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Equity Index Annuities Annuity Marketing CPS INSURANCE SERVICES For Agent use only/Not for use with the general public.

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1 Equity Index Annuities Annuity Marketing CPS INSURANCE SERVICES For Agent use only/Not for use with the general public

2 Agenda 5/24/06 Webinar Duration 35-45 Mins What is an EIA Typical Client Types of EIA’s Minimum Guarantees Growth Adjusting Factors Examples: –Annual Reset Point to Point –Annual Reset w/ Monthly Average –Annual Reset w/ Performance Trigger –Annual Reset w/ Monthly Pt to Pt Regulatory Environment Client Handouts Questions

3 What is an Equity Indexed Annuity (EIA) Fixed Annuity- Guarantee of Principal Benefits linked to an external equity reference or an equity index (Typically S&P 500). YOUR CLIENT IS NOT DIRECTLY PARTICIPATING IN THE MARKET Can be Immediate or Deferred –Deferred- (Most Common) Monies allowed to accumulate tax deferred –Immediate- Income payments (Annuitization) to begin within 1 year of issue

4 Typical Client Wants guarantee of principal Is dissatisfied with fixed returns Can sustain year(s) with little or no account growth Does not need systematic withdrawals Does not need to access funds until age 59.5 Can understand somewhat complex product designs

5 Types of EIA’s Annual Reset/Ratchet Point to Point Annual Reset/Ratchet w/ Monthly Average Annual Reset/Ratchet Performance Trigger Account Annual Reset/Ratchet w/ Monthly Point to Point Annual Reset/Ratchet w/ Daily Average Contract Term Point to Point High Water Mark and more…

6 Definitions Premium- Premium deposits can be Single (one time only) or Flexible (ongoing) – If flexible do they reset surrender charges? Accumulated Value (AV)- Premium and any credited index measured growth Surrender Value- AV less any surrender charges Policy Anniversary- Date of policy issue. Index Anniversary- Date Index values are measured. (if this date falls on a non-trading day, carrier will measure the previous or following trading day) note: Index Anniv and Pol Anniv may be 2 different dates

7 Minimum Guarantees Can be applied to Premium (Prem) or Accumulated Value (AV) Premium Guarantee – Most common, Compound your premium (or % of) at set rate and compare to Accum Value, client gets the higher value. (2 lines of money) E.g… 90% of premium at 3% –100K prem, 10yr contract - 90K @ 3% for 10yrs = $120,952 or 1.92% AEY Accum Value Guar- If credited index earnings are not at least as high as set min. then entire AV is credited min. guarantee (1 line of money)

8 Index growth adjusting factors Participation Rate (PR)-Specifies the % increase in the index growth that you will “participate” in. Spread- AKA:Margin, Fee - Subtracted from index growth before earnings are credited. Cap Rate- (Cap) 2 types- –INTEREST CAP-Caps the max. amount of interest you can earn after application of adjusting factors (PR, and spread). –INDEX CAP- Caps Index growth before applying adjusting factors Performance Trigger Account Credited Interest- Specified interest rate credited to account as long as index does not decline Adjusting Factors can change on policy anniversary typically and are subject to min/max

9 Annual Reset/Ratchet Point to Point Most Popular Design Easiest to understand / explain Compares the index starting value on the policy’s index start date to index ending value on the index anniversary.(Index Anniv and Pol Anniv may be 2 different dates) Apply adjusting factors i.e.. PR, CAP, Spread Earnings are locked in and cannot be taken away (Ratcheted)

10 Annual Reset/Ratchet Pt to Pt 100K prem, 100% PR, 6.00% earnings cap, No spread. Min Guar = 2% on 100% of AV (Lafayette Life Marquis Advant-Edge) Year 1 –1 st year index start date 1/15/05 index value = 900 1 st year Index Anniv 1/15/06 index = 980 –980-900=80 pt increase; 80/900= 8.89% index growth –Apply 100% PR=8.89% then cap at 6.00%. –You earn 6.00% for this contract yr. –AV @ end of yr 1 = $106,000

11 Year 2 Beginning of year 2 AV= $106,000 Year 2 Index start date 1/15/06, value = 980 Compare to 1/15/07 index value = 970 –970-980= -10 (Negative year but no reduction to AV due to ratcheting) Minimum Growth Guaranteed –2% on 100% of AV = 2% on $106,000 = 108,120 End of Yr 2 AV = 108,120 (1 line of money)

12 Bi-Annual Reset/Ratchet point to point Similar design as Annual Reset/Ratchet with the difference being that it compares index growth over 2 years Will have higher caps & PR, lower spreads Risk of having 2 years pass with no AV growth

13 Annual Reset/Ratchet with Monthly Average Common design however a bit more complex than Ann Reset Pt to Pt Compares index starting value on the policy’s index date to the average index value on “X” day of the month for 12 months after the index starting date. Apply adjusting factors; PR, Cap, Spread Gains locked in. Index Growth typically reduced due to the effects of averaging…averaging takes the “high’s” and the “low’s” and gives you a “middle ground”

