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Election of the Senators 17 th Amendment Friday, May 01, 2015.

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1 Election of the Senators 17 th Amendment Friday, May 01, 2015

2 17th Amendment  Proposed on May 15, 1912  Ratified on May 13, 1913

3 Original Method  State legislature represented the state  No laws allowing people to create bills or vote directly PA STATE LEGISLATURE US SENATE

4 Millionaires Club  Senate was called Millionaires Club  Served powerful private interests

5 New Method  People of the state elect senators by voting on election day. US SENATE

6 Senators Pat Toomey Casey, Robert P., Jr.

7 Method of Filling Vacancies Original Method New Method  State Legislatures chose person to fill vacant Senate seat.  In the 19th century, some state legislatures deadlocked over the election of a senator.  When deadlocked, a state would go without representation in the Senate. When vacancies open, the executive authority of the state selects person to finish Senate term till the next election.

8 Barack Obama's Senate Vacancy Scandal  Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich arrested for being accused of plotting to sell Obama’s Senate seat.

9 Senate Vacancy Scandal Convicted Criminals Rod Blagojevich jpg?uuid=q0qJGiDlEeGB9Ovx4U7uEg 300x300.jpg

10 Fixed problems  State legislature was over controlling  Too much power laid within state legislature's hands.

11 Why some people want to repeal 17 th Amendment  Preserve power for their part  Threat of ending unnecessary  Senate that would work to gradually reduce  Citizens would have final say  Vastly increased federal power  The state legislatures would then have the ability to decentralize power when appropriate

12 Federalism  Procedural problem in the original concept  Not because of a need to alter the balance of power V

13 Problem Led to Amendment ● The main problem was the state legislatures' right to appoint United States Senators in favor of popular election of those officials.

14 Problem Fixed ● Direct election of Senators by the people of a state. ● Allows governor of each state, authorized by that state's legislature, to appoint a senator in the event of an opening, until an election occurs.

15 Importance Today ● On a scale of one to ten, I would rate it a seven. ● America should some say in who represents them. ● One shouldn't have all of the power

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