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Annuity Net Blotter. Since the launch of Annuity Net, we have focused on addressing your concerns at the Sales & Solutions Desk. This training is specifically.

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1 Annuity Net Blotter

2 Since the launch of Annuity Net, we have focused on addressing your concerns at the Sales & Solutions Desk. This training is specifically designed to cover the Annuity Net Blotter and some of the common areas of confusion associated with it.


4 To gain access to the Annuity Net Blotter, you need to log into Streetscape first. The following link will bring you there, and should be saved to your Favorites Toolbar:

5 You will need your Streetscape user id and pin number to gain entry. If you do not have these, or have forgotten them, please call the Sales and Solutions Desk @ 800-465-5038 for assistance.

6 To access the Activity blotter, click on Trade

7 Annuity Processing

8 Activity Blotter


10 Once you access the Blotter, you can filter your search results though a variety of different methods; advisor name, client name, ssn, account number etc. See below:

11 You can also scroll down on the blotter and find you customer on the list of your pending/closed business.


13 Once you have selected your client, you will see a core set of icons and terminology being used inside of Annuity Net. We will go over each individually (A & B). A. Summary Toolbar B. Actions Menu

14 A. The Summary Toolbar- This provides information about your clients application including the client name, premium amount and status of business. The tool bar is very self explanatory, so we will focus on the “Status” of the application and the available “Actions”, as this is where we are seeing most of the confusion. Click on the following slide to find out more.

15 1. Status- This indicates the status of the application, or in other words, where your paperwork is in the process. Click on the following slides to find out the different statuses, and their meaning. 1

16 Pending: Un-submitted transaction. This would occur when you saved an application to be completed at a later date. Under Review: First Status of submitted AnnuityNet Transaction. Paper work is in the approvers queue and will be reviewed. System Processing: Approved by person reviewing the transaction. Transmitted: Transaction sent to Carrier. Decline: Transaction is in need of Representatives attention. Please review the comments section to find out why. Definitions of AnnuityNet Status:

17 Now that you are familiar with the “Status” section of the Summary Toolbar, you should be able to understand the different phases of the approval flow. Now lets continue on with the “Actions Menu.”

18 B. The “Actions Menu” is located on the left hand side of your Annuity Net Blotter’s home screen and consists of six different icons(see below). These icons can be individually selected by moving your cursor over each symbol and clicking on them with your mouse. These icons perform a series of very important tasks that we will address individually. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

19 1.Documents- This is where you would go to print your annuity application, your Transaction Summary (TDR) as well as your client Suitability documents. 1 This comes in handy if you forgot to print your application after you submitted it and need to re-print it, or if you need to print your TDR for the client to sign.

20 2 2. Transaction Detail- You can access the Transaction Detail report by clicking on the icon below, or as we saw with the previous slide, the “Documents section” (1) as well. -Always print this document and make sure your client signs it if you are using the NASU alternative.

21 3 3. Comments- The Comments Icon is where you add or view comments to your application. This is a very critical part of Annuity Net as it is where you go find out why your application was declined. Please address whatever concerns you may have about the decline by adding a comment, or reaching out to whoever declined the application.

22 4 4. Delete- The “delete” symbol can be used to remove an unwanted annuity transaction from Annuity Net. An example of this might occur during a meeting with your client. If they change their mind and decide that they no longer wish to proceed with the annuity, you would simply back out of the application, access your annuity blotter and click on this icon. The application would be deleted from the system. Remember, if this happens, please notify Brokerage Operations via the HIS Brokerage OPS inbox to delete the corresponding shell account.

23 5 5. Edit- The Edit feature allows you to access a saved, or declined application and make changes to it at a later time. Simply click the “Edit” icon, and make the necessary changes to the application and re-submit (see step 6). Make sure to add comments if you are addressing an application that was declined(step 3).

24 6 6. Verify and Submit- This icon is used when you have saved and/or edited a declined application and need to submit it at a later time. Simply click on the icon, make the changes you need to, or complete the application and submit.

25 Now that we have completed the Actions Menu, you should be able to navigate through the different sections with ease. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Sales and Solutions team at 800-465-5038.


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