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For Kossuth County. For good. For ever. SM. t w a h is a community foundation?

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1 For Kossuth County. For good. For ever. SM

2 t w a h is a community foundation?

3 people connected by geography… and to each other community

4 foundation a platform for growth

5 a platform for building community foundation community

6 We are an affiliate Community Foundation with the Community Foundation of Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Northeast Iowa. We are created by and for Kossuth County. We are here to help our donors do good work… forever

7 A community foundation has three special features.

8 o en personalized service

9 Personalized service feature one › Educate people on charitable giving vehicles › Customize giving approaches to match personal interests and tax planning needs › Facilitate complex forms of giving › Share knowledge on community needs › Grantmaking expertise and administrative services › Help people create personal legacies via named funds › Offer involvement in recommending uses of a gift › Provide the option to give anonymously Creating solutions that fit every situation

10 t ow local expertise

11 Local expertise feature two Making a difference where it is needed most Arts and culture Economic development Education Environment Health Human services Recreation Neighborhoods › Gather information and track local agencies and programs › Direct grants and resources to appropriate areas › Local organization with local committee members › Knowledge of community issues, opportunities, and resources › Monitor all community needs…

12 e e t rh community leadership

13 ›Act as a community catalyst ›Support high impact opportunities › Are led by a committee of individuals with strong ties to our community ›Foster development of new organizations and programs › Re-direct funds as community needs change ›Build endowments to ensure grants are always available to support the community Community leadership feature three Our business is building community

14 of endowments power Did You Know? If you create an endowment at the Kossuth County Community Foundation worth $25,000 today, in 25 years you will have given Kossuth County $46,172 dollars in grants and your endowment will be valued at $69,257. Gift and grant values assume an 8.5% growth in the market and grants of 4% annually.

15 e e t rh t ow o en local expertise personalized service community leadership

16 A bit of background.

17 1914 First U.S. community foundation established in Cleveland, Ohio today Over 700 community foundations in the United States › Serving citizens across the nation › More than $30 billion in assets › More than $2 billion in local grants each year › And growing! 2004 Kossuth County Community Foundation was established by a group of local leaders. foundation facts A brief history

18 our affiliation How it works The Community Foundation of Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Northeast Iowa handles all of the administrative responsibilities of the Kossuth County Community Foundation. This includes accepting gifts, assisting with paperwork, handling thank you’s, and helping us to promote the fund through various publications and initiatives. The Kossuth County Community Foundation has our own Committee structure to make recommendations for funding, etc. We are also able to accept gifts of all types and are a qualified community foundation!

19 our affiliation How it works We are affiliated with the Community Foundation of Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Northeast Iowa, a qualified community foundation which: › Manages more than 230 funds benefiting Northeast Iowa › holds over $23 million in total assets, $20 million of which is endowed. › grants approximately $1.9 million annually and has given a cumulative total of over $19 million since their inception in 1956

20 our facts Involved community leaders: Our Local Committee Kirk Hayes Chair Allan Boyken Vice Chair Maureen Elbert Secretary/Treasurer Kristie A. Brown Gregg Buchanan David Fenchel Bruce Jensen Ellengray G. Kennedy Pat Lucas Don McGregor Mary Noonan Pat Reding

21 Tools for giving.

22 › Unrestricted Fund Meeting ever-changing community needs › Field of Interest Fund Addressing needs in an important area of community life: arts, AIDS, aging, at-risk youth... › Designated Fund Directing gifts to specific agencies or purposes (e.g., scholarship) › Donor Advised Fund Involving donors in the use of their gift for giving tools Charitable funds You can create a named fund in any of these categories.

23 ›Outright Gifts Give cash, stocks, real estate or other assets › Bequests Designate a portion of an estate › Charitable Gift Annuity Annuity contract pays client for life and charitable fund commences grants upon death › Charitable Lead Trust Trust pays the community foundation a fixed amount for a number of years and then assets go to beneficiary › Charitable Remainder Trust Trust pays beneficiary for life and then assets transfer to community foundation › Retirement Plans, Insurance for giving tools Charitable instruments We accept a wide variety of assets.

24 t ne reasons people choose to give through community foundations

25 reasons ten People choose to give through community foundations 1 We are a local organization with deep roots in the community 5 We accept a wide variety of assets, and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving 4 Donor Advised Funds help people invest in the causes they care about most 3 The Kossuth County Community Foundation provides highly personalized service tailored to each individual’s charitable interests 2 We work with professional staff at the CFW/CF&NEIA who have broad expertise regarding community issues and needs

26 reasons ten People choose to give through community foundations 7 We offer maximum tax advantage under state and federal law 10 We are a community leader, convening agencies and coordinating resources to create positive change 9 We build endowment funds that benefit Kossuth County forever and help create personal legacies 8 We multiply the impact of gift dollars by pooling them with other gifts and grants 6 The Kossuth County Community Foundation partners with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving

27 Two simple thoughts.

28 forms of philanthropy in the United States today. fastest-growing Community foundations are among the

29 under which she will never sit, then you know that civilization has come to that land. Greek philosopher plants a tree When a person

30 For Kossuth County.

31 For good.

32 SM For ever.

33 To learn more, call (319) 287-9106 Or locally contact Maureen Elbert at 295-7979 For Kossuth County. For good. For ever. SM © 2002 Council on Foundations and Community Foundations of America

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