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Adélio J. R. Silva

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1 Adélio J. R. Silva

2 Evolution

3 Consolidated Areas of Expertise Expertise

4 Characteristics

5 Competitive factors

6 So, we started 16 years ago working mainly in the coast,


8 Than we enlarged the activity to catchments and ocean,

9 Integrated Catchment Modelling


11 Tide MM5

12 And now the FUTURE is being built...

13 Handle data to produce information Scada System Data Base sewer model Sensors network forecast

14 Integrate data and models to provide diagnostic and prognostic features to the system

15 Development of tools to support management and risk analysis on the basis of the available data

16 Faecal contamination forecast


18 Suport to the water safety plans and to efficient assets management. Use the models as diagnostic, forecast and operational tools

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