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Political Socialization and Political Ideologies.

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1 Political Socialization and Political Ideologies

2 Political Socialization Many individuals identify themselves as either conservatives or liberals without understanding what these terms mean This is inherently irrational Where do these ideologies come from? –Similar to allegiance to a sports team

3 Where Do the Political Beliefs Come From? Socializing agents –Family –School –Peer groups and associations –Media –Focusing events

4 One-Dimensional Model Simple left-right scale, where left = liberal, and right = conservative Liberal (Left) Conservative (Right)

5 More Appropriate Model Two-dimensional model –Social dimension –Economic dimension No longer only two possible locations –Many different ideologies can be placed in a more nuanced model

6 World’s Smallest Political Quiz Personal Issues –Military service should be voluntary (No Draft) –Government should not control radio, TV, the press or the Internet –Repeal regulations on sex for consenting adults –Drug laws do more harm than good. Repeal them –People should be free to come and go across borders; to live and work where they choose

7 World’s Smallest Political Quiz Economic Issues –Businesses and farms should operate without govt. subsidies –People are better off with free trade than with tariffs –Minimum wage laws cause unemployment. Repeal them –End taxes. Pay for services with user fees –All foreign aid should be privately funded


9 What Roles Do Ideologies Play? Structure policy preferences Govern how we perceive the political world

10 Conservatism Believes in a minimal role of government –Both in terms of social and economic issues Believes in individual freedom and the protection of these freedoms at all costs Believes in equal opportunity for all Smaller national government & stronger state government Liberty over equality?

11 Liberalism Believes in a government with a large role –Both in terms of social and economic issues –This typically includes, but is not bound to, support of: income redistribution, social legislation Results should be equal for all Equality over liberty?

12 Libertarianism Government involvement in social and economic aspects of life should be minimal –Economic and social self-governance As long as actions do not harm others, they should be legal –Laws restricting behavior of individuals should be eliminated

13 Socialism Belief that everyone should own and control the means of production. Production to satisfy human needs, not, as under capitalism, for sale and profit Socialism in America? –Expanded role of national government –Nationalization of certain industries –Nationalized welfare, health care, and redistribution of wealth

14 Communism A social and economic system in which all (or nearly all) property is public, not private –Resources are shared by everyone Complete government involvement and regulation of the economy –Redistribution of wealth is a key. The government owns, runs, and controls all business

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