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2 THANK YOU! Thank you for attending tonight’s presentation on activating against CCS! You’re here because repealing CCS is important to you. You’re not alone in this fight, there are many concerned citizens out there who have been active and are activating against CCS right now. It’s NEVER TOO LATE for anyone to join in this fight, so continue to connect with others to spread the knowledge you learn tonight. If you haven’t picked up the handouts then make sure to grab them before you leave because they contain all the info and internet links you need to fight CCS. My contact info is on one of the sheets. If you have ANY questions please don’t hesitate to contact me ~Kristin Peters

3 To Begin…A Story to Illustrate What We’re Fighting For I would like to begin tonight’s presentation with a story about a little girl. Picture a little girl, a 3 rd grade honor student. She’s been studying for weeks for the CAT test, just like everyone else in her honors class. The kids in this class have been drilled on taking this test for weeks on end, taking practice test after practice test, extra homework to prepare, and have been told they have to do well on this test or they are failures. The day of the test this little girl goes to school terrified, as the teacher is passing out the test the little girl looks around at her friends, and they are sitting in their seats wiping their sweaty palms, looking around nervously too. The test’s are all passed out and the teacher announces there will be no bathroom breaks for the entire duration of the test, WHAT?!?, is the look on most of the students faces. Two hours later, still working on her test, this little girl has to go to the bathroom. Her teacher has already stated there will be no bathroom breaks, so she holds it for as

4 Continued… long as she can, until she sneezes, and she pees her pants because she has held it too long. The little girl is mortified and embarrassed, but has to tell her teacher. The teacher scolds the little girl and sends her to the principals office where the little girls mother is called and the principal scolds the little girl for “acting like a baby”. The little girl begins to sob and sits crying in a corner in the principals office until her mother comes to pick her up. The little girls mother shows up at the school with a change of clothes, talks with her daughter, and ends up taking her daughter home to relax, against the principals suggestion that the little girl change and finish the test. This little girl was me, in 1993. The moral of this story is that CCS are just another wave in federal government takeover. I’ve been protesting against standardized tests ever since I had that experience in 3 rd grade. I protested against the 6 th & 8 th grade Ohio Proficiency Tests (OPT) when I had to take them. We need to band together to ban standardized tests and government standards now! We don’t need another generation of students being taught to a test!

5 Starting: Know Your Goal As an informed group comprised of community members, educators, and students, we are committed to working together to educate ourselves, peacefully assemble, and exercise our rights as concerned citizens regarding the implementation of CCS and the use of high-stakes standardized testing. This presentation is meant to inform, empower and mobilize groups of informed citizens across the country regardless of party affiliation.

6 Step 1: Get Educated To have an impact and to sustain a movement, members must be WELL INFORMED on the pertinent issues. Being educated on the issues is not only beneficial to your voice/position, but it enables you to educate others as well. The handouts from tonight contain info on: US Department of Education’s Blueprint for reform: this is where the standards were born CCS: what they are CCS resources (white papers, videos and fact sheets) Ohio’s Race to the Top application Info on following the money How testing companies are lobbying in your area Link to Pearson’s lobby info Who’s behind CCS Link to your State Board of Education website Info on HB237 Press releases – News for new HB As you read this information you will discover connections among corporations, politicians, and education reformers. Understanding the key players in the planning, creation, and execution of CCS and the use of high-stakes testing is essential in pushing our movement forward.

7 HB237: FIGHTING CCS LEGISLATVELY IN OHIO Ohio Rep. Andy Thompson has sponsored HB237, which aims to repeal CCS, prohibit national assessments, protects Student & Family Data, and re-establishes Local Control. HB237 needs 50 representatives signatures to discharge the bill from the House Education Committee and bring it to the House Floor for a vote. As of today only 22 representatives have signed. Call upon the Ohio Assembly to pass HB237, to maintain Ohio’s status as a local-control state. Call on the state of Ohio to end its relationship with PARCC to protect the privacy of Ohio students. You can do this by calling your representatives and senator (see HB237 handout for info).

8 HB237 SUPPORT PETITION/ANNOUNCEMENT Sign the HB237 support petition before you leave! I’m leading the fight against CCS in Lake County and would greatly appreciate everyone’s support. I will be meeting my fellow Ohioans from all over the state in Columbus sometime in Sep./Oct. to personally submit the petition to our governor. Governor Kasich is a huge supporter of CCS, so it is important he understands how the people he is supposed to be representing feel! If someone you know would like to sign the petition please contact me! On Aug. 4 th myself and a large group of concerned citizens across Ohio came together and voted amongst ourselves that any candidate for, or sitting representative, senator, and state school board member who does not publicly endorse HB237 by Oct. 15 th will not get our vote in November. You are the first group to hear this announcement so please spread the word! We from Ohioans Against Common Core will be making an announcement about this within the next week. It’s time we show our government who the power really lies with – the people!!!

9 STEP 2: GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM Pass out the handouts you get tonight to anyone who’s interested in learning more about CCS, they are sourced and link people directly to the information. Use the “School Board Handout” and attend your local board meetings prepared to ask questions to engage the board as well as the community. The “ODE Fact Sheet” is sourced and will link you to information so you and your family/friends can evaluate CCS for yourselves. Stay up to date by joining the “Ohioans Against Common Core” email list, you will get all of our updates on what is current/new with CCS, and attend our rally’s.

10 NEWS/UPDATES The Republican National Committee adopted a resolution concerning CCS on April 12, 2013, “…rejecting the CCS plan which creates and fits the country with a nationwide straitjacket on academic freedom and achievement”. Yeah! However, getting our local party’s to do so has been unsuccessful. The Lake County Republican Party will not make a resolution rejecting CCS because they are supporting Governor Kasich in his bid for re-election for governor. Check out the press release from Ohioans Against Common Core for the details on the new legislation being put forth to combat CCS, it will build on Sub HB237, as well as address other issues related to CCS. Ohioans Against Common Core has adopted Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform Action Plan against CCS, please pick up a copy, it is sourced and linked with great info!

11 Response to Letter from Kasich Those of us who have been in the fight against CCS over the past year, and who have called or written to Governor Kasich, got a “blame me not” letter in response to our inquiries. Many people received this letter - Rob Portman is sending out the same exact letter to his constituents. Local control is a farce. “They” say local school districts can select their curriculum, but “they” are picking what meshes with the Pearson (etc.) testing. Some boards are adopting “Go Math”, many parents protested, and when they gave a list to pick from one was from Pearson, one from Prentice Hall and one from Houghton Mifflin. All 3 are CC garbage but when the suggestion was given to not even use the cc curriculum, the response was “we have to teach what’s going to be on the tests or our kids will fail”!

12 OPT-OUT OHIO Opt-Out Ohio is group that still being put together by myself and a group of other concerned citizens. We will be giving out flyers, sending out emails, and posting info to Facebook to tell parents exactly what they need to do to opt their children out of standardized testing here in Ohio. Stay updated by staying in touch with me.

13 In Closing Please make sure you pick up all the handouts. If you want to stay in touch with me, or you have questions for me, please make sure you have/pick up the handout with my contact info on it. Kristin Peters 440-796-4910


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