Thank you, please contact us if we can provide additional information: Barrett Snider - Arlene Matsuura - Wendi McKaskill -

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