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Build your business online, not just a website. iPuzzlebiz Direction Extended Platform Includes Solutions & Infrastructure Tools Enabling infrastructure.

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1 Build your business online, not just a website

2 iPuzzlebiz Direction Extended Platform Includes Solutions & Infrastructure Tools Enabling infrastructure Solve customer problems Complementary to OS Independent of OS

3 The VAR Challenge  Decreasing Margins  Highly competitive  Market driving hardware/software pricing down  Channel Erosion  More services in channel  Suppliers selling direct  Geographical territories erased  High cost of account maintenance  Cost-prohibitive to onsite maintenance  Highly competitive market  Large volume distribution  Retail chains, new market players

4 iPuzzlebiz: The Solution iPuzzlebiz makes it possible to quickly, easily, and cost effectively deliver web services to small and medium customers.

5 iPuzzlebiz Solution-VAR Value Private-label eBusiness Platform provides a cost-effective way to sell, service and manage small business market.  Increase Margins  Increase Sales  Lower Operating Costs  Improve Customer Retention  Grow Business Base  Differentiate Value-Competitive edge

6 iPuzzlebiz Target Market  Small Business Owner (SBO)  No web presence to full-featured existing site  Dealer Networks  Increase control of sales channel  Drive more revenue through dealerships  Franchises  Require corporate identity  Retain control of brand

7 iPuzzlebiz for Small Business Creates valuable 24x7 business cycle Expands & enhances your customer relationships online

8 A Complete SBO Solution  Comprehensive Web Site Service  Content Management  Search Engine Meta-tag generator  Centralized Site Administration-Management Console  Integrated eCommerce  Shopping Cart  Merchant Account  Inventory Management  Integrated shipping/tax  Marketing & Promotions  Customer Service (e.g. chat, message boards)  Business and Site Analysis  Reservations, Scheduling and Event Calendar

9 iPuzzlebiz Solution – Corporate Value  Hierarchical control  Control and flexibility to match brand and company policies  Manage brand and distribution of product/service  Understand purchasing patterns throughout the sales chain  Designed for non-technical implementers  Low cost of ownership  Quick return on investment  Complete Corporate /Franchise solution  Integration to existing back-end systems  Application flexibility  Fast and cost-effective roll-out to mass locations  Low overhead & maintenance

10 Web Outsourcing International Small business owners, no matter where they are located, are given the opportunity to enhance their learning experience by focusing on the online business areas that cover their own objectives and topics of interest.

11 Web Site Services iPuzzlebiz automatically generates a unique Web site for the SBO based on information from your Partner Dashboard and SBO registration data.

12 iPuzzlebiz Structure Partner Dashboard Management Console SBO Website Dashboard creates and controls sites & features Console manages individual sites Customer website MC MC MC MC MC MC MC WS WS WS WS WS WS WS

13 Partner Dashboard

14 A simple tool for management of your Web based solution.  Easy Customization  Snap-in core applications  Automated deployment  Central Management

15 The Management Console The Management Console™ is the SBO’s eBusiness central management tool

16 Management Console

17 Management Console Features Industry Templates Styles & logos Text & Image editor Weather, Maps, Polls Site Content Promotion ECommerce Communication Management Reservations/appts. Auto Notification Message Boards/Chat Calendaring, Email Domain Registration Search Engine Regist. Direct Marketing Tools Banner Ad Creation Reporting Site Analysis, tracking Wireless notifications Shopping cart, catalogs Merchant Services Inventory mgmt & tracking Auctions

18 iPuzzlebiz VAR Programs

19 VAR Value Proposition  Create annuity revenue stream  Become end-to-end service provider  100% Customer ownership  Promote your brand

20 iPuzzlebiz through Solution Providers  Fast to market program  Turn key set up  No infrastructure investment  Complete marketing package  iPuzzlebiz Starter Kit (Standard Site Plan)  Training  Support  Automated billing  Co-marketing of demand generation programs  Web based management console

21 iPuzzlebiz Implementation Service  What do you get as a VAR?  Fully hosted, dedicated Infrastructure  Partner dashboard  Marketing tools web site  Sign up site  2 Demo sites  Unlimited 30 day pre-sales demo sites  5 free incident calls in first 90 days after signing up.  iPuzzlebiz Starter Kit

22 iPuzzlebiz Starter Kit Partner Materials  ROI calculator  Data sheet  FAQ’s for partners  iPuzzlebiz Program Announcement  Training syllabus  Competitive analysis  “How to Sell” Customer Materials for co-branding  Customer data sheet  FAQ’s for users  Sample ad templates  Sample email blast  Sample fax blast  Sample direct mail piece  Custom Design Services Materials  Sample Customer contract  iPuzzlebiz pre-sales presentation

23 Data Center Infrastructure  Secure Level 1 Facility  Backup Power  Secure entry  7x24x365 monitoring  Redundant backbone connections  OC3’s from multiple independent vendors  Load Tested Systems  Performance rate of 10/hits per second throughput  Equipment Redundancy  Hot Standbys  Remote start and inclusion in infrastructure  Warm Standbys  Preconfigured systems to add into infrastructure

24 VAR Buy Pricing  Option 1: Standard Site Plan Self-serve Web Office Management Console Software  From $22 to $40 monthly fee  Support incidents for life  Up sell custom services  (all VAR sold and fulfilled)

25 VAR Buy Pricing  Option 2: Advanced Site Plan Includes Standard Plan + Keyword Reseach and Site Optimization  From $22 to $65 monthly fee  Support incidents for life  Up sell custom services  (all VAR sold and fulfilled)

26 VAR Buy Pricing  Option 3: Unlimited Site Plan Includes Advanced Plan + eCommerce Design  From $22 to $90 monthly fee  Up sell custom services  (all VAR sold and fulfilled)

27 Monthly Service Includes:  Applications  eCommerce (shopping cart, auctions)  Community (ie, chat, message boards)  Communications (email functionality)  Customer marketing (search engine reg, email mktg, etc)  VAR custom application  56 web pages  20MB storage space  Unlimited store items  2GB data transfer  24x7 security

28 End of Year Promotion  Unlimited free site set up until Dec. 31 for partners buying in at the $5k level.  iPuzzlebiz authorized partners get $350  $11k level immediately eligible  $0k level eligible after first 10 sites setup

29 Customer Value Summary  Drive company consistency with local control  Easier for the customer to conduct business  Drive Sales  Extend Brand  Manage Sales Chain  Retain recurring customers  Differentiate service  Operational efficiency  Revenue opportunity

30 VAR Value Summary  Fast to Market  Recurring Revenue  Lower cost of ownership  Value-add professional services  Strategic to core strengths  High demand from your customers  Never lose the customer

31 Next Steps  Sign up process   Complete the Signup Form  Email or fax to sales administration   1-416-648-7060

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