14 Ann Reset/Ratchet w/ Mo. Avg. 100K Premium, 100% PR, 0.10% spread. No Cap. Min Guar = 100% of prem at 1.50% (Jefferson Pilot Opti-Choice 7) Year 1 Pol index date 1/15/04 index value = 1000 Add close of index value for 2/15/04 + 3/15/04 + 4/15/04 … + 1/15/05 = X Divide X by 12 = Mo Avg. index growth If X/12 = 1053 then 1053-1000 = 53 ; 53/1000 = 5.30% average index growth Apply Adjusting Factors - PR, Spread, Cap 5.30% mo avg index growth x 100% PR = 5.30%, less 0.10% spread = 5.20% AV at end of yr 1 = $105,200

15 Annual Reset w/ Monthly Average continued Year 2 Accum Value = $105,200 Pol index date 1/15/05 index value = 1100 Avg index value on 15 th day of month for next 12 mo = 920 (Negative index return) No reduction to AV (Ratcheting) Min Guar Value = 100K @ 1.5% for 2yrs = $103,023 If client cancels they get the higher of $105,200 or $103,023, less surrender charges (2 Lines of Money) End of Yr 2 AV = $105,200

16 Key Points to Consider w/ Mo Avg Last averaged point is the starting point for following year Typically Higher PR & Caps, Lower Spreads (may be misleading to clients/agents) Averaging will push values toward the middle; in a rising market avg will be lower than the end point, in a declining market avg will be higher than the end point More complex design

17 Annual Reset/Ratchet Performance Trigger Account (PTA) Newer EIA crediting method Credits a specified interest rate as long as measured index does not decrease No adjusting factors used, just a fixed credited rate as long as no index decrease Earnings will be credited in a flat market Easy to explain and understand Limited upside potential Works best in a flat or slightly increasing market

18 Annual Reset Ratchet Performance Trigger Account 100K deposit, 6.90% PTA crediting rate. Min Guar=100% of Prem @ 1.75% Jefferson-Pilot New Directions I-66 Year 1 Pol index date 1/15/04 index value = 1000 Pol index Anniv 1/15/05 index value = 1000 There has not been a decline in the index Monies allocated to this account earn 6.90% Accum Value @ end of yr 1 = $106,900

19 PTA example Continued Year 2 Beginning of year 2 AV = $106,900 Pol index date 1/15/05 index value = 1000 Pol index Anniv 1/15/06 index value = 900 No index growth Client does not lose money, but does not receive any credited interest Accum Value @ end of year 2 = $106,900 Minimum Guarantee account = $103,530 (100K compounded at 1.75% for 2 years)

20 Monthly Point to Point Annual Reset Newest Design Available Higher Upside potential Compares percentage increase/decrease in market index on a monthly basis. Monthly increases are capped, decreases are not. Sum of positive and negative months are added up at the end of the year. Positive values are credited to AV. BEWARE !!!- Can easily be misrepresented to clients

21 Ann Reset/Ratchet w/ Mo. Pt to Pt. 100K Premium, 3% monthly cap, Min Guar = 90% of prem at 3% Pol issue date 8/1/04 S&P = 1000 9/1/04 S&P=1050 (1050- 1000= 50/1000= 5% increase) capped at 3%. Growth = + 3% 10/1/04 S&P=900 (900- 1050= -150/1050= - 14.29% decrease) 11/1/04 S&P = 1200 (1200-900=300/900=33% increase, capped at 3%…. Add up all positive and negative months +3, -14.29, +3… Earnings are credited on policy anniversary and locked in annually (Ratchet) Pros- Large potential upside Cons- Upside growth is capped, downside is not.

22 Regulatory Environment SB 620- CA/Similar in other States –8 Hours Annuity CE; 4 Hours Ethics Follow up –Senior Visit Disclosure –Tax Implication Disclosure Suitability Disclosures NASD NTM 05-50 AML

23 CPS EIA Annuity Carriers Allianz Life (AM Best A) AIG/American General (AM Best A+) Fidelity & Guaranty (AM Best A) Equitrust (AM Best A) Lafayette Life (AM Best A+) ING/USA (AM Best A+) Business Men's Assurance (AM Best A) Jefferson Pilot (AM Best A++) Lincoln Benefit/Allstate (AM Best A+) SunLife (AM Best A++) Standard Insurance Co. of Oregon (AM Best A) And many others…

24 CPS Insurance Website –Product Info; Current Rates; State Availability –41 Compliance approved client handouts –25 Broker focused training handouts –Lic/Contracting & Application Forms –Real time case status –Carrier strength & ratings info - Vital Signs –Client EIA Presentation Work Sheets –Multimedia Client and Agent Presentations –NEW EIA SECTION !!!

25 Did You Know ? CPS Insurance… Has been in business for 31 years Is contracted with over 50 highly rated carriers National Wholesaler licensed in all 50 states Is the LARGEST independently owned insurance wholesaler in the nation Has 2 in-house Underwriters as well as an Advanced Planning Attorney Provides sales/planning assistance for advanced concepts- Buy-Sell, 412i, Charitable Giving, etc. Has Full Service Life, LTC and Annuity departments

26 CPS Annuities Contact Info (800)326-5433 Pete Buechler CLU, FLMI, AAPA x 148 Dean Walsh AAPA, ACS x 143 Eric Neilsen x 126 Nicole Samson AAPA, ACS x 123

27 Thank you CPS Annuities

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