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Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases.

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2 Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases

3 Words for Production 1.intelligent [ In`tEl1dZ1nt ] adj. having or showing powers of reasoning or understanding 聰明的, 理解力強的 Human beings are much more intelligent than animals. Would you like to know more...

4 intelligence [ In`tEl1dZ1ns ] n. [U] 聰穎,理解力;智力 Some apes have the intelligence to use a stick as a tool.

5 Words for Production [ k1`rIr ] n. [C] a job or profession for which one is trained and which one intends to do for a long time 事業 Tom started his career as a teacher in his early twenties. Now, he has turned 50 and still loves his work.

6 Words for Production 3.humankind [ `hjum1n&kaInd ] n. [U] mankind; the human race, both men and women 人類 For the good of all humankind, war must be avoided by all possible means.

7 Words for Production 4.patient [ `peS1nt ] n. [C] a person receiving medical treatment from a doctor 病人 The doctor made the daily rounds of his patients.

8 Words for Production 5.religion [ rI`lIdZ1n ] n. [C][U] the belief in a god or gods, especially the belief that god or gods made the world and can control it 宗教 ( 信仰 ) “What religion do you practice?” “Buddhism.” Would you like to know more...

9 religious [ rI`lIdZ1s ] adj. 宗教的 Many religious groups devote themselves to helping those who are in need.

10 Words for Production 6.lead [ lid ] vt. to bring or show the way to (a person or an animal) by going in front 帶領, 率領 She led an old man by the hand down the stairs. Would you like to know more...

11 leader [ `lid2 ] n. [C] 領導者 John is a born leader; people around him trust him and do whatever he says.

12 Words for Production 7.wound [wund ] vt. to injure the body of a living thing with a weapon 使受傷,傷害 The soldier was wounded in the arm. Luckily, the wound was not deep. Would you like to know more...

13 wound [ wund ] n. [C] 傷 ( 口 ) The soldier was wounded in the arm. Luckily, the wound was not deep.

14 Words for Production 8.conditions [ k1n`dIS1nz ] n. [pl.] the situation in which people live or work, especially physical things such as food or pay which affect their comfort, safety, or health 環境,情況 The workers couldn ’ t stand working in the awful conditions any longer and they all quit.

15 condition [ k1n`dIS1n ] n. [C] [U] 狀況,狀態 The doctor said John’s condition was improving. There is nothing to worry about.

16 Words for Production 9.besides [ bI`saIdz ] adv. in addition; also 而且,還有 I don’t want to go; besides, I have a lot of work to do. Would you like to know more...

17 besides [ bI`saIdz ] prep. 除了 … 之外 ( 尚有 ) Besides cooking, she has to do a lot of washing every day.

18 Words for Production 10. demand [ dI`m8nd ] vt. to ask for (something) strongly 要求 The policeman demanded that I show my ID card.

19 Words for Production 11. officer [ `Of1s2 ] n. [C] a person who gives orders to others in the armed forces; a person who holds a position of some importance, especially in government or a business 軍官; ( 政府 ) 官員; ( 企業 ) 高級職員 Her father served during the Crimean War as an officer in the army.

20 Words for Production 12. principle [ `prIns1pL ] n. [C] a rule or set of ideas that guides behavior; general truth or belief that is used as a base for action or reasoning 準則,規範;原則,原理 He never lies to his parents. It ’ s against his principles. One of the principles of this book is that explanations should be simple and clear.

21 Words for Production 13. basis [ `besIs ] n. [C] that from which something is made, started, built, or developed 基礎;根 據 His ideas have no basis in reality. They are not practical at all. Would you like to know more...

22 basic [ `besIk ] adj. 基礎的,基本的 The basic requirement for this job is good spoken English.

23 Words for Production 14. profession [ pr1`fES1n ] n. [C] a type of job that requires advanced education or training 職業 What made you choose nursing as a profession? Would you like to know more...

24 professional [ pr1`fES1nL ] adj.; n. [C] 專業的;專業人員 Teachers, doctors and lawyers are professional people/professionals.

25 Words for Production 15. medical [ `mEdIkL ] adj. of or concerning medicine and treating the sick 醫療的,醫學的 If you want to know what’s wrong with your health, you have to have a medical examination.

26 Words for Production 16. supply [ s1`plaI ] n. [C] something that is needed or useful, usually provided by others 補給品 After the earthquake, food and medical supplies were immediately sent to the people in need. Would you like to know more...

27 supply [ s1`plaI ] vt. 供給,供應 The generous rich man supplies plenty of free books to schools.

