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W. Terry Stallings, MD, FACS, President Southeastern Section

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1 W. Terry Stallings, MD, FACS, President Southeastern Section
UAB Gulf Coast Urology Seminar Alabama Urological Society Association of Mississippi Urologists W. Terry Stallings, MD, FACS, President Southeastern Section American Urological Association

2 Membership by Section In the 1930’s all sections roughly equal size. Shifting population, unable to shift boundaries.

3 AUA Sectional Data SESAUA 2272/2704 Western 1864/2267
North Central /2297 South Central /2011 Mid-Atlantic /1295 New York /1050 Northeastern /931 New England /758

4 Proportional Representation
Since 1997, the AUA Bylaws reflect proportional representation (1 representative per 800 members) on the following committees: Bylaws Health Policy Council Judicial & Ethics JU Editorial Committee Research Council

5 Proportional Representation
The “Stately Minuet” for AUA presidential rotation The four larger sections have two presidential candidates for each 12 year rotation The four smaller sections have one presidential candidate for each 12 year rotation

6 Proportional Representation
In 2013, the SESAUA will nominate the AUA President-Elect for 2014 This individual will serve as AUA President in The election will be conducted by electronic ballot for the first time, thereby allowing all voting members of the SESAUA to participate

7 Executive Committee of the SESAUA
W. Terry Stallings, Daphne, AL- President Raymond J. Leveillee, Miami, FL-President-Elect Dean Assimos, Winston-Salem, NC- Secretary Jon Demos, Lexington, KY-Treasurer Randall G. Rowland, Lexington, KY- Immed. PP Michael Cookson, Nashville, TN- Chm Ed & Sci Scott Sellinger, Tallahassee, FL- Member at Large

8 SESAUA Function of the Section is to promote and advocate the practice of Urology within our geographic boundaries

9 SESAUA Priorities Support leadership development
Engage all members with relevant and timely scientific and socioeconomic education Understand membership needs and facilitate communication

10 National Initiatives AUAF Endowed Research Scholar
SESAUA only Section with 2 AUA/AACU Joint Advocacy Conference AUA Leadership Development Program Peter Clark, MD, Nashville, TN Matthew Nielsen, MD, Chapel Hill, NC Andrew Peterson, MD, Durham, NC

11 SESAUA Board Actions Approved a second AUAF Research Scholarship of $165K to establish another $1M SESAUA Endowed Research Scholarship with AUAF/AUA match Finalized method of selecting SESAUA’s Nominee for AUA President-Elect – electronic vote

12 Resident Robotic Training Course
October 22-23, 2011 in Celebration, FL U-2 or U-3 residents from SES training programs Volunteer faculty from SES – on a rotating basis All costs except for resident travel to be provided by industry grants, cost savings from GRI, and SESAUA.

13 2012 Urology Joint Advocacy Conference
On March 6, urged members of Congress to: Reject the USPSTF recommendation on PSA screening Protect In-Office Ancillary Services Increase funding for Graduate Medical Education Support the PROSTATE Act of 2011 and the Urotrauma Act Repeal the IPAB

14 2012 Urology Joint Advocacy Conference
Issues: Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) Panel of 15 appointed by the President Panelists are full-time, only 2 physicians Minimal oversight – joint resolution of Congress – ¾ vote Judiciary cannot review decisions Proposals in Jan, 2014 take effect in 2015

15 IPAB HR 5, “Protecting Access to Healthcare Act” contains the repeal of IPAB and a number of medical liability reforms HR 5 passed the House but is likely DOA in the Senate; President has said he will veto the bill

16 IPAB Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute stated:
“Under the statute, any bill to repeal IPAB must be introduced within the one-month period between Jan. 1 and Feb. 1, If introduced, it must be enacted by a three-fifths supermajority no later than Aug. 15, If passed, the IPAB repeal will not become effective until 2020-leaving an out-of-control agency in operation for three years after Congress votes to abolish it.”

17 2012 Urology Joint Advocacy Conference
Issues: Protection of In-Office Ancillary Services Laboratory, advanced diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy can be delivered more quickly and efficiently in the urologist’s office Oppose MedPAC recommendations to eliminate the exemption Prevent CMS from enacting policies to change the in-office ancillary exemption

18 In-Office Ancillary Services
Anatomic Pathology Services “Health Affairs” released a study on April 9 stating that urology practices that do their own lab work bill Medicare for analyzing 72% more prostate tissue samples per biopsy while detecting fewer cases of cancer than urologists who send specimens to outside labs The AUA has submitted a “Letter to the Editor” of the WSJ ( Fees Challenged), and has prepared a formal, evidence-based rebuttal to the study

19 2012 Urology Joint Advocacy Conference
Issues: Support the PROSTATE Act of 2011 Establish an Interagency Taskforce to inventory and align prostate cancer programs that exist currently in 14 different government agencies Eliminate waste and duplication to get better use of funding Budget neutral

20 2012 Urology Joint Advocacy Conference
Prostate Research, Outreach, Screening, Testing, Access and Treatment Effectiveness (PROSTATE) Act of 2011 H.R Edolphus Towns (D-NY-10) Paul Broun MD (R-GA-10) Bennie Thompson (D-MS-02) S Jon Tester (D-MT) Roy Blunt (R-MO) Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

21 2012 Urology Joint Advocacy Conference
Issues: Create a National Commission on Urotrauma Battlefield injuries – increased incidence of survivors with GU trauma Commission to study incidence and impact of Urotrauma Evaluate public and private facilities and resources Identify programs which will improve the outcomes from Urotrauma

22 2012 Urology Joint Advocacy Conference
Contacts: AACU: Joe Arite, Associate Director of Government Affairs (847) AUA: Karen Lencoski, Federal Manager, Government Relations & Advocacy (410)

23 Colonial Williamsburg 2013
77th Annual Meeting Colonial Williamsburg 2013


25 Williamsburg 2013 Colonial Williamsburg is the largest living museum in the United States It is a unique town which brings the visitor to the 17th and 18th century It is most different from our other sites It is an unforgettable experience for adults and children There are more offerings here than can be seen during our meeting

26 Colonial Williamsburg
What is unique is that the people who live here actually work, live and raise their families in the Colonial time period. They actually take on the persona of people who were alive at that time and remain in character. They study, apprentice and become master printers, silversmiths, blacksmiths, coopers, etc.

27 Williamsburg Lodge and Inn
Located next to each other in Colonial Williamsburg Both walking distance to Market Square, Colonial Williamsburg and proposed venues for Past President’s Dinner, Welcome Reception and Banquet; saving time and money





32 Weather Average high; 61 Average low; 44 (at night)
This venue is not weather dependent



35 Transportation Access by car, train or airplane
Areas north of Atlanta are a reasonable 8 hour drive or less Because of the many area sites including: Jamestown, the various Virginia Plantations, Yorktown, Mariners Museum and Williamsburg winery; a car would be a good option even for air travelers

36 Air Transportation Airports in preferable order
Newport News: 20 minutes ,$20 taxi. Serviced by Air Trans, Delta, US Air and Frontier Richmond: 40 minute beautiful drive, $45 taxi. Serviced by Air Canada, Air Trans, American, Continental, United Delta, Jet Blue, Norwest and US Air Norfork: Although fares may be cheaper, Hamptons Road Tunnel is very congested and usually delayed

37 Summary Unique Venue Many activities
Recommend to bring children ( most schools will credit school days for days spent at Colonial Williamsburg) You may want to spend days before or after meeting

38 Save The Date March 14-17, 2013

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