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King Arthurs Capitol By: Weston Young Will Miller Johnathon Sprowles.

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2 King Arthurs Capitol By: Weston Young Will Miller Johnathon Sprowles

3  Camelot was the great castle of King Arthur.  Camelot is the seat of power in Britain.

4  King Arthur was a legendary ruler of Britain whose life and deeds became the basis for a collection of tales known as the Arthurian legends. He was said to be raised by Merlin the Magician. As the leading figure in British mythology, King Arthur is a national hero and a symbol of Britain's heroic heritage. But his appeal is not limited to Britain. The Arthurian story, with its elements of mystery, magic, love, war, adventure, betrayal, chivalry, and fate, has touched the popular imagination and has become part of the world's shared mythology.

5  Camelot was the starting point of the Quest for the Holy Grail and later came to symbolize the center of the Arthurian world.

6 The legends and stories about Camelot create an enduring impression of a wonderful, mystical castle, and where knights in shining armor live to an honorable Code of Chivalry.

7  The villagers of Camelot were friendly people.  King Arthur ruled Camelot centuries ago, before he and his knights left in a quest to find the Sangreal, the "Holy Grail". The villagers awaited his return.

8  Since Camelot is a legendary place, it is perhaps futile to speak of its location. However, excavations at the site of Cadbury Castle found a large hill fort (1200 yards around) towering 250 feet, fortified during the Arthurian era, and seems to have been occupied by a powerful leader and his workers.


10 Freak the Mighty  Freak and Max were not alike Although they were friends in a lot ways Freak was short, and Max was tall But they had adventures many days Max wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed But Freak taught him while they went on They went down to sewer up to the New Testaments One time they had to wake up at dawn Freak the Mighty went to school and they laughed and cheered their name Freak the Mighty is a really great book If you don’t read it I’ll go insane!

11   melot.html/    htm

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