28 Words for Production 17. fame [ fem ] n. [U] the state of being well-known or talked about 聲譽,名望 The writer won overnight fame with her new book.

29 Words for Production 18. reform [ rI`fOrm ] vt. to improve; to make or become better 改革,改善 Many people objected to the policy on reforming the country’s medical care.

30 Words for Production 19. analyze [ `8nL&aIz ] vt. to examine (something) carefully in order to find out about (it) 分析,解析 The book teaches you how to analyze your inner feelings. Would you like to know more...

31 analysis [ 1`n8l1sIs ] n. [C][U] 分析,解析 The police made a close analysis of the possible cause of the accident.

32 Words for Production 20. persuade [ p2`swed ] vt. to cause (somebody) to do something by reasoning or arguing 說服 The father tried to persuade his son to change his mind. Would you like to know more...

33 persuasion [ p2`sweZ1n ] n. [U] 說服 After much persuasion, she agreed to join us. persuasive [ p2`swesIv ] adj. 有說服力的 The entire audience was moved by his persuasive speech.

34 Words for Production 21. recover [ rI`k^v2 ] vi. to return to the proper state of health, strength, ability, etc. 復原,康復 It took him three weeks to recover from the cold. Would you like to know more...

35 recovery [ rI`k^vrI ] n. [U] (sing. only) 復原 The young man made a quick recovery from his illness, and was soon back at work.

36 Words for Production 22. limit [ `lImIt ] vt. to keep below or at a certain amount or degree 限制,限定 We have been told to limit expenses to 1,000 NT dollars. Would you like to know more...

37 limit [ `lImIt ] n. [C] 限度,極限 The speed limit on this road is 40 miles per hour. limitation [ &lImI`teS1n ] n. [U][C] 限制; ( 能力等的 ) 限度 I can’t walk that far. I know my limitations.

38 Words for Production 23. argument [ `ArGj1m1nt ] n. [C] a reason given to support or disprove something 論點,理由 There are many arguments against smoking. For example, it may lead to lung cancer. Would you like to know more...

39 argue [ `ArGj5 ] vi.; vt. 爭論;辯論 It could be argued that sending people to the moon is a waste of money.

40 Words for Recognition 1.Florence Nightingale [ `flOr1ns `naItN&Gel ] n. an English nurse who became a national heroine during the Crimean War when she set up a hospital for soldiers at Scutari 南丁格爾 (1820-1910)

41 Words for Recognition 2.rosy [ `rozI ] adj. (especially of the future) promising; hopeful 有希望的

42 Words for Recognition 3.Germany [ `dZ3m1nI ] n. a country in central Europe 德國

43 Words for Recognition 4.orphanage [ `Orf1nIdZ ] n. [C] a place where children, lacking one or usually both parents, live 孤兒院

44 Words for Recognition 5.nursing home [ `n3sI9 hom ] n. [C] a usually private establishment where old or sick people are cared for by nurses 療養院; ( 主英 ) 可住院的小醫院

45 Words for Recognition 6.Turkey [ `t3kI ] n. a country in western Asia and southeast Europe, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea 土耳其

46 Words for Recognition 7.Crimean War [ kraI`mi1n wOr ] n. a war in which Russia fought against Turkey, Britain, France, and Sardinia, begun because of an argument over the holy places in Palestine and ending with the fall of Russia’s base at Sebastopol 克里米亞戰爭 (1853-1856)

47 Words for Recognition 8.flea [ fli ] n. [C] a small jumping insect without wings, that bites human or animal flesh to live on blood 跳蚤

48 Words for Recognition 9.sewer [ `sju2 ] n. [C] a man-made passage or large pipe under the ground for carrying away water and waste material 陰溝,下水 道

49 Words for Recognition 10.meek [ mik ] adj. gentle in nature; yielding to others’ actions and opinions 溫順的

50 Words for Recognition 11.lamp [ l8mp ] n. [C] an apparatus for giving light, as from oil, gas, or electricity ( 油/煤氣/電 ) 燈

51 Words for Recognition 12.Nightingale School [ `naItN&Gel skul ] n. a nursing school at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London 南丁格爾護校

52 Idioms and Phrases time eventually 最後,終於 Stop smoking, or you’ll be sorry in time.

53 Idioms and Phrases place working or able to be used ( 法律/政 策等 ) 可施行的 I hope my plan to improve working conditions will be in place.

54 Idioms and Phrases 3.speak out to say boldly, freely, and plainly 無保 留地說出 As student body leader, she always speaks out for student rights.

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