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Advocacy Update Rebecca Kelly ACC Board of Governors February 1, 2014.

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1 Advocacy Update Rebecca Kelly ACC Board of Governors February 1, 2014

2 Objectives Priority initiatives for ACC Advocacy in 2014. Key issues in state legislative sessions. Action items.

3 Cornerstone of ACC Advocacy Governors and chapter execs represented one-quarter of 2013 Legislative Conference attendance. 100% PAC participation by governors and governors-elect. BOG is the barometer for local impact of national and state policy, alerting ACC to the need for urgent action.

4 Advocacy Strategic Goals Be a leading voice in shaping public policy at the federal and state level to achieve better care, better outcomes, and lower cost in the provision and improvement of high quality, cost-effective cardiovascular care for patients and populations. Expand the reach of ACC’s advocacy efforts, including an increased emphasis on state advocacy and payer relationships. Empower ACC members to become effective advocates for patients and cardiovascular professionals.

5 2014 Priority Initiatives

6 SGR Repeal Repeal SGR and implement physician payment reform consistent with ACC principles. Prevent payment offsets harmful to Medicare patients and cardiovascular services in any and all settings.

7 Value Based Payment Advocate for consistent, evidence based quality measurement framework for CV care. Work with ACC chapters to implement ACC member collaboration with purchasers on alternative payment models. Shape the role for CV specialists in alternative payment models.

8 Medical malpractice reform Focus on achievable, incremental progress in medical malpractice reform, including: Safe harbors for clinical guideline use; Improvements in expert witness laws.

9 Prevention Advocate for appropriate regulation of marketing and sale of tobacco related products (e.g., e-cigarettes). Continue push for adoption of newborn pulse oximetry screening for critical congenital heart disease at the state level. Promote adoption of ACC/AHA approach to prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in high school athletes.

10 Priority state policy issues for 2014 sessions Newborn pulse oximetry screening for CCHD screening adopted in 22 states. Focus in 2014 will be on states without a mandate. STEMI systems of care. Sudden cardiac arrest prevention for scholastic athletes.

11 Action Items Develop your chapter’s advocacy agenda. Hold a lobby day in your state capital. Set up practice visits with federal and state lawmakers. Represent ACC and your chapter on state health advisory boards and stakeholder coalitions.

12 Action Items Contact your member of Congress to urge continued progress on SGR repeal. Arrange in-district visits for week of February 17.



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