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The New Era: The Roaring 20’s

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1 The New Era: The Roaring 20’s

2 Take Five… In the 1920s, the United States experienced an economic boom due to, among other things,   A) the mobilization of the economy for war.   B) increased government restrictions on big business.   C) installment buying and an unregulated stock market.   D) the expansion of civil rights to women and minorities.


4 Economic Boom New or Improved Technologies Auto industry
Frederick Taylor Ford and GM


6 Economic Boom The invention of the Radio Mass production
Buying on time

7 Economic boom Commercial Aviation Wright Brothers Charles Lindbergh

8 Lucky Lindy

9 Spirit of St. Louis

10 Economic boom Early computers Genetic research Gregor Mendel
Thomas Hunt Morgan

11 Thomas Hunt Morgan

12 Plight of the Workers Henry Ford “welfare capitalism”
Unionization in the 1920’s The “American Plan” Working women and minorities “pink-collar” jobs minorities and unions Philip Randolph’s Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

13 A. Philip Randolph

14 Plight of the Workers (con’t)
Farmers Increased technology Supply & demand McNary-Haugan Bill

15 New Consumerism Mass production Advertising Bruce Barton
Mass communication Mass circulation magazines Movies “Talkies” are introduced The Jazz Singer

16 Bruce Barton

17 Radio broadcasting Radio KDKA National Broadcasting Co.

18 KDKA Radio

19 The New Professional Woman
John B. Watson Margaret Sanger National women’s party Alice Paul ERA Sheppard-Towner Act

20 Margaret Sanger

21 Alice Paul

22 Arts and Literature “Debunkers” H.L. Mercken Sinclair Lewis
F. Scott Fitzgerald Earnest Hemingway Harlem Renaissance Tin Pan Alley Langston Hughes “Duke” Ellington Billie Holiday Bessie Smith Irving Berlin The Jazz Age Flappers

23 F. Scott Fitzgerald


25 Ernest Hemingway

26 James Langston Hughes

27 The Flapper


29 Harlem Renaissance Literary movement Social movement
“problem of being black in a white culture” Social movement Marcus Garvey United Negro Improvement Association Back to Africa movement Mail fraud—deportment

30 Take Five… Twenty-first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed. The Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution was repealed because   A) the President vetoed the Amendment.   B) women demanded the right to suffrage.   C) the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.   D) Congress and the states agreed to repeal it.

31 Traditional values vs. Modern culture
Prohibition Ushering in the Gangster Era Johnny Torrio Al Capone “Public Enemy #1” “Big Bill Thompson” "We'll not only reopen places these people have closed, but we'll open 10,000 new ones (speakeasies) in Chicago St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1929)

32 Al Capone

33 Al Capone’s “Mug-shot” 1931

34 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

35 Take Five…for Pat Points…
What conflicts emerged between those with traditional values and those with new modern values? Give 3 examples.

36 Nativism New immigration restrictions Quota system
The National Origins Act of 1924 Nativism Rebirth of the KKK Leo Frank D.W. Griffith The Birth of a Nation

37 Leo Frank

38 Mary Phagan

39 Take Five Which of these periods saw the smallest overall
population increase?   A)   B)   C)   D)

40 Religious Modernists vs. Fundamentalists
Creation vs. Evolution Scopes “Monkey” Trial

41 Clarence Darrow & William Jennings Bryan

42 Monkey Business…



45 The Great “Bull” Market
Wild speculation in the Stock market Buying stocks “on-margin” Wildcats schemes Selling under-water lots in Florida devastated by hurricanes and advertised as “soothing tropical winds” Secretary of the Treasury-Mellon Reduced the national debt by $10 million “Spare the rich” policies High taxes discouraged business Eliminating the excess-profits taxes, gift taxes, and income taxes for the rich

46 Democratic Party Al Smith William McAdoo John Davis

47 Warren G. Harding

48 Presidency in the New Era
Warren G. Harding ( ) Ohio Gang Scandal in the White House Teapot Dome & Elk Hills Calvin Coolidge ( ) World War I debt Herbert Hoover

49 Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge

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