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Biophan Technologies, Inc. Company Overview Michael Weiner, CEO “Nanotechnology: The Future is Now” Symposium July 29, 2005.

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1 Biophan Technologies, Inc. Company Overview Michael Weiner, CEO “Nanotechnology: The Future is Now” Symposium July 29, 2005

2 Biophan’s Mission Provide competitive advantage through innovation to biomedical device and pharmaceutical companies Benefiting patient care, our customer’s marketshare, and Biophan shareholders


4 Strategy & Tactics Enable over $12 billion worth of medical devices shipping annually safe for use with MRI, and imageable. Many are not: –Guidewires, catheters, endoscopes, biopsy needles –Pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimulators, drug pumps (safety issues, also imaging issues), pain control devices –Stents, embolism clips, aneurysm clips, artificial hips, knees, most other orthopedics Create or Acquire Other Innovations

5 Business Model Offering our customers competitive advantage –Through proprietary solutions that can gain marketshare for them –FDA approval is pursued by the customer –Marketing and distribution of the final device is their responsibility We sell high margin components and develop annuities for our shareholders

6 Biophan’s Solutions MRI Safety: (many products contraindicated) –RF filter from Johns Hopkins (heating) –“Anti-Antenna” lead design (heating & induced voltages) –MRI Safe non-magnetic motor MRI Visualization: –Resonant Circuits –Nanomagnetic Particle Coatings –Thick and thin film coatings Longer Lasting Batteries, powered by body heat

7 Patent Protection 213 Patents Pending or Issued –156 U.S. Patents 50 issued 106 pending or allowed –57 International Pending or Issued Owned by Biophan or licensed exclusively to Biophan for the medical market Figures as of May 24, 2006

8 Relationship With Boston Scientific Definitive agreements signed for equity investment and technology license $5.75 million investment will be made by August 15, 2005 Royalty rates of 3-5%

9 MRI Device Imaging SE coronal image of 3 aluminum wires (1/32”). Wire (3) is uncoated. 123 Biophan’s thin-film nanomagnetic particle coating technology provides a controllable, “magnetic” signal capable of creating an image of the coated device. #3 is uncoated.

10 1.5 Tesla MRI Artifacts of Current Stents Expanded Stents Original size Crimped Stents Cobalt 316L stainless steel With existing stent technology, no useful images can be obtained from within common stents using MRI.

11 Imaging of In-Stent Blood Clots Using Biophan Resonator Technology 1 Tesla Philips NT, head coil, TR=300ms, TE=6ms, FA=40°, transversal Cross Sectional Schematic of Stent with blood clot Video Biophan’s technology enables imaging of the blood clot within the stent Resonant StentBlood Clot

12 Biothermal Battery Goal: To provide a long-lived electrical power system for implanted medical devices –Powered by body heat differential. Batteries are a $500 million market, sell for $100 to $225 each in the pacemaker, defibrillator and drug pump markets Sold to same customers who need MRI safety Nanomaterials brings this capability within striking distance. We hold issued and pending patents

13 Agreement with NASA Announced on August 17 th a deal with NASA Ames Research Center for Nanotechnology to jointly develop the biothermal battery –NASA wants technology for their long duration manned MARS mission for biosensing and miniature therapeutic devices –Biophan gets commercial rights to jointly developed and NASA developed technology –Nanotechnology and materials science advances makes the biothermal battery possible

14 Non-Magnetic MRI-Safe and Imageable Greater efficiency Enables precision 20 nm movements Ideal for drug pumps, cryogenic applications, implantables Biophan holds worldwide medical distribution rights, + equity

15 Substrate Polymer Coating Nanomagnetic layer Controlled Magnetic Field Drug bound to NMP carrier Controlled Magnetic Field A Controlled Magnetic Field B Particle type A Drug A Particle type B Drug B Surface Elution on Demand

16 Reloading Drug Eluting Coatings Substrate Polymer Coating Concentration Gradient Controlled Magnetic Field Drug Molecules Drug bound to NMP carrier Nanomagnetic layer

17 Guided Drug Delivery Solid tumor Apply magnetic field to concentrate particles Modulate field to release drug from particles Inject NMPs IV, NMP will circulate through the blood stream Other options for targeting: 1 - Direct injection into tumor site 2 - Coating NMP with antibodies to target tumor

18 Markets Medical devices (safe &/or image): $12 billion Battery: $500 million Contrast Agents: $800 million Drug Pumps: $1 billion Drug Delivery: $40 billion We would like to achieve a slice of each. Once a deal is underway, patents and annuity streams can last a long time; We anticipate money on signing, through development; plus milestones, royalties, high margin components

19 Management Stu MacDonald, VP R&D – formerly VP R&D at J&J division, with a 400 person organization Jeff Helfer, VP Engineering – formerly Dir. Of Engineering at the same J&J division John Lanzafame, President, Nanolution Division – former President STS Biopolymers, acquired by Angiotech (ANPI) Robert Wood, VP Finance, Treasurer, Secretary, and CFO – CPA in public and private firms Michael Friebe, Ph.D. Andreas Melzer, MD

20 Biophan (OTC: BIPH) We don’t make medical devices; We make them safe, and imageable, for MRI And other competitive advantages for our customers Four of our six technologies are based on nanotechnology WWW.BIOPHAN.COM

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