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The causes of the TEXAS REVOLUTION

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1 The causes of the TEXAS REVOLUTION

2 Requirements to live in Texas
Pledge loyalty to Spain/Mexico Good character Catholic hard times coming

3 Trying to CHANGE... People beginning to grow tired of Mexican laws
Begin to establish Anglo schools … Anglo newspapers Mexican government begins to worry that the anglos (Texans) are becoming too independent

4 Fredonian Revolt Haden Edwards was given an empresarial grant by the Mexican government “Squatters” occupied most of his land The Mexican government refused to force the squatters off the land Edwards, with his brother and two others claimed the area around Nacogdoches free and independent

5 Fredonian Revolt The Mexican government sent soldiers in to stop the rebellion, and Stephen F. Austin sent in militia Without shots fired the rebellion was ended SFA sided with Mexico to prove his continued loyalty to the Mexican government The Mexican government grows more worried about anglo independence

6 The Mier y Teran Report The worry of anglo independence led to the Mexican government sending in highly decorated General Mier y Teran to investigate the conditions in Texas

7 The Mier y Teran Report General Mier y Teran found the following that concerned him about Texas… Anglos outnumbered Texans 10-1 Texans trading with U.S. (illegal) He told officials that Mexico had lost control of Texas, and they must regain a strong hold of the area

8 Steps to REGAIN Texas 1829 - Abolish slavery 1830 - April 6th Laws
Outlawed immigration from the U.S. to Texas Cancelled all empresarial grants unfulfilled Encouraged Euro and Spanish settlement in Texas Tax on all goods from US No slaves imported from US

9 Texans Angered NO SLAVES = NO COTTON New taxes hurt economy
New laws made it impossible for friends and family to join new settlers Mexican soldiers increased in Texas Mexican government no longer based on States’ Rights Feel wronged/betrayed

10 Texans React (Turtle Bayou Resolution)
Showed support for Santa Anna and his attempt to revolt against the Mexican government Texans thought that Santa Anna would be good for them by bringing back a government centered on states’ rights

11 Santa Anna Elected President of Mexico
Convention of 1832 Repeal immigration laws fair taxes mail system court system land for schools

12 Mexican Officials Say NO!
Mexican officials in San Antonio refuse to send the requests to Santa Anna in Mexico City Convention of 1832 Same basic principles, only this time SFA takes it himself

13 SFA Arrested SFA goes to Mexico with the requests of the Convention of 1832 Initially is responded to negatively, and writes a letter back to Texas requesting them to begin making Texas and independent state loyal to Mexico After the letter is sent, SFA gets to meet with Santa Anna, and gets everything he wants, except statehood

14 The BLUNDER After SFA gets everything he wants, lower taxes, repeal of the immigration laws, etc., the letter is found, and he is jailed for treason. He spent two years in Mexico. The treatment of SFA by the Mexican government angered Texans, and the fear of Texan independence scared worried the Mexican government

15 Shots soon to come... The measures and countermeasures from both sides made for great tension between the Texans and Mexico Both sides were waiting for any small reason to start a war, and that small reason was going to be a cannon in Gonzales that for all intents and purposes was useless.

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